U is for UKULELE and other things Hawaiian

U is for UKULELE and other things Hawaiian

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Ever since we booked our flights to Hawaii for this coming summer, I cannot stop thinking about all the fun we’ll be having.  Anything to get me out of my cold-weather depression!  It’s been a tough winter for me here in New York!  The cold, plus waking up at 5am every. single. morning. for work, doesn’t make for a happy girl.

So, naturally, I’ve been dreaming of Hawaii’s beaches and warm weather.

I’ve been…

Eating as much pineapple as I can.  Lucky for me, my school really abides to the “children should eat healthy snacks” rule, so, every few days, there are pounds and pounds of pre-cut pineapple slices.  And since I am the speech-pathologist at my school, without my own class to watch after, I can easily slide into my favorite classrooms and eat snack with them.  Good thing since I don’t buy much fruit at home.

DVRing Hawaii Life.  Yes, I quickly came to realize that this show is more of “house hunting” than a true sense of life on Hawaii.  But it still shows some of the island’s best spots and beaches.

Thinking about asking the new music teacher for a try on her Ukulele.  Yup, a new music teacher just started, and I’ve been contemplating giving her Ukulele a go.  Seems like an interesting instrument, and with her abilities, maybe she can teach me a quick song or two.  Maybe next week!


Watching Hawaii 5-0 with the husband.  Before we booked our tickets, I only watched with him every so often.  Now I make it my business to drop everything and relax on the couch with him for that hawaii-infused hour full of beaches and mountains.  Plus, the actors/actresses aren’t bad looking, either.  It’s a win-win for both of us.

Reading as many blog posts about Maui and Kauai as my brain can handle.  This is pretty obvious as I’m currently looking into different activities for the different islands.  I’m really loving Go Visit Hawaii right now.

Infusing some “hula” into my group therapy sessions.  Every week or so, I play a dance game with my social skills groups.  Basically, the kids each pick from pre-selected cards with dance moves on them.  Somehow, Hula always comes up.  Maybe because I’ve been adding that card on purpose…  What can I say?  I’m attempting to get into the Aloha spirit!


Have you ever tried to get into the spirit of a place before actually traveling there?
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  • Ashley says:

    I LOVED the Ukulele, I've played for about three years and its really easy to learn! I taught myself on youtube 😀

  • Maria says:

    Looks a fabulous place, lucky you, enjoy when you do go! 🙂

  • I always try to get into the spirit of a place before going there. otherwise, what's the point of going? For one, it's too late to do that when you've actually landed. When you do the ground work, you feel more prepared. At least, that's true for me. I can struggle less with the language and have an idea of where I actually want to ask to go. I am also less likely to do something to offend someone because I know more of the customs.

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