February Updates and Best Reads of the Month
Despite being the shortest month of the year, February has felt like the absolute longest.  The weather in NYC has been horrendous, and the 9th snowiest of all time (with over 55 inches thus far in Central Park, compared to 44 in Anchorage, Alaska –> does anyone else see a problem with that?!)  Therefore, I felt like a New York City winter itinerary was necessary.
The Big Apple really is gorgeous this time of year, and I find myself needing to remind myself of that repeatedly.

BIG NEWS on the blog front! 

A Passion and A Passport is now over a year old! I first bought the current domain name on February 11, 2013, and am really proud of all that I’ve done with it so far! Social media numbers continue to grow, and hearing others tell me just how valuable my information is truly inspires me to keep on writing! To infinity, and beyond!

Check out my birthday post (blog and real-life) here >>

With that said, I decided to re-start my 48 Hour Friday series (something I started when I first bought the URL).  Bloggers and friends choose their favorite city, and tell the reader what they would see, do, and eat in just a short 48 hours.  I’ve had a remarkable turnout of participants, and will most likely have enough content until May!  Look out for an over-flow of 48 Hour posts coming soon!

48 Hours in February Posts: New York | San Miguel de Allende, Mexico | Chiang Mai, Thailand

I signed up with a new(ish) website, and have started planning itineraries!  Being my most-absolute-favorite thing to do, I’m really excited for this opportunity and sharing my knowledge of places I’ve been.  Super exciting!   First one I wrote- NYC! If you’re lucky, I may even decide to post this on the blog some time soon for all of you hoping to visit the Big Apple in the near future!


Coming up in March:

  • I was invited to join a group of bloggers to attend the New York Times Travel Show at the beginning of March!!! Fingers crossed that I meet Arthur Frommer and Patricia Schultz (author of 1,000 Places to See Before You Die)! There are a bunch of workshops I’m really excited to take part in, and will hopefully gain some valuable tools to make this blog even better!  I went a few years ago before I started blogging, and it was an awesome experience.
  • I was given the A-ok for a business trip to Raleigh the end of March!  I’m excited to explore North Carolina (my first time there!) – any recommendations for things to do in Raleigh/places to eat would be greatly appreciated!

Other Significant (and not-so-significant) Stuff:

  • First off, A Passion and A Passport bypassed 30,000 views this month! Thanks to each and every one of you!!!
  • My 106-page Hawaii Photo Book finally arrived!
  • I started looking into more writing opportunities, and moving this blog over to WP – any tips would be greatly appreciated!
  • I won a lifetime digital subscription to Vagabondo Photography Magazine! Good thing, since I have an hour commute each way to work everyday!
  • My husband bought me a HUGE cookie cake for Valentine’s Day, and every time I open the box, I get a major sugar high.  Might be the cause for all the foodie posts I decided to post on Facebook this month.  Anyone want a piece?!  There’s still a bit left!
My Writing

Other places you can find me (published this month).

Spotlight on Jessica Kay – A Passion and A Passport – Interview on Traveller Soul

15 Beer Experiences From Around The World, Part 2 – eTramping (totally forgot about this in January!)

Travel Apps you Should Download – Mapping Megan

Around the Web

Some of my favorite travel reads this month

Top 7 Photos Of 2013 – Out of 25,000+ photos, Travel with Bender narrows it down to just 7 of their most beautiful travel photos.  And the images they choose sure are winners!

Pictures from Planes from Around the World – Gorgeous collection of photos.  Images from the North Pole and Greenland are even included!  Reminds me a post I did a while ago – Views from the Window Seat.  Loving all the new additions in his!

Beauty and Budgets in Sydney, Australia – A very honest post about a destination I have been wanting to go since, FOREVER!  TurnipSeed Travel provides some great deals, as well as some nifty little tips you wouldn’t know without reading!

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  • Diana says:

    Love the idea of 48 Hour Friday series! Can't wait to read more of your 48 hr recaps!

    It was really great to meet you at the Travel Show. I hope you got to meet Arthur Frommer and Patricia Schultz! I wandered off to sit in some seminars so didn't get to say goodbye!
    My recent post Ep 13: Ali Mountain Mountain

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