B is for BEACHES: My Favorite of the Caribbean

B is for BEACHES: My Favorite of the Caribbean

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I love the beach.  What girl doesn’t?  Okay, I realize everyone may not love salt-water in their hair and sand in unknown places.  But it’s something I’ve learned to embrace and love.


I’ve gotten kind of snooty particular when it comes to my beaches.  After spending an ample amount of time on 10+ Caribbean islands in my lifetime (not even talking about the Greek Island beaches I’ve been to, which are more-than amazing), an ocean full of seaweed and sand full of garbage just doesn’t cut it for me anymore.  Yes, I realize I am lucky to live on a coast and have beaches at my disposal (just a short 20-30 minutes away), but call me whatever you want, I just don’t enjoy these anymore.

With that in mind, and since the cold weather has gotten the better of me, let’s get on with the pictures.  

My favorite beaches of the Caribbean.

1. Cockleshell Beach, St. Kitts


2. Grand Turk


3. Punta Cana Bavaro


4. Morningstar Beach, St. Thomas


5. Coconut Court Beach, Barbados


6. Jalousie Beach, St. Lucia


7. Horseshoe Bay Beach, Bermuda


8. Forgotten, St. Martin

A few others I’d like to visit, cocktail in hand: Trunk Bay in St. John, Shoal Bay East in Anguilla, and Maracas in Trinidad.  I’ve heard there are just so many beautiful beaches and things to do in Trinidad and Tobago.  Also on my list: play with the flamingos in Aruba, photograph the colorful houses in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, and learn how to sail on the Caribbean Sea.
Have you been to any of these?
Do you have any favorite beaches in the Caribbean?


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