Best Desserts in San Francisco: Must Try Sweets and Treats [Bucket List]

Best Desserts in San Francisco: Must Try Sweets and Treats [Bucket List]

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Wondering where to get the best desserts in San Francisco? Continue reading, and grab some napkins to clean up all the drool that’s about to start dripping… and trust me, no there’s no shame in salivating…

Sweets and treats your thang? Well lucky you, my sugar-obsessed lick-smacking friend. I’m an absolute fiend when it comes to the sugary stuff, and do everything in my power to get my hands on cinnamon encrusted donuts and ice cream cones dripping with caramel and hot sauce. And thankfully, I decided to move to a city with no shortage of desserts >> San Francisco!

Get ready to dig through this list of the best desserts in San Francisco, any chocolate/sprinkles/coconut/ cinnamon/caramel-lover’s dream. Feel free to save this page and start ticking off these cones, scones, puffs, and donuts. One’s I’ve already taste tested are marked with a ✓.

Donuts in San Francisco

    1. Dynamo Donut and Coffee

    1. Bob’s Donut & Pastry Shop (apple fritter, huge donut), 24 hours

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    1. Twisted Donuts & Coffee

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    1. Trish’s Mini Donuts

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    1. Johnny Doghnuts

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    1. Girl Friday Zeppole

Ice Cream in San Francisco

  • Mitchell’s Ice Cream ✓
  • Swensen’s Ice Cream

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  • It’s It Ice Cream Sandwich ✓

  • Twirl and Dip Ice Cream Truck

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    • Bi-Rite Creamery ✓

    • Smitten Ice Cream ✓ (liquid nitrogen ice cream!)

    • Humphrey Slocombe ✓

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    • The Loving Cup

    • CREAM

    • Garden Creamery (chimney cone: waffle cone where the waffle is a donut)

    • Honey Creme

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    • Little Giant Ice Cream (cocktail themed flavors)

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    • Salt and Straw

    • Uji Time Dessert ✓

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    • Milkbomb Ice Cream

    • Powder Shaved Snow

Bakeries in San Francisco


    1. Zanze’s (cheesecake)
    2. Ghirardelli Square ✓
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    4. Beard Papa (cream puffs) ✓
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    6. Chile Pies and Ice Cream
    7. Flour & Co
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    9. Milk & Honey
    10. Nosh This
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    12. The Baked Bear

  1. Heartbaker
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  3. Anthony’s Cookies
  4. Hot Cookie
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  6. Minamoto Kitchen (mochi)
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  8. Dandelion Chocolate ✓
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  10. Belly Good Cafe & Crepes ✓
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  12. Sift Dessert Bar
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  14. Chantal Guillon
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  16. Craftsman and Wolves: not your typical dessert but oh so good I had to include it 🙂
  17. Kowloon Tong Dessert Cafe
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  19. Bambu Desserts & Drinks

Have you visited the city before?! What are some of the best desserts in San Francisco in your opinion?!

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