101 in 1001: My List of Goals for the Next 2.75 Years

101 in 1001: My List of Goals for the Next 2.75 Years

I’m finally sharing my list of goals that I created for my recent 101 in 1001 challenge. It only took me 6 months, but here we are!

I’ve always loved making lists. Daily to-do lists. Wanna-read book lists. Travel bucket lists. New-restaurants-to-stuff-my-face-at lists. And the thing I love most about all these lists? Checking things off of them. So weird how that pencil mark (or in all actuality, in more recent years at least, a virtual check mark) can feel just so god-damn satisfying. Hence, another list was born – the 101 in 1001 days bucket list!

START DATE: March 13, 2019

END DATE: December 11, 2021


What is this exactly? Essentially, it’s a list of 101 things I want to complete in 1001 days. I found when I make yearly goals, the time seems to pass right on by (for instance, me every October- “wasn’t January just 2 months ago?”). So, 1001 days, which equates roughly to 2 ¾ years, is a decent timeline – not too long, and not too short. It gives me multiple seasons to check things off. Meaning I’ll actually have time to meet some/most of these.

Hopefully, having my list of 101 goals in 1001 days live on my blog for the world to see will light a fire under my butt and motivate me to accomplish them! Some goals will take lots of planning, while others may happen by chance. I’ve been looking back on my list every few weeks or so with the aim to chip away at them slowly but surely.

Sure, things can change in that amount of time, and they probably (and even hopefully) will, but that’s just the fun in it. To see how much I’ve accomplished and changed and grown in what sounds like a long time, but is actually just a few short years of my life. 

  • Last updated: Jan 5, 2020
  • Goals completed: 22
  • Partially completed: 13
  • Time remaining: 706 Days

Personal: (4/16)

  1. ✔️ Do something daring (my own judgement): On our trip to Indonesia I trekked through the woods in search of flesh-eating Komodo dragons (absolutely terrifying), jumped off the second level of our liveaboard boat (after making my husband jump in alone and then psyching myself up for 30 minutes), and wandered throughout the Monkey Forest in Ubud looking for them (those little things are sneaky – and I almost backed out the minute we unexpectedly saw them in town). (accomplished July 2019)
  2. Read/listen to 20 books: IN PROGRESS: Books read thus far: Michelle Obama’s Becoming (highly recommend the audiobook), 7 Love Languages, Mrs. Everything, Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, All the Single Ladies, Three Women. In Progress: The Greatest Love Story (audiobook), Bad Blood, and Normal People. (6/20)
  3. Take a Spanish class
  4. ✔️ Learn to make macarons: I spent a rainy afternoon in the kitchen of a local Parisian in the St. Germaine neighborhood learning all about ganaches, perfect boiling temps, feet, dough ribbons, piping strategies, and coloring techniques (accomplished June 2019, in PARIS, probably the most appropriate place to learn!)
  5. Unplug completely for a full day (no phone, internet, camera, or TV)
  6. ✔️Get a “real” haircut, not just a trim: I chopped off a few inches (about 4!) and all the dead ends, does that count?! I’m counting it, although I kinda wanna go a bit shorter (June 2019). And then I got a massive haircut in January 2020, with my hair just up to my shoulders!
  7. Take one week off social media
  8. Do a bit of Code Academy
  9. Join a volunteer program… I’ve been looking into Big Brothers Big Sisters or ASPCA
  10. Practice star photography and take a few photos I’m proud of 
  11. Take tennis lessons, or at least practice regularly (1x/week counts?)
  12. Try skiing (I’ve never been, not even once)
  13. ✔️Get a Sapphire Reserve Card: FINALLY switched over. Hellloooo lounge access and Global Entry (came in the mail in April 2019)
  14. Get a tattoo: I’ve toyed with this for years; we’ll see if I actually have the balls to ever make it happen.
  15. Take a graphics design course 
  16. ✔️✔️✔️ Make 5 small routine changes to help the environment: We’ve always been pretty good at recycling, but I’m starting to be more mindful of 1- not letting food go to waste, 2- refusing plastic straws (we bought a bunch of bamboo straws in Bali), 3-educating others on the use of wasting water.  I want to start offsetting my carbon emissions (since I fly more than the average person), and need to look into a reputable company to donate to.

Health/Fitness/Beauty: (2/12)

  1. Do 25 push-ups without fail 
  2. ✔️10k steps for 30 consecutive days: I’ve always wanted to do this, and always fell short (sometimes even by weeks). Somehow, I made walking a habit and found 10k steps for 30 days straight to be pretty simple. Since finishing that, I’ve upped by goal to 12k steps for 30 consecutive days, which I easily did as well. Next was 15k for 30 days, which I actually upped to 20k for the last 20 days before 2020. Yup, I’m crazy. BUT I CRUSHED IT.  (10k steps for 30 consecutive days, completed October 14, 2019 | 12k steps for 30 new consecutive days, completed Nov 15 | 15k/20k steps challenge, completed Dec 31)
  3. Lose 10 pounds
  4. Run 3 miles nonstop (again)
  5. ✔️Get standard blood work taken: I’d been putting it off for far too long [out of sheer laziness], and finally took my doctor’s orders, fasted, and got the deed done. If you don’t have your health, you’ve got nothing, right? (May 2019)
  6. Find out my blood type 
  7. Work on a standard skin routine (for day and night): Skincare has never really been my thing, but since turning 30, it’s an area I think I should start prioritizing. So far, I bought hydrating lotion and eye cream (I’m on my way!), but I need to be more consistent about using them. I gotta find a good SPF, too.
  8. Incorporate sunscreen into my everyday morning skin routine 
  9. Perfect my daily 5-minute makeup face
  10. Do a headstand (not on the wall)
  11. Complete a 12-week BBG routine
  12. Drink 64oz water for 30 consecutive days 

Family/friends: (4/10)

  1. ✔️Go on a weekend trip with my immediate family: When I visited my parents and sister in NY this past summer, we got outta town for a few days and drove to Philly. Our weekend was spent at the aquarium, laughing our butts off at Legally Blonde the Musical, and getting drenched in the random downpouring rain. (accomplished June 2019)
  2. Surprise my family in NY
  3. Treat my parents to a well-deserved dinner 
  4. Go on a sister trip: We’re planning something for the spring, so hopefully this all works out!
  5. Make photo album of old family photos
  6. Take max (my little nephew) on an overnight trip
  7. ✔️✔️✔️ Take 3 friend trips: Wow, finished that faster than I thought! We spent the weekend in Vegas with Alli and Dave (for Backstreet Boys of course), did a road trip to Banff and Jasper with Bella, and most recently spent a rainy weekend in Seattle to visit some college friends (Carl + Michelle) we hadn’t seen in years! 
  8. ✔️ Travel to surprise someone for his or her birthday or holiday: So, this wasn’t actually a true surprise, since my mom kinda ruined it (she texted my sister instead of me – whoops!), but I headed home for my sister’s 30th birthday party! I’m counting it although my mom messed it up!
  9. ✔️✔️Reconnect with someone I’ve fallen out of touch with: Feels so good to pick up right where we left off. (Amanda and Vicki, summer 2019) 💕
  10. ✔️ Take max on 5 fun outings: IN PROGRESS. So far, we’ve taken him to the East Bay for a sticky afternoon of cherry picking in the intense Californian heat. Gotta plan more days with him!

Marriage: (0/8)

  1. Take a cooking class together 
  2. Hang up some wedding photos 
  3. Finally make homemade sushi 
  4. Surprise Noah with a fun date night 
  5. Go on a picnic
  6. Go on a weekend trip somewhere and just relax together
  7. Do the 6 month thoughtfulness challenge
  8. Be home for Noah’s bday AND our anniversary 2/3 years:  year 1: ❌ (whoops, I was away for both – left the day of our 7th anniversary for London – we celebrated the weekend before, and was in NYC/Boston (I forgot which) for his birthday!)

California: (2/7)

  1. Visit 3 of these spots in California: Catalina island, San Diego, Palm Springs, Joshua Tree, Yosemite, again (pref in summer), Lake Tahoe in summer, Sacramento
  2. Finally visit Disneyland (I’ve never been!)
  3. Carlsbad Flower Festival
  4. Check off 10 things on my San Francisco Bucket List
  5. 8/10: Try 10 new restaurants in SF: I always seem to go to the same ones, and despite how delicious they are, I should really be taking advantage of all this city has to offer. Since March, I’ve tried out Cala Mexican, Dumpling Kitchen, Kitchen Story, Jane, Ramenwell, Blackwood, Tsuta Japanese Noodles, and Burma Love (although I’ve had my fair share of Burma Superstar – same owners). Always adding new ones to my SF Food Bucket List
  6. ✔️Eat at the French laundry Snag an egg tart from GGB: This originally was “eat at the french laundry” in Napa, but after doing some research and learning it’s ~$300 a head, I realized that’s not really my scene anyways and I’d rather stuff myself silly with $2.50 egg tarts instead. And that I did – 3 in total.
  7. ✔️See beach blanket Babylon before the show ends in December 2019: At first all I was able to get was one ticket for myself, but after calling like a mad woman 3,758 times, I finally snagged tickets for the both of us! Persistence pays off! (completed November 2019)

Travel: (2/14)

  1. ✔️✔️8 new countries: So far, we’ve visited Panama and Indonesia since I’ve started this 101 in 1001 list. We headed to Japan in November, although that doesn’t count since we’ve already been there, but I have plans to visit Jordan in the spring and Kenya and Tanzania next summer, so that’ll up my new country count to 5!
  2. 5 new states 
  3. 1 new continent 
  4. 3 new US national parks 
  5. Explore more of Canada: After falling hard for my neighbor up north, I realized I’d like to spend more time there (both revisiting my favorites of Banff/Montreal/Quebec), and some new spots. So far, I re-visited Banff in August 2019 with a friend, and am hoping to make it to Churchill to see the polar bears in the near-ish future! I’m counting this as completed if I end up in Canada 3 times during the course of these 2 ½ years.
  6. Explore more of Mexico: Just like my new-found obsession with Canada, I want to make it a priority to see more of Mexico. After visiting Mexico City, San Miguel de Allende, and Oaxaca last Christmas, I’m currently scheming how to get myself back there sooner than later. For my 33rd birthday, we visited La Paz and Todos Santos in Baja California Sur, which we absolutely loved (released sea turtles into the ocean, watched unbelievable sunset on the malecon, went whale watching in Magdelena Bay, and even swam with a whale shark! Heading down for Dia de los Muertos is high on my list – we’ll see if I can get there for that! Aiming to visit 3 new spots in the next few years.
  7. Birthday trip for:
    • 33: La Paz and Todos Santos, Baja California Sur
    • 34
  8. See the northern lights 
  9. ✔️ Cross 2 things off my animal bucket list: I saw the monarch migration in Santa Cruz, and it was absolutely mesmerizing watching the butterflies fly overhead. Thousands upon thousands of them! (November 2019). We also swam with manatees in Crystal River, Florida, and these docile creatures were so much fun to observe! (December 2019). For my birthday, we checked off a few animal encounters: releasing baby sea turtles in Todos Santos, grey whale watching in Magdelena Bay, and swimming with whale sharks! 
  10. ✔️Get global entry and TSA pre-check: It was about friggin’ time, as my husband had been nagging me to get both for YEARS. After deciding to switch over to the Chase Sapphire Reserve (which comes with a credit for Global Entry), I finally applied, and then finallllly officially received Global Entry and TSA pre-check in July 2019 (had to wait months for conditional approval).
  11. Go on a fall foliage trip: We saw tons of color in Fuji Kawaguchiko in Japan this past November (which was downright beautiful), but I’m really itching to either get to Denver or on an East Coast road trip.
  12. Stay at the Laylow (Hawaii)
  13. Have Noah truly pick a destination 
  14. ✔️Go on 3 solo trips: I love solo travel, and while I travel most of the time with friends/family, I want to make sure I’m continuing exploring myself.  Solo trips taken thus far (since starting this 101 in 1001 list): 1. Paris and London in June 2019 

Biz and Blog: (3/17)

  1. 300,000 PVs/month for 6 consecutive months 
  2. ✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️ $10k/month for 6 consecutive months: I’m not shy about my blog income, I even wrote a whole post on it last year! This year, I’m aiming to beat that number, and Mediavine is a huge help! I’m actually not entirely sure where I’m at with this, as my husband takes care of all things financial for the blog – need to ask him about this soon!
  3. ✔️Out earn current SLP salary: My CFO just finalized my 2019 income reports, and I’m proud to announce that I out-earned my current SLP salary by a bit! 
  4. ✔️ Finish 30 by 30 post: Figured I should finallllly finish this monster of a post I started FOUR years ago.. haha – the pictures took me forever to find. It was fun to write and will probably be even more fun to read down the line; speaking from experience re-reading my yearly travel recaps (accomplished Oct 2019)
  5. Update 20 old posts 
  6. Appear/byline in a major news outlet 
  7. Weed out my Dropbox photos 
  8. Complete re-design of site: Currently underway, and it’s looking smashing you guys! Can’t wait to show you the final design in the next few months.
  9. ✔️ Custom professional logo: Total redo with my new site design! LOVEEEE it!
  10. Order new biz cards 
  11. Attend a blogging conference 
  12. ✔️ Get rid of dates in URLs: This just HAD to be done after YEARS of contemplating. Thank you Performance Foundry for having my back and making sure it all went smoothly. Highly recommend if you’re not sure to make the switch or not! (completed in Fall 2019)
  13. Get a new camera lens 
  14. Dabble with drone photography
  15. 4/10: Add 10 new itineraries to the blog (7-14 days): My ridiculously detailed itineraries are the bread and butter to my site, and what my readers ask for the most. I’ve recently added Panama, Greece, Hawaii, and Bali thus far.
  16. Prioritize email marketing list (3,000 subs, up to 1.5k about now, although I haven’t checked in ages…)
  17. Make content upgrades (sell/offer my pre-packaged itineraries in pretty PDF)

For fun: (5/11)

  1. ✔️Get a puppy: Considering how much we travel this may be hard, but we’ve been wanting a cute pup for a while now, so we’ll just have to see what happens! So excited to announce we adopted a puppy in late December, 2019, and this little ball of fluff is my everything. Say hi to Kona on IG!
  2. Take a chocolate making class 
  3. ✔️ Catch up on my photo books (5+ major trips): Photo books have been my digital scrapbooking of choice, although they take me a year and a day to complete. I’m currently YEARS behind, which makes me somewhat upset. Since starting this list, I’ve completed one, our trip to Norway.
  4. ✔️See 5 musicals: Actually saw 6! I kinda went on a Broadway kick recently, and have seen 1. Hamilton (San Francisco, April 2019), 2. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (San Francisco, April 2019), 3. Lion King (London, June 2019), 4. Mamma Mia (London, June 2019), 5. Beautiful (NYC, June 2019), 6. Legally Blonde (Philly, June 2019) 
  5. ✔️Do a sunrise hike: That sunrise trek on Padar Island in Komodo National Park tested our limits (more so emotionally than physically), but it was one of the most beautiful sunrises I’ve seen (July 2019- Padar island, Komodo NP)
  6. Go to an amusement park and ride all the rides 
  7. 4/5: See 5 concerts (one including Thomas Rhett, Sam Hunt, or John Mayer): 1) Backstreet Boys (April 2019 in Vegas), 2) DMB (September 2019), USHER (October 2019 fo’ free @ Rakuten Optimism), Lizzo/Halsy (@Poptopia, December 2019)
  8. Go wild at a music festival (never been, not even one!)
  9. ✔️ Get a real monstera plant 🌱: I’ve always had a thing for tropical plants. I mean, doesn’t everyone have a favorite leaf? Am I the only one?! It’s been a dream of mine to actually own a real-life Monstera plant (and yes, I already have a fake one), and I’m proud to say it’s been a few months and it’s still alive and kicking – knock on wood. (accomplished September 2019, thanks Lia!!!)
  10. Go strawberry picking 
  11. Reach Level 1500 in Candy Crush: I mean, we all have a few ridiculous, non-meaningful goals, right? I started playing Candy Crush back in the day, stopped for a few years, then started again about a year ago. But why the goal? I have no clue. Considering how much I play when I travel (to pass the time on planes, buses, etc), I figured I’d make a goal to reach a particular level and then STOP/go cold turkey once I reach it. We’ll see if that happens – I’m kinda addicted. [Current level as of June 12: 1,075 | October 26: 1287, December 2: 1309, January 5: 1364]

Home: (1/4)

  1. Hang up photos/decorate
    1. dining room ✔️
    2. master bed
    3. both bathrooms 
  2. Finish organizing dresser drawers (Marie Kondo)