365 Days Later… And I’ve Been Married a Whole Year!

365 Days Later… And I’ve Been Married a Whole Year!

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A year does go by super fast.  People always tell me that, and I just blow off the thought.  However,  I can’t believe that on this date, June 3rd, exactly one year ago,I was slipping into my white dress about to marry my best friend.  Cliche I know, but isn’t all talk about marriage?

If weddings are not your thing, or you just aren’t in the mood for some sappy girl talk, (this IS a travel blog, right?), check out some of my recent photo essays and new additions to Top Ten Tuesday and 48 Hour Friday.  We’ll be back on the topic of travel tomorrow, I promise!

I’ve decided to share some wedding photos for all my readers to love just as much as I do.  Even though our album is still in the making, I always love looking back on photos from that special day, bearing a smile from ear to ear.  So check out my dress, my cake, the flowers, and feel free to share in the overall happiness of this day.  I couldn’t have had all of you there (or that honeymoon to Greece and our trip to Hawaii this summer wouldn’t be possible)! :p
Enjoy this (or don’t, ha) – it’s probably one of the only times you’ll see the super personal ‘Jess from A Passion and A Passport’. Although I am kind of obsessed with my dress, so you may see it popping up here and there every once in a while… 🙂  Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

* There’s more text throughout the photos and at the bottom if you aren’t interested in seeing our wedding day.  (WHAT?!)

Two of my favorite all-time shots from our wedding.. kind of weird that they are without my husband…

And now for an extra-smooshy-lovey-dovey-makes-you-wanna-throw-up photo:

I just had to throw one in there!  Narrowing it down was so hard as we got so many great shots from our great photographer, Florio!

Can’t you tell we love desserts?  Yup- I asked the staff to bring over some sweets and this is what we got- pretty incredible if you ask me.  To bad I didn’t try any of them, honest truth.  Hopefully the guests stuffed their faces!
Some (mostly) useful things I’ve learned from one year of marriage:
  • Pick your battles and learn when to give in and when to stand up for yourself and your ideas
  • Surprise each other, not only when it’s the others birthday or a special occasion.
  • Learn to communicate freely, and openly.  It will probably be hard at first, but it takes courage and will ultimately make your relationship stronger.
  • You’ll fight occasionally, and that’s ok, just be honest with yourself and your significant other, and you’ll get through it.  It may take a few days of awkward silence, but like all things, that will break and life will be grand again.
  • Never go to bed angry, or with a hungry husband.  They are equally just as horrible the next morning.
  • The small things count- don’t forget this.  They mean the world to me, and I’m sure to him as well.  When you’re thinking about your person, text them and let them know.  When you see something you think they’d appreciate, pick it up for them.  It’s the little things in life that make each day special.
  • Be happy, and force a smile if need be (it really helps!)  Sometimes your significant other needs a boost of motivation or positive energy, and you, being their rock, should be there no matter what.  


To sum it up, it’s been a great year.  We haven’t killed each other yet (thankfully neither of us has any super gross habits, like biting our toe nails or peeing on the bathroom ceiling)… 

He can deal with some most of my clothes piling up on our bedroom floor.  Whoops!  🙂  

Any advice you’d like to share with a recently married chick?
I’m all ears!
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