My (Celebrity) Experience at the Cannes Film Festival

My (Celebrity) Experience at the Cannes Film Festival

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Our next stop was the Cannes Film Festival, in the south of France.

We arrived in Nice around 10am.  In order to get to Cannes, we had two options that were provided at the airport.  A bus that went directly to Cannes, and one that made stops along the way.  We chose the latter; figured it would be nice to drive along the scenic route in order to actually see some of Nice, and of course, it was less expensive. The drive from Nice Airport to Cannes should only be about 45 minutes, but with ALL of the stops (we didn’t realize exactly how many stops there were!), it felt like it took over 2 hours.  Luckily we had made arrangements with another of Cindy’s friends to stay in his apartment/hotel room? for our time in Cannes.  Finally we arrived.  

Sometimes being frugal isn’t the way to go: We met up with her friend and he pointed us in the direction of the hotel… He described it and told us the name; we basically just brushed it off and figured we would find it easily since it was just “down the street”.  Little did we know that our adventure was just about to begin.  We walked and walked, with our luggage, down Promenade de la Croisette, for what felt like forever.  It was sweltering hot out, and finally after numerous short breaks, asking the locals for directions, and a broken suitcase later, we came to the hotel.  But, the wrong hotel.  Our hotel had 2 locations. And we were at the wrong one.  Fabulous.  Along we went… as frustrated and uncomfortable as we were, you would think we would have called over a cab.  But no, we continued walking- I don’t know why.  We eventually arrived at the correct hotel.  Just thinking about our unbearable and unnecessary walk to the hotel makes me exhausted!  But then again, we were on a tight budget.. so by walking, we saved money, and got a lot of exercise!  Need to look at the positive side of things!

The main part of Cannes is set along a long strip, full of luxury hotels and mansions, along with expensive shops.  Promenade de la Croisette is right on the beach, and actually stretches across the shore of the Mediterranean Sea.  It is absolutely breathtaking at night.  I’m pretty sure the first night was rather low key, hence our long adventure to the hotel.

IMG_2538 Major celebrities stay at the Martinez, where we joined the paparazzi the following day! 

The next morning, after a crepe breakfast on the beach (yummy!), we ventured out into Old Cannes.  The buildings that comprise Old Cannes are nothing like the glamorous hotels and restaurants found on the Promenade.  Still absolutely gorgeous though, and much quieter and peaceful, which was a nice change from the insanity due to the Cannes Film Festival.  The old town had great views of the harbor with all the huge yachts.
After some relaxation and great views of Promenade de la Croissette and the harbor, we headed right to the scene of the film festival.  Tons of people were seeing movie premieres, but we did not have any passes so we were unable to do so.  We saw lots of photographers and the red carpet entrance, as well as others laying down the red carpet in other spots (to get ready for all of the Premiere Parties which would be taking place that night!)  The people watching was amazing- so many tourists, photographers, hot shot producers, and others in the movie industry.  We walked around the Promenade, got an amazing authentic pizza for lunch at one of the nearby restaurants, and joined in the huge crowds of people at each hotel hoping to spot a celebrity.  It was so, so crowded, and being so petite, it was hard to see anything.
oldcannes3 oldcannes oldcannes2 oldcannes1
At night we continued our walk around the Promenade, and decided to see as much of the Kung Fu Panda Premiere Party as we could.  We stood around the barriers along the red carpet for a long time, and then more and more people joined us.  The area was full of photographers and paparazzi- I felt like we were the only tourists!
Then all the stars came out!  We got pushed and shoved around, but it was worth it to see Jack Black, George Lucas, Dustin Hoffman, Brad Pitt, and pregnant Angelina Jolie!!!!!!! What an amazing experience this was!  To be in Cannes at the time of the Film Festival was truly an experience I will never, and could never, forget!
I probably could have stuck my hand out 
and touched his face!
look at Angelina in the green dress 
and Brad right in front of her!
Since we were unable to crash the exclusive Kung Fu Panda Premiere party, (it was a longshot to score some passes), we watched Bonnie and Clyde on the beach.  The film festival provided lounge chairs for us touristas to watch the movie.  It was so relaxing to lay down and just watch the movie after our night of mayhem with all the photographers and paparazzi!  Sometimes some of the best “activities” are absolutely free, including celebrity spotting and the movie on the beach!

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