A to Z Blog Challenge Round-Up and Reflection

A to Z Blog Challenge Round-Up and Reflection

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It’s over! I did it!  I can spend time outdoors and get back to my life now!


I’m kidding, it really wasn’t that bad.  I cheated pre-planned a bunch of posts, so I only had about 10 or so to actually write in April (the month of the challenge).

I definitely saw my blog traffic increase this month, and have found a bunch of other travel sites to add to my blogroll.  Participating in the challenge tested my strength of writing for continuous days at a time, and in my opinion, feel that it actually strengthened my writing abilities a bit.  Giving myself a pat on the back that I came up with (and wrote about) some pretty interesting travel topics (in my opinion, hope you all can agree).

If you missed the challenge, lucky you, as I have compiled all my entries in a neat little post, below:

A is for ATV: My New Preferred Method of Travel
B is for BEACHES: My Favorite of the Caribbean
C is for COLOSSEUM: Time Travel to Ancient Rome
D is for DESSERTS and the Sweet Tooth in me
E is for EIFFEL Tower: A Climb to the Top
F is for FALASSARNA: My Favorite Beach in Crete
G is for GATORS: On the Lookout for them in New Orleans
H is for HURRICANE: New Orlean’s Signature Drink
I is for ICELAND: On My Travel Wish List
J is for JUMPING Around the World
K is for KAUAI and other Possible Travel Plans for 2013
L is for LAS VEGAS: 34 Things to do when you’re not Gambling
M is for MAMAJUANA: The Dominican’s Most Potent Drink
N is for NEW YORK: Top 5 Tourist Attractions
O is for OLD SAN JUAN: A Colorful Photo Essay
P is for PIZZA: 10 Best Slices in NYC
Q is for [travel] QUOTES: 17 Sayings that Inspire Me
R is for RUM CAKE: The Key to a Happy Crowd
S is for SANTORINI SUNSETS and others almost as Stunning
T is for TURKEY: On My Travel Wish List
U is for UKULELE and Other Things Hawaiian
V is for VERSAILLES; the most ornate chateau in Paris
W is for WANDERLUST: My 10 Year Travel Plan
X is for XTREME Hikes: The Roughest, Toughest, Muddiest
Y is for YOLO and all those crazy stupid things I want to do
Z is for ZOO: Most Unique in the World

I think I’ll do the challenge next year.  Definitely more positives than negatives!  What did you think?!  Interesting?!?!


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