What I Ate in New Orleans (Or Why I Gained 10lbs in 2 days)

What I Ate in New Orleans (Or Why I Gained 10lbs in 2 days)

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Ever think it was possible to eat at 11 different restaurants in a short span of just 2 days?  Neither did I, until I found myself begging for even more food on a recent trip to New Orleans.

And we’re talking about a girl who gets full after 3 bites of her meal.  Yes, we’re talking about me, but I was somehow able to scarf down almost every meal entirely.  I’m the newest member of the clean plate club!  Either the South had a major influence on my eating habits, or the food was just that good.  I’m thinking it was a combination of both.

When you’re in the South, New Orleans specifically, the food has so much personality and is filled with warmth.  You can just taste the homemade cooking walking down the street.  It’s impossible to go hungry down there- I don’t know why my mom insisted on giving me granola bars for the trip.  Even the potato chips were out of this world.

Here goes.  And don’t blame me if you wind up craving some fried alligator or andouille sausage!

1. Royal House: Fried Alligator and a Southern Sandwich

I did it! I actually tried alligator meat! Right after searching for alligators on our swamp tour! I expected it to taste differently, but in all honesty, the alligator kind of tasted like chicken.  Although everything tastes like chicken to me…

2. Powdered Sugar @ Hyatt French Quarter: Creole Scrambled Eggs, Rosemary Biscuits, and Andouille Sausage

If you need an early morning place for some hot and delicious food, Powdered Sugar is the way to go.  Being situated in the Hyatt, it is usually very quiet at the wee hours of the morning, but serve a hot breakfast of yummy creole food.

3. Cafe du Monde: Beignets and Hot Chocolate

Hot, sticky, crazy-over-loaded with powdered sugar.  Say those words and you got me.  The line is usually pretty long, but we got lucky.  Found a table rather quickly, and our food was brought to us in no time!

4. La Divina Gelateria: Aztec Gelato

After meandering around the French Quarter for a little, actually a few moments after devouring some gumbo at Stanley’s, I had my fix of chocolate for the day.  Smooth and creamy chocolate, with a hint of spice.

5. Stanley’s: Gumbo with Alligator and Andouille Sausage

And it was delicious!  The different flavors of the meat really shined through.  My friend had the rabbit jambalaya… That looked mighty tasty as well.  Although I was too chicken to eat the rabbit.  Maybe next time.  What can I say, I felt bad for the little guy!

6. Bourbon house: Roasted Chicken with Jambalaya Risotto

We sat at the oyster bar and had exceptional service. The herbed chicken glace was to die for, and the risotto, I could eat a whole bowl. Some guys offered to buy us a round of drinks, and being more interested in the oysters, we happily declined.

7. Willies: Fried Chicken

…at around midnight.  Probably a bad decision, but it tasted oh so good.  Went pretty well with our drinky drinks too 😉

8. Gumbo Pot: spicy Creole breakfast

We had a delicious creole breakfast here, filled with eggs, pancakes, and sausages.  It was very empty first thing in the morning, but saw it fill up later on in the day as were exploring the area.

9. Napoleon House: Muffuletta and Po Boys

Okay, so I didn’t devour two sandwiches (they were HUGE).  We shared.  And let me tell you, I wish they would send those things up North.

10. Coops Place: Red Beans and Rice with Sausage

We did wait in a long line and did wait a long time to get our food, (and actually saw a bug on our table which totally freaked out my friend), but those were some of the best beans I have ever had.  And the sausage?  To die for.  No complaints here.

11. Louisiana Company Ice Cream

….and not just a few scoops, but an entire carton.. all while laying in bed. Whoops! Might as well leave NOLA with a bang!

And you can’t forget the numerous Hurricanes on Bourbon Street we shared each night.

I left New Orleans with a full stomach and a happy heart.  It probably won’t be long until you find me back in the South- the Creole food is calling my name as we speak (well, as I type..)!  OHH and the beignets, the warm, sweet, sticky beignets.  Hellllooooo 😉 If anyone wants/needs a travel buddy to NOLA, count me in!

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