Things to do in Las Vegas Besides Gamble >> 50+ Ideas for Your Itinerary!

Things to do in Las Vegas Besides Gamble >> 50+ Ideas for Your Itinerary!

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Heading to Sin City and looking for things to do in Vegas besides gamble?! I got you! This list encompasses some of the best things to do Las Vegas when you’re looking to get out of the casino, from animal encounters and bulldozer driving to hiking in National Parks and stuffing your face with more treats than you can imagine.

Things to do in Las Vegas besides gamble >> 50 ideas for your Las Vegas itinerary!

Yes, keep reading for more!

Thankfully, as much to everyone’s surprise, Vegas is not all casinos and gambling.  Don’t get caught up in all the hype and spend the majority of your time in Vegas at the tables, go out and explore.  With so much to see, it would be a shame to spend it all indoors becoming best friends with the dealer and bartenders. And thankfully, there’s plenty of things to do in Las Vegas besides gamble. More than 34, actually! (UPDATED MARCH 2018)

34 rediculously amazing things to do in Las Vegas BESIDES gamble! |

Recommended Items to Pack for Vegas: Chapstick for that dry desert heat | Comfortable Sandals | Cross Body Bag | Moisturizer | Sunscreen | Aloe Vera Gel for sunburns | Cardigan | Sunglasses | Sun Hat | Sneakers | Hand Sanitizer | Lint Roller | Camera | Ibuprofen for hangovers | Sarong | Bathing Suit | Kindle | Eye Mask | Reusable Water Bottle 

So get off the strip, (or maybe stay on), and say goodbye to the casino.

Wondering what to do in Vegas besides gamble? Read on, my friend!

50 Things to do in Las Vegas Besides Gamble

Want some thrilling experiences?

1) Go indoor sky diving with winds up to 120 mph.  That’s me in the photo below!  Definitely an experience to remember.  Look for a Groupon as they frequently have deals.

indoor sky diving in san francisco

or if you’re really up for it, check out

2) Vegas extreme skydiving from 15,000 feet.  After indoor sky diving, I feel like I can finally say that jumping out of a plane is something I don’t consider too far flung anymore.

3) Drive an exotic car.  Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, or McLaren anyone?

Exotics Racing - Las Vegas, NV

4) If you want to see all the glitz and glam from above, consider a helicopter ride above the strip, complete with a champagne toast

Things to do in Las Vegas besides gamble >> 50 ideas for your Las Vegas itinerary!

5) Check out the rides at the Stratosphere and Circus Circus

6) Drive bulldozers and excavators in the only heavy equipment playground in America.

what to do in vegas besides gamble

7) Did you know you could go ziplining only a few miles away from Vegas?  Yes, you can!

Or just looking to have some active fun?

8) Golf at Top Golf

For those of you who are looking for some more active fun, Top Golf in Vegas is great! Overlooking the Las Vegas strip, enjoy the multiple floors of driving ranges with full amenities. If you want a break from golf, they have multiples bars, pools, and even a custom club fitting studio. Top Golf is connected with the MGM Grand hotel, so enjoy some special amenities when you book there and even a free shuttle to and from the facility. It’s a great place to bring your family with kid friendly events and classes as well as a 900 person capacity concert venue. I just went for my cousin’s bachelor party, and it was a great way to start off our weekend! – Vy Tran

9) Jump your highest ever at the Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park

10) Take a Gondola Ride at The Venetian

Las Vegas – a city that spent years building its name as a Sin City or the Gambling Capital of the World is slowly transforming into a Fun City. There are plenty of things to do in Las Vegas besides gamble! The Gondola ride at The Venetian is one of the must-do activities in Vegas. The Venetian aka The Little Venice is a colossal Italian themed luxury hotel on The Strip. They have an exact replica of the Grand Canal of Venice, Italy where you can take a gondola ride while the gondolier dressed in the traditional attire sings a beautiful traditional song for you.

Things to do in Las Vegas besides gamble >> 50 ideas for your Las Vegas itinerary!

You can choose to take an indoor or outdoor ride. The indoor ride takes you through the hotel, beneath the Rialto bridges, alongside shops and cafes, jaunting past mezzanines with a lovely painted blue sky above you. The ride costs $24 per person and $96 for a private Gondola. It’s pricey but it definitely makes for one hell of an authentic and phantasmagorical experience without being in Venice. – Anjali Chawla

11) Check out the New Secret Formula Exhibit at The World of Coca-Cola

12) Play at the Pinball Hall of Fame on some super rare machines

13) Explore old town and the Fremont Street Experience and Walking Tour.

fremont street experience las vegas

You can even go zip lining, super man style!  Don’t miss having your photo taken with the million dollars at Binions, and get some carnival food, like a chocolate covered banana with peanuts (even more delicious at 2 in the morning, but acceptable any time of day).

14) Ride through a tunnel of sharks

I’ve never been big into gambling or even nightclubs and pretty much the majority of “popular things to do in Vegas.”  So it’s a bit surprising that I’ve been back to “Sin City” more than once! But one of the main reasons why I keep going back isn’t the allure of gold….well, that’s a lie, it actually is.  The Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino, that is!
Located on Fremont Street, which is much more my speed (aka dive bars, cheesy street performers and a much more laid back vibe than The Strip). Fremont Street has all the fun and excitement I need, including a water park at the Golden Nugget that let’s you go through an underwater, clear tunnel of sharks.  Yes, SHARKS!  And yes, they are REAL!  The best part?  Even non-guests can hop in for a quick adrenaline ride for a small fee.  The year around pool is the perfect place to step away from the slot machines and do something completely different!  How many people can say they’ve swam with sharks!?  Well, now you can. – LeAnna Brown

15) Visit the Neon Museum

Things to do in Las Vegas besides gamble >> 50 ideas for your Las Vegas itinerary!
When you get tired of being cooped up inside a windowless, jangling casino, it is refreshing to visit a part of Vegas that is often missed.  A visit to the newish Neon Museum allows you to get outside in the fresh air and do some walking up and down the aisles in between the exhibits.  This area called the “Boneyard” is dedicated to exhibiting iconic vintage signs, including one from the Stardust casino which was once the largest casino in the world and also a lamp from the Aladdin.  – Carole Terwilliger Meyers

16) And there’s always Madame Tussad’s wax museum!

Tired of the glitz and glam? Take a day trip and get active!

17) The obvious Hoover Dam

18) Grand Canyon National Park

A Day Trip to the Grand Canyon West Rim | www.apassionandapassport.comRead Next:A Day Trip to the Grand Canyon West Rim from Las Vegas

19) Head off to Zion National Park!

If you love outdoors and hiking, you should not skip a day trip from Las Vegas to Zion National Park. The drive from Las Vegas to Zion is about 150 miles. Zion is Utah’s first national park and well known for its reddish cliffs and canyons. There are hiking opportunities for all levels. A good and not so difficult start is the combination of the Kayenta trail and the Emerald Pools.

Things to do in Las Vegas besides gamble >> 50 ideas for your Las Vegas itinerary!

If you are adventurous and not fearful of heights can try the hike to Angel’s Landing or the Hidden Canyon. You can also opt for taking the shuttle around the park and visit the main sights: the Court of the Patriarchs, the Zion Lodge, and Big Ben. – Sherezade Asensi

20) Take a helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon

Things to do in Las Vegas besides gamble >> 50 ideas for your Las Vegas itinerary!

A helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon is definitely worth the splurge.  You get picked up at your Las Vegas hotel in a limo, then fly over Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam on your way to one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World.  Once you land on the floor of the canyon, you have some time to explore for a bit and take a few photos. We also chose the option to have a champagne picnic lunch.  Then, on the flight back, you will fly over the Vegas strip. It will definitely be an experience you will always remember. BOOK HELICOPTER RIDE HERE. – Anisa Alhilali

21) Go Mountain Biking at Bootleg Canyon

If you prefer to explore the wild on two wheels and an adrenaline rush is on your agenda while visiting Sin City, you’ll want hit the world-class single track at Bootleg Canyon. This incredible mountain bike park is located on the outskirts of Las Vegas on the way to Hoover Dam. The seemingly endless trails carved into the craggy, lava rock hills affords days of exploration. Although the area is especially well-known for advanced riding, there are trails for all skills levels, and both cross country and downhill styles. The terrain is rocky and rough, so you’ll want to take along (or rent) a full suspension mountain bike. Also be sure to pack along a water bottle to stay hydrated and sunscreen to protect against the desert sun while out on the trails. – Rand Shoaf

22) Put on your hiking boots at Mary Jane Falls

23) Spend a day on the mountain in Lee Canyon

what to do in vegas besides gamble

24) Be sure to check out Nevada’s oldest and largest state park, The Valley of Fire

If you’ve come to Las Vegas and want to have some fun experiencing a desert, head on out to Valley of Fire State park, about an hour’s drive north.  The park has both an East and a West entrance, and no matter which you take you’ll first come across incredible rock formations like the Beehives, or the Seven Sisters. You can go right up to and climb inside some of them that have huge windblown holes carved out of the sides! There are petroglyphs to discover on the Mouse Tank trail or at Atlatl Rock, a great view to see if you climb atop the huge rock at Rainbow Vista, and get a feel of walking on soft desert sand while passing by beautifully colored stone cliffs over on White Domes Trail. There’s also petrified logs to see, and you’ll probably catch sight of a few desert lizards and even some birds like quail if you’re lucky! It’s a great place to spend the whole day, just bring LOTS of water as it’s very hot and dry there! – Maura

A Day Trip from Las Vegas to Valley of Fire State Park Nevada >> ridiculously mind-blowing! Check it out for yourself! (Tips here) |

[Editors Note: We took a tour to The Valley of Fire and had the best time ever. The park isn’t as well-known as the super popular red rocks, so therefore had a semi-private tour with a fantastic guide by booking ahead (for the same price as a group tour). Definitely one of my favorite things to do in Las Vegas besides gamble, that’s for sure!]  BOOK TOUR TO VALLEY OF FIRE HERE // Read Next:A Day Trip to the Valley of Fire from Las Vegas

25) See the stunning natural beauty on a Day Trip to Death Valley 

Things to do in Las Vegas besides gamble >> 50 ideas for your Las Vegas itinerary!

My favorite thing to do when in Las Vegas is to take a road trip to Death Valley National Park only 2 hours drive away. It’s peaceful and quiet in the Valley and such a contrast to the bright lights and noise of the slot machines of the strip. The scenic drive and viewpoints are gorgeous, and a stop at Scotty’s Castle is definitely in order. Make sure you have a full tank of gas and lots of water and snacks in the car in case of emergency. – Mary Chong

26) Go hiking at Red Rocks

Things to do in Las Vegas besides gamble >> 50 ideas for your Las Vegas itinerary!
Most associate Vegas with only gambling and partying, but the Strip is conveniently located about 12 miles from Red Rock Canyon, one of the most beautiful parks in the Southwest. The National Conservation Area in the Mojave Desert sees over a million visitors annually to hike, bike, camp, climb and explore. 
The unique red color comes from iron oxide in the Aztec Sandstone, and is complemented by limestone. It’s Incredibly biologically divers with over 600 types of plants, 100 types of birds and 45 mammals, including the Joshua Tree, especially unique to the area. Plus dinosaur tracks, petroglyphs and cultural history!

Access is $5 per person, $15 per vehicle and there are dozens of trails to choose from. The most important consideration for hiking in Vegas is the heat – the desert is not forgiving. Bring lots of water, snacks and if it’s summer, start your hike before 8:00 am. Don’t worry, if it’s too hot, you can always explore the park by car. And if you’d rather not worry about renting a car during your stay, you can BOOK A RED ROCKS ONE-DAY TOUR FROM LAS VEGAS HERE. – Jessica Elliott

Hungry?  Look for some fine cuisine

27) The Hofbräuhaus Beer Hall

Things to do in Las Vegas besides gamble >> 50 ideas for your Las Vegas itinerary!

This beer hall is an amazing break from the fast-paced adventure that is Las Vegas. It offers homestyle Bavarian cuisine (think sausage, sauerkraut, potato) and 1.0L glass steins full of Hofbräuhaus-brewed beer from Munich. If you are looking for the full experience make sure you get a communal dining table in the Bier Hall. Live polka will be playing all night but the best time to visit is when MC Johann is scheduled. You might get to see him swinging around his giant Alphorn! If you’re feeling adventurous, ask a dirndl-wearing server for a shot and experience the traditional spanking afterward. The slaps will be heard all night and provide you with endless entertainment. – Jason Miller

28) Have dinner at Top of the World, with 360degree views of the strip (plus, it spins!)

29) Have a delicious brunch or attend a baking class (!!!) at Bouchon Bakery

what to do in vegas besides gamble

30) Get some seafood at Michael Mina in the Bellagio

31) Have a truly unique dining experience at Todd’s Unique Dining

32) Have some crab at Joes Stone Crab in Caesars

Feast your eyes on some first-class entertainment

33) Entertain yourself at a Cirque du Soleil show; consider The Beatles LOVEMichael Jackson ONE, and Mystere

34) See Blue Man Group, my absolute favorite show in Vegas

Lost ALL your money?  Consider these [almost] FREE experiences

35) Check out the numerous glorious hotels.  With the Bellagio, all-new Atria, and the Wynn, you could spend an entire day hopping from hotel to hotel. FREE
36) Go window shopping at the Forum Shops at Caesars.  Be sure to leave your wallet at home/in your hotel room. FREE
37) Enjoy dollar margaritas from Casino Royale $1 or 2, depending on how many you want
38) Take your mojito onto the streets.  Where else can you do that? FREE, besides the cost of a mojito (about $7)

39) Go Pool Hopping

Things to do in Las Vegas besides gamble >> 50 ideas for your Las Vegas itinerary!

Because Las Vegas has more hotel rooms than any other city in the US, the competition for amenities is intense.  As a result, we have found that pool and spa facilities in Las Vegas hotels to be some of the best we have found and are one of the best things to do in Las Vegas besides gamble, especially if you have kids! Undoubtedly the kids will get bored quick if you find yourself in the casino for too long, as they aren’t even allowed in! The pools we’ve visited cater to guests of all ages and each feel like an oasis.  My daughter had her first pool experience at Caesar’s Palace and loved it. Of course, the Nevada sun enhances the experience.  And, most hotels have complimentary spa facilities for guests over 18, including an indoor hot tub. Find out more about Las Vegas pools here.

40) Fountains of Bellagio Show

Things to do in Las Vegas besides gamble >> 50 ideas for your Las Vegas itinerary!

The fountain show at the Bellagio is absolutely mesmerizing and a must-do activity while in Vegas.  One of my favorite spots to watch the show is from the restaurant, Mon Ami Gabi, at the Paris hotel. The restaurant is just across from the Bellagio, so you have a fantastic view.  Steak, frites, Andrea Bocelli singing Con Te Partiro…what more could you ask for?! Well, the absolute best place to watch is from a fountain view room at the Bellagio hotel.  Since all shows in Vegas are dark on Monday night, watching the fountains from your own hotel room is the perfect alternative. The fountains go off in 15 minute increments from 8PM to 12AM so you will have plenty of entertainment for the evening as you watch these beautiful water formations paired to some classic tunes.  You won’t even want to leave the room!  – Jen
41) Siegfried and Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat $19.95, or $16.95 if you’re staying at the Mirage.  Get it for significantly cheaper using the Las Vegas Power Pass, which will save you money on lots of Las Vegas attractions.
what to do in vegas besides gamble

42) Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay $18

43) Conservatory and Botanical Gardens at the Bellagio: FREE

what to do in las vegas besides gamble >> 35+ Things to Do |

44) See the Flower decorations in the Wynn

Things to do in Las Vegas besides gamble >> 50 ideas for your Las Vegas itinerary!

As you walk into the atrium of Hotel Wynn in LV, you feel fresh and ebullient looking at the ornate flower decorations. Calling them decorations would be injustice to this artwork. There is a big hot air balloon, big revolving carousel with mythical characters like unicorn, Pegasus and others waiting for friends to ride on them, all made with more than 110,000 fresh flowers. The arch shaped trees in the courtyard adorned with lights and hanging balls of flowers welcome you into a world of colors. Even the restaurants have some resplendent display of flowers. Creating these artistic marvels is one task and maintaining them daily another extensive effort that is tended in night before the guests wake up. There is no place in the hotel and your heart that’s untouched with these vibrant blooms. – Neha Kulshrestha

45) get some yummy chocolates at M&M’s World

Things to do in Las Vegas besides gamble >> 50 ideas for your Las Vegas itinerary!

46) Take a Picture with the Iconic Las Vegas Sign (an absolute must for any first-timer!)

Things to do in Las Vegas besides gamble >> 50 ideas for your Las Vegas itinerary!

No visit to Las Vegas is complete without paying a visit to the well-known “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada” sign. This piece of art was commissioned in the late 50s, by a local salesman, with the intention of selling the city as a glamorous and extravagant destination. To achieve this purpose the designer used neon lights, circles (representing silver dollars) and a star. Since its reveal, the sign has gained worldwide notoriety
and it has become a symbol for Los Vegas. 

If you are interested in posing in front of the sign, head to 5100 Las Vegas Boulevard South. There is an ample, free of charge parking lot on the premises. Have fun! – Ruth 

47) play around at Neon Museum $18 (includes a tour)
48) Wildlife Habitat at the Flamingo: FREE

what to do in vegas besides gamble

49) Window shop (it’s almost as fun as buying stuff!)
what to do in las vegas besides gamble >> 35+ Things to Do |

Where to Stay in Las Vegas

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Did I miss anything?  

What do you like to do in Vegas? As evidenced above, there’s tons of things to in Las Vegas besides gamble!

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  • Marti says:

    Vegas is about a 5 hour drive from Phoenix. I am not a gambler, but I have found a lot to do there when I go with friends. Visiting from A-Z

  • Dawn Malone says:

    Awesome list of activities! Las Vegas isn't one of my favorite cities, but obviously I haven't been touring it properly! Love the gardens and the indoor trampoline park. And the daytrips are more my speed. I mentioned Passion and a Passport on my blog today as one of my week's favorites. Thanks for the suggestions!

    • Jessica says:

      Thanks so much for mentioning me! And I agree- I don't LOVE all the normal Vegas attractions, but knowing there is so much more to do in the area makes it all the better! 🙂

  • Lisa says:

    Visiting from A-ZWow, your blog is impressive. I really should have travelled more before I had kids. Right now it seems impossible to go away for the weekend much less to an exotic locale!!

    • Jessica says:

      Thanks so much for the kind words! Kids don't mean the end of travel for you! There are tons of blogs about traveling with kids! Check them out! Don't give up on your dreams! If you plan it right, you'll all have a great time!

  • This post was so informative, as I've never been to Vegas and really want to go, but I'm worried that I won't be the greatest at gambling. This gives me lots of alternative (and perhaps better) ideas of things to do!

    • Jessica says:

      glad you liked it! It was fun to compile all 34 things! And I agree- I'm not the greatest gambler, so I like to have tons of other fun activities on the radar!

  • YVONNE LEWIS: says:

    I live in the UK and have been to Vegas twice, stayed at The Flamingo Hotel which I reconised in your photo's .This was an excellent post as it brought back fond and happy memories. Thank you.

  • Andrea says:

    Often wonder if I would like to go to Vegas. This certainly gives me more to consider! Stopping by from a-z

  • Fun read! Was in Las Vegas last weekend – Neon Museum was awesome but you have some neat things I don't know about – another reason for a return trip! I'd add Death Valley National Park – about a 90-minute drive from Vegas.

  • Natalia says:

    34 things! Overload! But yes, opportunities to have a good time in Vegas are endless.

  • Arianwen says:

    What a great list of alternative sights! I'd love to try indoor skydiving!

  • Jordan Mallory says:

    This is a great site. I have been to Las Vegas a few times and I always enjoyed it. There are so many things to do other then gambling. Las Vegas Golf is probably my favorite activity to do in Vegas. For all those golf lovers, I highly recommend playing a few courses in Vegas.

  • Daisy says:

    I'm going to Vegas this summer. Look forward to checking out some of these sights especially the indoor skydiving. I'm not much of a gambler. Thanks!

  • Mika says:

    One of the things I enjoy doing that is very close to Las Vegas is skiing or snowboarding at Mt. Charleston. You can ski during the day and party on the strip that night. Its a blast.

  • Anonymous says:

    I went to Vegas for 7 days and had a good time with limiting my loses to $150.00 per day in the casino , then I'd go out on the town , rented a car and went all over were ever suited me.My main reason for the visit was to gamble and not site see as I've been all over the world and not a whole lot impresses me anymore.Now a days of course gambling is legal pretty well every were so there is no real need to visit Vegas again but I did have a good time when I was there.

  • Donald Lewis says:

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  • Donald Lewis says:

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  • Morrison says:

    Hi! I live in Macau and love your post! Such a nice treat to see my city as featured destinations. It sounds to amaze that I can take the experience of such a wonderful place of Vegas within a free of charge. I would definitely recommend your suggestions for my next trip.

  • corinne says:

    That's the great thing about Vegas, there's always something to do. And so many of the casinos have freebies and coupons that you can do a lot on very little money.

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