A is for ATV: My New Preferred Method of Travel

A is for ATV: My New Preferred Method of Travel


Of course I had heard of and seen ATV’s around, both in upstate New York and in various island countries.  However, I first stepped on one on our most recent trip to Greece, where we honeymooned for 2 and a half glorious weeks.

Originally planning on renting a car for the most of our trip (which we did for a few days in Crete), we opted for the ATV instead.  Was it cheaper?  Yes.  Did it look like more fun?  Yes.  Was it totally safe?  Probably not.  Did we know how to drive it?  No.  

So, we rented one anyways.

I was actually more-than-skeptical at first about our plan.  Noah is a good driver behind the wheel– of a car, but I was pretty sure he had zero experience driving one of these bad boys.  I took the chance and got behind him, holding on for dear life at first.
I slowly become more comfortable as we zoomed past each mile, and eventually was pretty eager and super-excited when it was time to hop back on.  It was an exhilarating experience to say the least.  The wind blowing in my hair (thankfully my helmet constraining some of it), the sound of the water right below us.
I even got pretty comfortable driving on the mountainous coast- with the water a couple hundred feet below us.  What am I saying?  I didn’t drive.  But I was now relaxed and at ease around the sharp bends of the cliffs we were driving on.
The ATV made it super easy to stop for a quick second to snap some photos, which I was pretty thrilled about.  Anyone who knows me should know just I giddy I get about this.

IF ONLY WE HAD THESE IN NEW YORK.  Although with all the traffic lights and stop signs, an ATV ride probably wouldn’t be as much fun.  Plus, what do you do when it rains?  Oh, mother nature happens on the Greek Islands too?  You would never know.

We could have rented a real scooter, but yeah, we just aren’t coordinated enough for one.  Even the ATV was pushing it a bit for me at first.

Some other transportation we found in Greece that I thought would be fun as well:

Have you ever ridden an ATV?  
What were your experiences like?  
Are you ballsy enough to ride a scooter?
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  • Ruchira says:

    I have ridden a bike in New Delhi and it wasn't pleasant ! The ATV sounds like a very good idea ! Will love to try it out one day ! Hoped here as part of the A to Z challenge !

  • reeyah says:

    saw your blog on the a to z challenge list. love this first post! i've always wanted to go to greece, so this gave me an idea about how to go about seeing it if and when i do go there.can't wait to read your other posts! :)

  • Oh this looks like soooooo much fun!!!

  • Love it – ATV-ing in Greece on your honeymoon! Had some great ATV action all over New Zealand in the mud and rain and yes, they're great fun!Looking forward to the next posts – good luck A to Z Blogging!

  • Nana Prah says:

    It looks like fun. Always wanted to ride one.

  • Jay Noel says:

    LOVE your pictures! ATVs are huge here in Missouri, but I have never ridden one yet. I hope to in the mud someday.(One of the A-Z helpers checking in)

  • Shannon says:

    What a fun way to see Greece! You only ever hear about the scooters but an ATV looks perfect for two. I hopped over here from the A-Z as well. I'm also doing some travel blogging this month. Glad I found your blog!

  • Another A-Z visitor here, this looks like an amazing experience! Good luck with the challenge. I love your blog :)

  • Love your post and pictures (from a fellow wanna-be full-time traveler…)and looking forward to see the rest of your A ~ Z's!

  • I also found you through the A to Z Challenge. I'm doing my month's posts on places I'd love to travel to, and it looks like I've struck gold by finding your blog! I visited Santorini when I studied abroad, and I rented an ATV, too! I thought it was the best way to see the island. Your photos make me wish I had more from my trip! So beautiful!

  • Anne Mackle says:

    Looks really good fun but scary.I have never even been on a scooter. Your photos make me think of holidays while it's freezing here. Visiting from A to Z challenge.

  • Charlie says:

    I haven't ridden an ATV, but I've driven scooters quite a bit. I might be in Crete in a few weeks…and now I totally want to drive an ATV. If you're looking for an existential thrill I might recommend a scooter in Phuket. ^^

  • looks fun that – I am a big fan of deserts and Greece.

  • Kate OMara says:

    How fun! I hope to go to Greece one day.

  • Gah I so want to ride through Greece one day. I'm obsessed with any opportunity to ride a four wheeler!

  • Jessica says:

    yea I loved Greece when we went. Am trying to get everyone I talk to to go!

  • Jessica says:

    I definitely recommend Greece! If you get there, I would try and get to the islands- they are unlike no others! :)

  • Jessica says:

    Go! The ATV's were SO much fun! Something I hope to do in another place as well!