UPGRADED! First [decent] Shots with my new Nikon!

UPGRADED! First [decent] Shots with my new Nikon!

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I splurged.  I did it.  I finally bought that camera that has been on my life list for oh too long.

And I present you with… DRUMROLL PLEASE…

My shiny brand-spakin’ new, not entirely sure how to use, baby, the Nikon D3100!

I am now the proud owner of this pretty new toy, as well as the Nikon 55-200mm VR lens.
The camera body and 18-55mm VR lens retails for ~$399 on Amazon, while the extra lens comes in at a hefty $250 price tag.   Originally, we were thinking of only getting the camera body and included lens, but after seeing a bundle at Best Buy, we opted for the second lens as well.
Before heading off to Hawaii, we plan on buying a UV filter, a 32GB memory card, and a screen protector glass.  Maybe one day we’ll buy a flash kit, but we’re not there just yet.
After doing some research, we learned that the only main difference between the Nikon D5100 and our new D3100 is the sensor.  Being super new to the DSLR world, we figured it was smart to start off with the D3100 and see how the camera fits into our lifestyle before we start shelling out the big big bucks!
I am so excited to start shooting, and eventually learning how to take photos with the manual mode.  For now, its auto for me, baby!
Check out some of the camera’s first [decent] photos below.  I’m not too sure you’d like to see the first few… think blurry, out of focus, etc, etc.


and if you knew me at least a little bit, you wouldn’t be surprised by this:




and finally, a mini FOOD SERIES:


I highly recommend the Nikon D3100 for anyone thinking about getting their first SLR.  It is very easy to use, and the photos taken are top notch.

Enjoy my photos?!  Any constructive criticism??!!  

Please share!  I can take it!
**Mostly taken in Auto Mode**


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  • EXCITING! Love new cameras!

  • Carl says:

    Nice stuff! I just picked up a D5100 a few months ago, so am still in the learning process myself with DSLRs. In fact I've been out and about this weekend putting a shed load of time in with it! Probably should have done more of that before I took it to Japan though haha!Enjoy your new piece of kit! I'm looking forward to seeing more 🙂

    • Jessica says:

      Thanks! Unfortunately, I'm still playing catch up with my travels so my posts will still have photos from my point and shoot. But every new destination will feature photos with the SLR!

  • Jess says:

    I've just switched from a point-and-shoot to an Olympus E-PL2. I'm trying to get the hang of taking it off auto mode, but I'm kind of overwhelmed with the options I have now – I haven't even started looking into extra lenses or accessories.

  • Great photos! New cameras are so exciting!

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