Feelin’ a little artsy in the Mission

Feelin’ a little artsy in the Mission

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I feel like the photos say it all, and frankly, there isn’t much to say.  No, I didn’t decide this because it’s my first real blog post from my 2+ year hiatus (it sure is coincidental though…but I promise I’m not being lazy, for a lack of a better word), but because it was one of the first things we did while in San Fran.  At least I remember it being, going back 2+ years sure is rather difficult.  More so than I could imagine.  You would think having thoroughly organized photos would help, but in reality, it doesn’t.





Yes, those are all hand painted by local artists. Pretty cool, eh? I thought it was rather interesting.  They all have some deep meaning behind them, and if you look closely, you can probably notice this as well.
After pondering, it was time for some ice cream [when is it not time for ice cream?]  We headed to the local Humphry Slocombe – if you’ve ever had the opportunity to enjoy some, you can surely agree that this is ice cream with attitude.  Flavors like bacon, ancho chile, and cheese [yes, you read that correctly] are sure more interesting any day.  Check out the complete list of flavors.  Not sure if there are any “normal” ones for those not willing to be a little bold –> don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Husband got the Peanut butter curry, and I can’t remember exactly what I got [because I was most likely devouring the husbands- it’s what I always do, whoops].  Overall, this place was what I expected it to be, a local ice cream shoppe in the middle of the mission, but with a little more jazz.  It’s definitely the cream of the crop.  Haha get it- cream, I know I’m corny.

Off to get a bowl of ice cream…go figure.

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