D is for DESSERT and the sweet tooth in me

D is for DESSERT and the sweet tooth in me

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Us girls love dessert, we just do.  There’s no way around it.  [I’m smiling like a little kid right now just thinking about peanut butter fudge and homemade cheesecake.]
Think about it. 
We eat chocolate when we’re happy, when we’re upset, and when we’re furious.  Sometimes even when we’re bored.
We eat way too much candy and chocolate on Valentines Day.  More than we can eat.  But that’s not our fault… I blame the men in our lives.
We sit on the couch pigging out on ice cream crying over that boy who just didn’t know what was best for them (ourselves, obviously).
And c’mon, studies have shown that dark chocolate is GOOD for the body!  We don’t really have a choice in the matter but to eat some, now that the professionals are involved.
There’s even an article stating that eating chocolate helps you stay thin!  Is that not enough convincing?!
Before I start continue rambling, which I could easily do all day and all night, (I mean we’re talking about CHOCOLATE here), I present you with some of my favorite desserts.  This is not an inclusive list by all means, but a mere glimpse into my dessert wonderland…
Enjoy.  And don’t salivate over the screen too much.
Assortment of French Macaroons, East Hampton, NY
Trio of sorbet atop brownies, Buchon, Las Vegas
Peanut Butter Fudge Sundae and Hot Chocolate in Ghirardelli’s, San Francisco
Make your own S’mores @ Luna Park, San Francisco
Brownie batter in my apartment (yes, I like the uncooked batter better than the actual brownie)
Chocolate Valentines Day cupcake from Martha’s Country Bakery, NYC
Chocolate covered mint oreos, Trader Joes, NYC
Nesquick Ice Cream Sandwich, Business Class Lounge at Athens Airport, Greece
Spinach Ice Cream samples, Costco, NYC (don’t judge, it was surprisingly SUPER yummy)
Assortment of mini desserts, Gramercy Tavern (Engagement Weekend!!!)
Raspberry Banana Brownie Concoction, Tel Aviv
Double chocolate cupcake with sprinkles, Magnolias, NYC
Jelly Donuts, someplace in Queens, NYC
Fresh waffle loaded with ice cream, oreo, and fudge, Crete, Greece
Carib Beer, St. Martin (because desserts come in all fashions)
What is your favorite dessert of all time?
Where did you have it?

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