K is for KAUAI and Other Possible Travel Plans for 2013

K is for KAUAI and Other Possible Travel Plans for 2013

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We went to the Greek Islands for our honeymoon (posts to come, super sorry!!!), a destination which was solely my choice, so it was only appropriate that the husband picked out our big summer trip this year, which is also our one-year-anniversary trip.

Hawaii, specifically KAUAI and MAUI.

That was an easy choice for him; I must have trained him well 😉

So we’re off to Kauai and Maui for a few glorious weeks in the summer.  This cannot come soon enough.

Here’s a few highlights of how we’re planning on spending our days in Hawaii.

RELAX on the gorgeous Hawaiian beaches.

See the sunrise above Haleakala.

Go snorkeling.  Many times.

Take a helicopter ride above the Na Pali coast

Among a ton of other things.  But you’ll just have to wait and find out this summer!

But before Hawaii, I’ll most likely spend a long weekend visiting a friend in Washington D.C.  I can’t wait to see her and explore.  Free museums, awesome architecture.  And hoping some cherry blossoms are still out in May!


And here’s where you come in.  I have a $300 travel voucher from Delta, which I got when our original flight to Athens was cancelled.  I need to book it by June, and am at a loss of where to go.  Something super affordable from NY, and probably travel in July after Hawaii?  It’s basically the only time off I have from work…  Where should I go in July?!?!  Any suggestions would be helpful!

We have a wedding in Montauk, NY in the fall, so we’ll most likely be spending a long weekend out there.  Possibly some lobster eating and sand castle building.

After this frigid weather in NY this winter, we ultimately decided that a getaway in December is necessary.  We’re thinking of either Riviera Maya Mexico, or Costa Rica.  I’ve always wanted to go to Costa Rica, so we may end up going there, although everything is obviously up for discussion.  Cuddling a sloth and prancing around in the rainforest seems like way too much fun.

So, please help!!!  Where should my $300 travel credit take me?  And where should we go in December?!
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