12 Photos That Just SCREAM Hawaii!!!


It’s been a few days since arriving home from Hawaii (sad face), and I finally have (almost) gotten through all 5,000+ photos from the trip.  Maybe taking three cameras (my new-ish DSLR, a compact point and shoot, and an underwater camera) weren’t all that necessary, but once I browsed through the photos, I knew it needed to be done.  And maybe shooting in RAW (as well as JPEG) wasn’t realllllly the best idea (since I have yet to learn how to use the software anyways).  I have been talking about Hawaii since April though.

Before I start formally discussing my trip to Hawaii (and trust me, there will be boat loads of posts filled with more photos), I thought it would be fun to present some of my favorites which remind me of my few weeks on the islands.

This is what Hawaii is all about*:

Colorful umbrellas and palm trees along white sandy beaches (and of course, doing absolutely nothing all day)

Beautiful ladies dancing the hula

Colorful hibiscus flowers

Fresh lei’s waiting for their gleeful owners

Stands on the side of the road with local fruits

Hidden, secret waterfalls

 Nene and corresponding signs

Shave ice
(photo taken with my husband to represent just how big the thing really is!)

Roads leading to no where, with clear skies and the blue ocean ahead

Palm trees swaying calming during the sunset

HULA PIE! (my absolute favorite!)

 Snorkeling with abundant sea life, and turtles!!!!

Plus one more for good luck:
Some liquid aloha, Longboard, the local Hawaiian beer

I’m excited to share my Hawaii experiences with you all!  Plenty of posts coming soon!  Be on the lookout!

*well, according to Jessica from A Passion and A Passport anyways

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  • mostlyvictoria says:

    Your comment about RAW and JPEG just made me chuckle – I have the same issue as you right now… feels like (at least) a bazillion photos of Greece! Love the photos – Hawaii looks beautiful… 'some day' 😉

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