W is for WANDERLUST: my 10 year travel plan

W is for WANDERLUST: my 10 year travel plan

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Ah, you caught me! This is not a post about all the exotic places I’ve been in the past 10 years (as much as I wish it was). Instead, this is more of a rough timeline of all those amazing trips I hope to take within the next ten years or so, give or take a few months. It’s a pretty personal post, considering the fact that I just got married about 9 months ago, and we are starting to think about more grown up things… (like a house and babies). Can’t believe I just typed that- just the thought of little ones running around scares me immensely.

But let’s just pretend that grown-up stuff doesn’t impact my travel dreams…

I’m taking this list directly from a napkin I’ve had on my fridge for months. Every time my husband attempts to throw it out, I go bizerk! I feel like he’s throwing away my dreams! (It’s still there… somewhere, beneath the holiday cards we have yet to take off [yes, I know it’s april], and the takeout menus we seem to use all too frequently).

1) 2013 – Hawaii: we currently have a trip planned to Maui and Kauai for later in the year (!!!) *1 year wedding anniversary!* On track already! 🙂

2) 2014 – Turkey and possibly probably Paris

3) 2015 – 2 short (weeklong-ish) trips this year, Iceland and Vegas

for a few reasons: to start saving for South Africa and Bora Bora, and to celebrate my husbands 30th in Sin City (ever since our last trip to Vegas, he’s been OBSESSED with a capital O).

4) 2016 – South Africa

5) 2017 – Bora Bora and Moorea *5 year wedding anniversary!*

6) 2018 – Equador and the Galapagos, with a side trip to Machu Picchu (if not sooner, before the pristine-ness of the islands disappears…)





7) 2019 – Italy or Baby #1 (AHHHHHHH)

8) 2020 – Italy or Baby #1 (AHHHHHHH again)

9) 2021 – Costa Rica/Aruba/Brazil.. obviously it’s still up in the air. Cannot decide.

10) 2022 – Australia *10 year wedding anniversary!*

Obviously, this is a super super rough draft, as all good plans hardly ever go through as intended.  It’s just kind of fun to think about the future and all the places we could go.  And I didn’t include baby #2; we’ll see how baby #1 goes first.  Or maybe I’ll just wind up with twins and that would be that.

Off to start saving!  🙂  I haven’t bought a new pair of shoes in almost 3 months!  That’s a start!  Almost made it 3 months without buying anything… but then I saw the absolute cutest pair of shorts and I just had to have them….

Don’t you agree?  I’m kind of in love with them.. seahorses and all.

What places are on your list?
Have you been to any of mine? 
Care to share any tips?


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