I Believe In… [some non-travel related thoughts]

I Believe In… [some non-travel related thoughts]

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Yea, yea, yea.  This is SO not a travel-related entry.  Neither was my wedding post.  Get over it 😉  We’ll be back on the topic of travel tomorrow!
i believe in…

I believe in choosing joy and being comfortable with who you are. Every single day. I believe in living life to its absolute fullest. I believe in doing something about this if you’re not.

I believe in kissing, kissing a lot, and telling people exactly how you feel. I believe in date nights and doing more than cuddling, even after you’re married.I believe in fighting, and sometimes taking the blame, only when it teaches you a lesson.

I believe in laughing so hard you pee a little. I believe in jumping on trampolines and playing in the snow. I believe in exclamation points (!!!) and CAPS LOCK.

I believe in wearing sweatpants to bed and drinking hard cider instead of Martinis.I believe in spontaneous dance parties at work, even when the students are still in class. I believe in teaching those younger than us about life, even if we still haven’t fully figured it out ourselves.

I believe that Nutella and mint chocolate chip ice cream cures all problems and is the best medicine.

I believe in eating all the ice cream first and eating the cookie doughs last. I believe in peanut butter cups, pepper jack cheese, and putting too many toppings on your pizza.

I believe in putting in a hard days work and then microwaving a frozen meal for dinner.

I believe in trusting my gut even when the final decision doesn’t seem so great.

I believe that everyone should have a passport, and use it as much as possible. I believe in learning about oneself by learning about others.

I believe in clean air and recycling. I believe in punctuality and the color pink.

I believe in good grammar and proper spelling. I believe in eating too much your stomach hurts, then relaxing on the couch while you regret it.

I believe in a diet coke paired with a cheeseburger and a large fry.

I believe that teachers can save the world, as well as avid travelers.

I believe in always being your best self, and treating others the way you want to be treated.

I believe in list making and writing with pretty pens. I believe in design and having a perfectly arranged bookshelf.

I believe in subway etiquette and education.

I strongly believe in happiness. Forever and always. No matter how hard it might be out there.

What do you believe in?

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