​Six of the Best Views in Majorca

​Six of the Best Views in Majorca

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Heading to Spain and looking for the best views of Majorca?! You’re in luck, my scenic-loving friend! Majorca boasts some of the best views in all of Spain – come check it out!

Like other Balearic islands, Majorca is packed with tranquil views that’ll leave you for six. From delicious tapas to pristine beaches, you’ll not come short of things to do here, but Majorca’s best charms lie in its scenery.

Looking for things to do in Majorca, Spain? This guide is perfect for my upcoming trip! Pinning to read for later!

Without further ado, here are six of the best views of Majorca:

Alcudia Bay

When most people think of Majorca, they picture seemingly endless stretches of beaches and temperate waters lacing alongside them. Alcudia Bay embodies this, and looks just as stunning from the sands as it does from the terrace of your holiday accommodation. Villas here often overlook Alcudia Bay, giving you yet more opportunities to enjoy its beauty. Palms trees lace its promenades, also providing a welcoming shaded retreat should you need to cool off!

Soller Bay

Comprising quaint churches and a heavenly bay, Soller is a town that is made for taking it easy. Explore its eateries, or wander further afield to the surrounding hills and forestry for an elevated viewpoint. Similar to neighboring towns, the waters here are ideal for long afternoons swimming, or simply floating about under the warm Mediterranean sun.

Bellver Castle

This harks back to Majorca’s Moorish days, and looks every bit the stereotypical Medieval castle a child would draw, albeit with a Spanish twist! Although the castle dates back to the 14th century, it’s so well maintained that you’d think it was much, much younger. Hike to the top, discover its various nooks and turrets, before enjoying panoramic views over the coastline. It’s situated west of Palma, yet as the island is reasonably small it’s not hard to get here from other surrounding destinations.


Majorca’s best scenery doesn’t just lie by the coast, far from it. This municipality looks over luscious green mountains, and an agricultural side to the island that many often forget. Towns here are made up of winding alleyways and chalky bricked homes, hinting back to a quieter era in Majorca’s past. After a stroll around, enjoy a coffee and some hot churros whilst looking onto serene viewpoints like no other.

Caves of Drach

For a scenic day out with a twist, head to the Caves of Drach. They’re a collection of cool underground pools, and fearsome stalactites and stalagmites. It’s a registered tourist attraction, so you’re perfectly safe to explore. Snap up a few holiday photos of your time (literally) inside the mountains during your visit. The name translates to “dragon caves” – close your eyes and you’ll see it isn’t hard to imagine these mythical beasts landing here and calling these gritty caverns home.

Es Pontas

This arch is another of Majorca’s natural phenomenons. Rising high above the sea, it’s truly hypnotic sitting by the shore and watching the waves crash against it. Daredevils have been known to climb its rocky face, but doing so is very dangerous and best left to the professionals. Even one hour spent wave spotting at the rocks of Es Pontas here ensures that you’ll leave with yet more vacation photos of Majorca’s wilder side.
Taking a holiday to Majorca guarantees many things, but none are more relaxing and enthralling than its scenery. With these hotspots in mind, when are you next visiting?

There you have it – some of the best views of Majorca! Which ones will you be visiting on your next trip to Spain?!

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