Bermuda: limestone cliffs and pink sandy beaches

Bermuda: limestone cliffs and pink sandy beaches

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Had to wake up rather early to get off the boat [i’m opposite from my family in that respect, I like to sleep in], but the second I caught a glimpse of the turquoise waters of Bermuda, I woke up.  Absolutely gorgeous.  I never realized that the water could be as crystal clear and blue just a few miles off the east coast of the US [South Carolina, to be exact].  I only thought this was possible much south, but not in the Atlantic Ocean!  What a sight it was.

The restored historical buildings at the western tip of the island were beautiful as well.

I’ll sure take that into consideration when I’m stuck with the seagulls and seaweed at an Atlantic Ocean beach now!

The boat docked in The West End (King’s Wharf), where the Royal Naval Dockyard awaits.  We decided to hop on a tram and ride to another part of the island, Hamilton, where we were able to see some of the ships from the Tall Ships Atlantic Challenge 2009 and the Bermuda Regiment perform.  Tall Ships Bermuda is an organization which partakes in the Atlantic Challenge, which is a race from Spain, stopping in Bermuda and other ports along the east coast of the US, and ending in Northern Ireland.  Tall Ships 2009 celebrated the 400th year of Bermuda’s permanent settlement.  It was amazing to be part of the excitement, although being super crowded.

The Bermuda Regiment performed nearby before walking in the parade for the Challenge.  They were pretty good; my dad loved them.  I felt bad they had to wear long pants and long sleeves, as I was sweating in my tank top and shorts.
After some torrential downpour and yummy lunch overlooking the Tall Ships, we were off to the beach! [yes, it still rains in gorgeous Bermuda…]  We arrived at Horseshoe Bay Beach via bus, where I was able to snap some gorgeous pictures of the island and it’s surrounding waters.  Sometimes public transportation has it’s positives!
And now on to my favorite leg of the day, Horseshoe Bay Beach.  After getting our exercise by walking to the beach from the bus stop, we came across a magnificent pink-sanded beach, along with limestone cliffs on either side.  The sand was primarily made up of crushed sea shells and coral, and presented with a pinkish tone.  It is definitely one of the prettiest and picturesque beaches I have ever been able to enjoy!  Don’t forget a camera if you are lucky enough to come here!  The facilities at the beach were pretty good, and further up there is a small concession stand for those hungry folks, as well as snorkeling gear, chairs, and umbrellas for rent.  Could not have had a better time at this beach on this lovely day, despite the pouring rain we encountered earlier.
That’s me and my sister down there [with our clothes on]!
It was rather crowded, but then again it WAS a Saturday!
I could have sworn there is a copy of this picture where we are both looking at the camera!
Some crazy European guys decided to climb the limestone.  Not quite sure how they got down since the water was way too shallow to dive into.
My sister and I after I dragged her into the water.
My dad and I explored some caves which we found, whose entrance was open to the waters.  We had to swim to get into the cave, but once we got inside it, soft pink sand covered the floor, and the water become extremely shallow.  I like to say I can be adventurous!  Too bad we didn’t get a picture of inside the cave- we were worried the camera would have fallen since the water was a little rough by the entrance.  Those Europeans have a picture with us though!
I can’t forget our amazing experience at the Frog and Onion Pub back at the Dockyard where I got a delicious strawberry mango margarita.  Great way to cool down in the Bermudian heat.
After spending a gorgeous day at the beach, we returned back to the cruise ship for a night full of glorious festivities (do I remember what we did, of course not.)
That picture may have been taken before heading out into Bermuda.  Our hair looks way too good to have just come out of the ocean!

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