Adventuring at Home: 27 Travelers Prove it’s Possible

Adventuring at Home: 27 Travelers Prove it’s Possible

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Adventuring at Home >> top tips on how to make any day any where feel like an adventure |

When I think of travel, I automatically think of some far off exotic destination thousands of miles away.  In my mind, proper travel must include a plane ride (no less than 5 hours is acceptable), and at least a few nights in a hotel.  Anything less is not a “real” vacation/trip.

It wasn’t until I moved to California that I finally came to the realization that adventure literally is around every doorstep.  Heck, I mean who is enamored with those long haul flights and airport food anyways? Not I! (Here’s a few tips for dealing with those long flights.)

Adventuring at Home >> top tips on how to make any day any where feel like an adventure |

Now, I’m not saying I don’t enjoy far away places (Bora Bora or Santorini, anyone?), but I’m proud that I’m not always longing to leave my country (and new home state for that matter).  And hey, it’s quite alright have an adventure at home every once in a while.  Or every weekend.  Actually, the more the better.  Anythings better than sitting on your couch (but who am I to tell you that, I’m sprawled out on my couch writing this post 😉 ).

I do get out, I promise you that.  Here I am attempting some yoga on a new hiking trail only a few minutes from my apartment. My form could be better, I’m working on it.

Adventuring at Home >> top tips on how to make any day any where feel like an adventure |

Adventuring at home.  It’s a new thing.

Or it should be. No matter where you live there are always new adventures to be found.  You just need to open your eyes and look. Or google, because google knows all.

So, since I have just recently wrapped my brain around this (ridiculously amazing) thought, I’ve asked a few of my friends to chime in and share their experiences. Almost all have full time jobs like you and I, each with a desire to see and do more in their lives.

1) Trupti | Exploring the Blue Marble

+ Home City/Area: San Francisco Bay Area

+ Nearby Adventure/s: There are tons of destinations within an hour’s drive to explore. We’ve gone kayaking in Santa Cruz (40 min drive). We’ve biked across the Golden Gate Bridge (40 min drive). We’ve gone wine-tasting in Napa Valley (1 hour drive). We’ve road-tripped and camped in Big Sur (1 hour drive).

Big Sur Bixby Bridge

+ Adventure at Home Tip: One does not have to embark on an epic trip around the world to have adventures. Be on the lookout for local activities and experiences that align with your interests. If you love the outdoors, hiking and camping in nearby state parks is a great way to unwind. If you love good food and wine and want to learn about different cultures, explore your neighborhood restaurants and sample different cuisines. Every place is special in it’s own way, no matter how big or small. Think about what makes your city unique and look at it from the perspective of a traveler rather than a resident. Just load up Google Maps in the browser, pick a nearby place you haven’t been to (within driving distance) and go explore!

2) Heather | Conversant Traveller

+ Home City/Area: Lake District National Park, UK

+ Nearby Adventure/s: Wild camping in the mountains

Lake District National Park, UK

+ Adventure at Home Tip: Weekends aren’t the only time you have to explore. We love making the most of our mid-week evenings and often drive into the national park and hike up into the fells to camp. If you fancy having a go the key to success is planning ahead. Pick a site well away from the road and above the tree line or highest wall. If you don’t want to walk far, find a parking spot at the top of a pass and you’ve already done the hard work! Sometimes we’ll only be 20 minutes from the road but it feels like we’re in our own little world. Pack light and pitch before dark, then you can watch the sunset as you cook dinner. And if you’re near a tarn there’s nothing more revitalising than a refreshing dip next morning before heading back down in time for work.

3) Maria | Travelling Buzz

+ Home City/Area: Sofia, Bulgaria

+ Nearby Adventure/s: I can say that one of my absolute favorite adventures at home is hiking the Vazov’s ecopath. It is just one hour away from Sofia and the spectacular view on the top will make you forget all the pain in your legs and appreciate the life even more.

hiking the Vazov’s ecopath

+ Adventure at Home Tip: The best way to incorporate travel in your everyday life if you have a full time job is to make a list – a list of all the nearby places suitable for day trips from your home town. Search for suggestions on the internet and then print your list and hang it on a visible place. That way you will always have ideas for where to go in your day-off or for the weekend. No matter how far the place is, it can always be a new experience and an adventure by itself.

4) Lexi | They Get Around

+ Home City/Area: Brisbane, Australia

+ Nearby Adventure/s: We’ve taken so many adventures around Brisbane including the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, D’Aguilar National Park, Moreton Island which are all an hours distance from Brisbane. Moreton Island was probably the coolest though, it is a small island with a sunken wreck for snorkeling in clear waters. You can camp here for less than $10 a night and see dolphins, kookaburras and lots of fish while snorkeling.

Moreton Island

+ Adventure at Home Tip: Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you can’t explore. Take to Google and search for things to do and see in your region, you may be surprised at what you find. Another tip would be to take full advantage of the time you have on weekends, instead of leaving Saturday morning leave friday night to get an extra few hours of daylight on Saturday to explore your destination.

5) Megan | Traveling Nine to Fiver

+ Home City/Area: Sacramento, California

+ Nearby Adventure/s: If you’re looking for a little more luxury Sacramento is in the heart of a handful of wine countries. While Napa and Sonoma are a little over an hour away, only 20 minutes down the road you can find the Clarksburg wine region. You might recognize Bogle Family Winery from the store or restaurants, but it I much more fun to visit their beautiful location tucked right into the delta. Add the Old Sugar Mill to your list that has five wineries in one location and often food trucks parked outside to enjoy. Or stop by the Fremont Bar & Grill on your way home for a delicious meal. The region is just down the road from downtown Sacramento and an adventure you shouldn’t miss.

Bogle Winery Clarksburg Outdoors

+ Adventure at Home Tip: To find more opportunities to explore your own backyard find your local bloggers who can keep you up to date with new activities and major events, follow your local chamber of commerce or downtown partnership for “themed” weeks coming up, or Google whatever activity you’d like to try. If you Google “hiking Sacramento” you find so many amazing trails all within an hour drive. Just make sure to get out, experience and explore.

6) Karlie | Miss Wanderlust

+ Home City/Area: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

+ Nearby Adventure/s: Edmonton is the northernmost city in North America with over a million residents, but it is also home to the largest urban parkland on the continent. Our river valley, divided by the North Saskatchewan River, cuts through the whole city and is 21 times bigger than NYC’s Central Park – and it’s all natural!

edmonton canada

+ Adventure at Home Tip: Take your unquenchable wanderlust and passion for discovering new experiences and turn it towards your hometown. Serene parks, amazing festivals and foodie delights may be waiting for you just down the street! Take the plunge and try something new in your city every weekend. Ask friends, follow local social media accounts and check out your local tourism board.

 7) Dawn | Life, Love and Adventure

+ Home City/Area: Prince George, British Columbia, Canada

+ Nearby Adventure/s: Teapot Mountain and Raven Lake Hiking Adventures. – British Columbia is fill with an abundance of forests throughout the Province. I’ve had some amazing weekends hiking just by getting in my car and driving for under an hour! Teapot Mountain is a steep yet quick hike that’s so rewarding in the views you get of surrounding meadows, streams and Summit Lake. Raven Lake is more of a taking hike, it takes around 2-3 hours to hike to the cabin though it has its own rewards, a cabin located right on the side of a gorgeous lake!

Teapot Mountain

+ Adventure at Home Tip: Get back into nature! When I’m on the trails, with no sign of the concrete sprawl or traffic noise, I feel like I’m in pure wilderness. Aside from the trails, you can picnic in a park, go for a dinner cruise, do anything to get you off the couch! Don’t be afraid to get out in the winter, too! Strap on your show shoes or cross country skis and bundle up.

8) Laura | Savored Journeys

+ Home City/Area: Seattle, Washington

+ Nearby Adventure/s: Around Seattle, there are so many great day trips. We often visit the islands off the Puget Sound on the weekends, like Bainbridge and Whidbey Islands. We’ve learned how to crab and clam, we’ve stayed overnight at a B&B where we enjoyed a 10-course meal, and we’ve explored the many wine regions of Washington State.

bainbridge island

+ Adventure at Home Tip: My best tip for infusing more adventure into every day life is to pick something new every month that you haven’t done nearby and just get out and do it. My husband and I take turns picking and it always ends up being a lot of fun, no matter what we do.

9) Portia | Migrant Muse

+ Home City/Area: Calgary, Alberta Canada

+ Nearby Adventure/s: Hiking through Johnston Canyon in Banff National Park

Johnston Canyon

+ Adventure at Home Tip: Travel is truly what you make of it. The key to feeling like you’re travelling, even when you aren’t, is to change your surroundings or routine. Plan a spontaneous day trip or venture to a new part of town–adventure is everywhere.

 10) Alexandra | Simply Alexandra

+ Home City/Area: Lawrence, Kansas

+ Nearby Adventure/s: Art Immersion at the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art & Concerts at The Midland Theatre.

+ Adventure at Home Tip: Looking for events, concerts, shows, exhibits, etc. in the area can make for a fun day or night out. Oftentimes, these events are free or inexpensive, pair it with a meal at a new-to-you restaurant and you have an adventure! Impressionist Art & Pizza, $10 concerts & tapas, modern dance & gourmet burgers, fondue and The Nutcracker, food trucks & First Friday’s… there are so many options. Variety really is the spice of life, and sometimes just one day spent doing something new can feel like a vacation… jet lag not included.

11) Adelina | Pack Me To

+ Home City/Area: Vancouver, Canada

+ Nearby Adventure/s: I’m blessed to call Vancouver home because of its proximity to the ocean and the mountains and the adventure opportunities that both present. From exploring mountain trails to hitting the water, there is a lot of adventure to be had. Paddleboarding has been a highlight and is something I turn to when I want to see the city from a different perspective. I’ve also recently went to a trapeze class right in the city. How many people can say that they learned how to fly?

Adelina Paddleboarding Vancouver

+ Adventure at Home Tip: Say yes to new opportunities and activities. There is always something interesting to do at home. If someone invites you to try something new, go! You never know what you might discover. It might even end up becoming a hobby for you, but you won’t know unless you try. Look at social coupon sites like Groupon or LivingSocial to see what kind of activities there are nearby. That is how I came across the trapeze class. Adventure is within footsteps if you just look for it.

12) Polly | Let’s Love Local

+ Home City/Area:  Indianapolis, IN, USA

+ Nearby Adventure/s: I recently got to have a look at Crown Hill Cemetery, north of downtown Indianapolis. It’s the second-largest cemetery in the USA (second only to Arlington).  It was created at the turn of the 20th century because Indianapolis’ previous cemetery was too unguarded.  Body snatchers had taken nearly all of the corpses and sold them to local medical students! AH!

But not only is Crown Hill creepy, it’s also gorgeous, particularly as the leaves change for fall. What’s not to love?!

adventuring at home: top tips on how to make any day any where feel like an adventure |

+ Adventure at Home Tip: Local travel only works if you really consider it travel. If you spend an afternoon just wandering around without a plan, nothing about the experience will feel like travel. The solution? Whether you have a weekend, an afternoon, or just an hour: find something new to explore and make a plan, just like you would if you were going somewhere far flung!

13) Michelle | Anywhere at Home

+ Home City/Area:  Formerly Silicon Valley, California, Now nomadic

+ Nearby Adventure/s: In an interest to see our home in a new way, we headed to Castle Rock State Park for an outdoor rock climbing lesson. This was our first time on actual rock, and we were hooked. Even better, the view of the Santa Cruz mountains when we made it to the top was incredible.

+ Adventure at Home Tip: When you’re stuck at home and get the craving for adventure, maybe it’s time to try something new. Is there a lake/river, beach nearby? Rent a kayak or stand-up paddle for a day. Wanna get high? Find a nearby crag and take an outdoor rock climbing lesson.   Camp, even if it’s only a 15 minute drive from your house, and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start the next day. Find a new way to see your city or the green spaces surrounding your hometown.


14) Louise | Willunga Wino

+ Home City/Area:  McLaren Vale, South Australia

+ Nearby Adventure/s: 40 minutes south of Adelaide, lies the renowned wine region of McLaren Vale. 30 minutes more driven through Aussie bush and farmland, is the stunning Second Valley Beach. Unique because the beach is made of slate, it’s peaceful, deserted. Home also to the beautiful restaurant Leonards Mill, which has accommodation.

Adventuring at Home >> top tips on how to make any day any where feel like an adventure |

+ Adventure at Home Tip: Try a different mode of transport! Ride a horse, pedal a bike, strap on some skates, or paddle out into the sea. Turn your A to B into part of the adventure!

15) Rob + Chris | 2 Travel Dads

+ Home City/Area:  Seattle, Washington

+ Nearby Adventure/s: A day trip to Cape Flattery, the very tipity end of the lower 48 states, is so great for kids.  We hike through the old-growth forest and across the rocks to where the sea lions and puffins live, and there’s a beautiful lighthouse too!

Adventuring at Home >> top tips on how to make any day any where feel like an adventure |

+ Adventure at Home Tip: Try to get out of town for a 3-day weekend whenever possible, maybe by working a little extra earlier in the week.  It’ll break the monotony of the day-to-day, you’ll get to explore, and you might even find a gem of a spot close to home.

16) Jenn and Jack | Who Needs Maps

+ Home City/Area:  Los Angeles, CA

+ Nearby Adventure/s: We live in LA, a HUGE city and every place is a new adventure. We make it our “thing” to explore new coffee shops every weekend. Since Jack is Aussie, coffee has made its way into our daily routine and each new coffee shop we discover brings us a new piece of Australia. We aren’t traveling far, but it is a way to discover new coffee in different areas of LA. Plus, after a good coffee, we can’t help but do one of the many hikes LA has to offer!

Adventuring at Home >> top tips on how to make any day any where feel like an adventure |

+ Adventure at Home Tip: We both work 9-5 so we believe you don’t necessarily need a plane to travel! Walk to a new restaurant, try restaurants that are in all tourist books, be a tourist in your city, hike- just because you don’t have a plane ticket and hotel doesn’t mean you aren’t traveling!

17) Samantha | Travelling King

+ Home City/Area:  Adelaide, South Australia

+ Nearby Adventure/s: Adelaide is known for its fantastic winery regions. Most locals or tourists alike can easily spend a day enjoying the fine South Australian wines without having to go too far out of the city. Head to McLaren Vale (45mins =39km) for dry red wines and crispy white wines or head over to the Barossa Valley (1 hour 10mins = 73km) for full body red wines and sweeter white wines.

Adventuring at Home >> top tips on how to make any day any where feel like an adventure |

+ Adventure at Home Tip: I think you should constantly challenge yourself in everyday life. Set goals (daily, weekly, monthly), keep yourself on your toes and always seeking a new adventure, even if its just going for a hike for the day or trying out a new café.

18) Victoria | Celebrate the Weekend

+ Home City/Area:  Boston, Massachussets

+ Nearby Adventure/s: Now living in a suburb of Boston, we are day and weekend tripping with our kids every weekend from May through November.  Between the beach hopping on Cape Cod, attending musical concerts in Tanglewood, (Massachusetts Berkshires), leaf peeking in New Hampshire, visiting art museums in Boston and sightseeing in Newport, Rhode Island – we are on the mission to celebrate each weekend and try to inspire others to follow along!

Adventuring at Home >> top tips on how to make any day any where feel like an adventure |

+ Adventure at Home Tip: We try to  devote one full day to guilt and errand-free weekend “adventures” every weekend.  It may be an art museum visit or a vineyard outing, but prioritizing “fun” time during your weekend is a key to having  an “adventurous” life even when you are not traveling.

19) Odoardo | Quei due

+ Home City/Area:  Malta

+ Nearby Adventure/s: Our favourite adventurous spot in the Maltese archipelago is the Azure Window in the most western part of the island of Gozo. We love to reach it hiking from the harbour on the other side of the island and the three-hour walk is worth the enchanting view over the huge arch pushing out in the sea.Adventuring at Home >> top tips on how to make any day any where feel like an adventure |

+ Adventure at Home Tip: We are long-term expats and we think that living abroad gives you that daily amount of adventure that everyone needs: every time we move to a new country after months or years, we have to start again from the beginning and finding new friends, new jobs and new flat in a new city is certainly what keeps us “adventurous”.

20) Hannah | Getting Stamped

+ Home City/Area:  Chiang Mai, Thailand

+ Nearby Adventure/s: After living in Chiang Mai, Thailand for 5 months we realized we had never explored beyond the city limits. One weekend we rented a car with friends making our way to Chiang Rai, Mae Sai, Golden Triandle, and Chiang Dao. Just outside of Chiang Mai there is so much to discover!

Adventuring at Home >> top tips on how to make any day any where feel like an adventure |

+ Adventure at Home Tip: Not all adventures require getting stamped in your passport!

21) Carole | Berkeley and Beyond

+ Home City/Area:  Berkeley, California, USA

+ Nearby Adventure/s: You don’t have to travel to London to enjoy a proper tea.  For me, hopping on BART to San Francisco brings me to the historical Palace Hotel and an elaborate afternoon tea in the ornate and beautiful Garden Court.

Adventuring at Home >> top tips on how to make any day any where feel like an adventure |

+ Adventure at Home Tip: You can enjoy a similar adventure at a historical spot in your own town.  Consider limiting yourself to public transportation and a day pack for an overnight staycation at a well-situated hotel, and plan an exciting itinerary.

22) Alyssa | Adjust Your Focus

+ Home City/Area:  Lakewood, Colorado, USA

+ Nearby Adventure/s: Although I just moved to Colorado a couple months ago (grew up in the Washington, D.C. area), this fall has been packed with exploring local parks + going on hiking adventures. There are a TON of places to go hiking but one of my favorites so far is St. Mary’s Glacier. Last August, while visiting my sister who lives in Denver, I first discovered this scenic spot and when I moved here this fall I went back again. Located in Idaho Springs, St. Mary’s Glacier is an easy hour drive from Lakewood. The hike to St. Mary’s Lake + St. Mary’s Glacier is about 3/4 mile. You can hike to the top and back in an hour or stay a couple hours, stopping along the way to enjoy the lake + take in the stunning views. Either way, it’s a perfect day trip that won’t disappoint (note: moderate hike over rocky terrain).

Adventuring at Home >> top tips on how to make any day any where feel like an adventure |

+ Adventure at Home Tip: Travel doesn’t have to mean going somewhere far away. The adventure of exploring the unknown that comes with traveling is what makes it exciting, and you can do that anywhere. Whether that’s wandering through the streets of a nearby town or enjoying a new local park, make sure you explore as much as you can. Add a little adventure into your life every day because when you take time to live life, it will only boost your mood + inspire your work.

23) Monica | Mindfully Travel

+ Home City/Area:  LI/NYC + Seville, Spain

+ Nearby Adventure/s: A mini-roadtrip from Sedona, AZ to the Grand Canyon! I got a full dose of grouning with nature on a yoga + meditation hike in some of Sedona’s canyons. The Grand Canyon is also inspiring: it leaves you in this state of awe and overwhelming sensation of gratitude.

Adventuring at Home >> top tips on how to make any day any where feel like an adventure |

+ Adventure at Home Tip: Be more mindful: of what you have, what you do, what you say, of yourself! You can have more adventures, big or small, and enhancing the world around you by simply clearing your mind and looking at things from a different perspective.

24) Kristi | Miller Time

+ Home City/Area:  Dallas, Texas

+ Nearby Adventure/s: A few months ago, I was in need of an adventure, but a staycation was all I had time (and budget) for, so here’s how I did Dallas: Anvil Pub’s F*ck Brunch, walk around Deep Ellum, stroll through Klyde Warren Park, nerd out at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, take in the views at White Rock Lake, handcrafted food at the Blind Butcher on Lower Greenville, and end the night on the patio under the trees at the Truck Yard.

+ Adventure at Home Tip: Dallas is a great city for adventures – we have something for everyone: amazing restaurants and bars, a world class arts and museum district, shopping, sports teams, and the great outdoors! You don’t always have to travel to have an adventure – I try to infuse adventure into my life by always being a tourist in my own city. There are so many people, places, and experiences I take for granted as a native Dallasite, but exploring your own backyard can often make for the most interesting day!

25) Janna | Janna on a Jaunt

+ Home City/Area:  Las Vegas, NV USA

+ Nearby Adventure/s: A nearby adventure I’ve taken recently is a trip to Bryce Canyon. I’ve been to Utah a lot and loved every minute of it but I’ve never really felt the urge to visit Bryce Canyon National Park till 2 months ago. I didn’t think it was worth a visit when the stunning Zion National Park is only 2 hours away from where I live. Boy, was I wrong. Despite lacking the grandiosity of it’s nearby counterpart, Bryce Canyon has a lot to brag about. Hoodoos (hundreds of them) are the main attraction of Bryce Canyon. I couldn’t believe that these rock formations actually exist till I saw it with my own eyes-from afar and up close. It was definitely worth the extra 2 hour drive from Zion. I definitely recommend driving out and extending your road trip to see these hoodoos in person.

Adventuring at Home >> top tips on how to make any day any where feel like an adventure |

+ Adventure at Home Tip: I infuse adventure into my life without necessarily traveling by reading books. To me, books are an adventure for the mind. Whenever I read a good book, I feel like I’m being transported to another place and time-from real time to alternate reality. Recently, I just finished reading The Girl on the Train. It was very engrossing and a nail biter; I couldn’t put the book down! So my suggestion is for you guys to do the same. Visit your local library and borrow a compelling book that will help you beguile some of the time in between your trips. Happy reading!

26) Taylor | Once We’re Young Travel

+ Home City/Area:  San Francisco, California, USA

+ Nearby Adventure/s: In San Francisco, you don’t have to go far for an Asian inspired adventure. When Daniel gets nostalgic for Japan, we head to the country’s largest Japantown for a themed day of ramen, Taiko Drum, Daiso shopping, cos play festivals, and escape the room games. We would say it’s the best thing East of Japan, but that couldn’t be too hard to beat.

Adventuring at Home >> top tips on how to make any day any where feel like an adventure |

+ Adventure at Home Tip: When you can’t venture far, dream up themed days inspired by a country you love. Whether it’s heading to a tapas bar before a flamenco class, or learning to make ceviche and watching a Peruvian film, you can always make life more fun with little adventures.

27) Nic and Paul | The Roaming Renegades

+ Home City/Area:  Manchester, UK

+ Nearby Adventure/s: We loved getting up to the Lake District national park. It’s an amazing place to have some epic adventures. We have canoed across beautiful lakes, been canyoning in crystal clear water, followed a river up the mountainside, conquered the needle like ridge of “striding edge” and hung to cliff sides with our fingertips!

Adventuring at Home >> top tips on how to make any day any where feel like an adventure |

+ Adventure at Home Tip: When you are at home it can be hard to get excited about what feel so familiar, but what you must try to do is look at your country or city through the eyes of a tourist or traveler. To take a different street, to go inside that library or museum you walk past everyday. To be inquisitive, to look at the details, look further and explore further. One of the best things to do is just walk, with no direction or purpose other than to discover something new!

Now, take ACTION!

What is there to be discovered in/near your hometown?

(Hint, hint: Google can help with this!)

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