How To Spend A Long Weekend in the Poconos, PA

How To Spend A Long Weekend in the Poconos, PA

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What could be more fun than a long weekend away with good friends, a lake house, some good old-fashioned card games, and a whole ‘lotta laughter?

Yea, not much.

When our friends asked if we would be in on renting out a house in the Poconos Mountains in Pennsylvania over Labor Day, it wasn’t too difficult to convince us.


We spent our days mostly laying out by Lake Harmony, contemplating whether or not to rent a kayak.  I had never realized just how beautiful Pennsylvania could be. Sure, I’d been to Hershey, PA before, but besides the chocolate and roller coasters, I never envisioned the state to be much more.  Let’s just say that I was pleasantly surprised, and now know to treat each new destination with an open mind.


As I said before, we rented out a condo, equipped with a balcony and 3 separate bedrooms for us lovebirds.   And we had a great view of the lake, which was great for some alone time with a good book.  Basically, our condo was cuter than cute.

And I mean, just look at that lake!  It was gorgeous.  And oh so relaxing.  The little kids didn’t even make much noise.  It seemed like Lake Harmony was a place where families come every year, so the kids must be trained to keep quiet.
The boys had a great time basking in the sun, as did us girls.
We spent a few hours hiking along the trails of a nearby park inside it’s lush greenery.  Had some trouble following the yellow markings on the trees, but figured it out eventually.

And gambled beneath the fireworks at the casino nearby by night.

If you want some cheesy fun, or are just looking to waste some time (like we were after our hike), you can head on over to Country Junction, the World’s largest general store!  The store is full of quirkiness, such as old fashioned nickel candy to the Wizard of Oz playing on repeat.  You can find just about anything here- from jams and jellies to live baby chicks at the petting zoo.  Go have some ice cream in the shoppe nearby, or try some homemade fudge if you’re craving some sweets.

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