Nine (Super-Awesome) Things to do in Nashville, TN

Nine (Super-Awesome) Things to do in Nashville, TN

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Hi A Passion and A Passport readers! My name is Ashley and I blog over at The Wandering Weekenders. Like Jessica, my husband and I both have full time jobs, so we travel as much as we can with our vacation time and on the weekends, hence the name The Wandering Weekenders. Jessica is such an inspiration to me because she just proves that you can have a full time job and travel the world!  Today we’re gonna talk about all the fun things to do in Nashville, Tennessee!


Last year, one of our big trips was to Nashville, Tennessee, the capital of Country Music! We still talk about how much fun we had on our trip, so I thought that I’d tell you all about the 9 things you have to do when you visit Nashville!

Nine Things to Do in Nashville, Tennessee

Visit The Iconic Bluebird

During our trip to Nashville, our favorite part was probably our show at the Bluebird Cafe. Every night, up and coming singers and songwriters and seasoned singers and songwriters perform in the small and intimate Bluebird Cafe. It’s a great way to hear the background behind your favorite songs and to be very close to the action. Since the Bluebird is very small, you need to make sure that you get tickets in advance, so make sure to check the website to see when tickets go on sale for when you’re in town.

9 Super Awesome Things to do in Nashville, Tennessee >> a guaranteed good time! |

See A Show At The Grand Ole Opry 

The Grand Ole Opry is one of the longest running radio shows in American history, and you can have the opportunity to see the show live! Some of the greatest names in Country Music have graced the stage of the Grand Ole Opry such as Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, Keith Urban, and Kenny Chesney, but The Grand Ole Opry has even more to offer! You’ll not only see some great current country music, but also some other sides of country music like bluegrass and folk.

9 Super Awesome Things to do in Nashville, Tennessee >> a guaranteed good time! |

Grab A Drink On Broadway

Nashville is quickly becoming one of the hottest spots for bachelorette parties, and after your trip to Broadway, you’ll quickly see why. Broadway is a street in downtown Nashville that is pretty much bars right next door to each other. Not only can you grab some great drinks at these bars, but you can also catch some amazing live music. Nashville is known as Music City after all!

9 Super Awesome Things to do in Nashville, Tennessee >> a guaranteed good time! |

Catch Some Live Music At Tootsies

All of the bright lights of Broadway can be a little overwhelming at first, but there’s definitely one place that you have to visit when grabbing a drink on Broadway, Tootsies. Several very famous singer and songwriters have graced the stage at Tootsies, and you’ll definitely have a great time listening to some amazing bands that are performing at the famous Orchard Lounge at Tootsies. One of the best of all the things to do in Nashville!

9 Super Awesome Things to do in Nashville, Tennessee >> a guaranteed good time! |

Eat Some Hot Chicken At Hattie B’s

Besides music, Nashville is also known for some amazing Southern food! One of the most iconic foods of Nashville is hot chicken, which is extremely spicy fried chicken! The only place in all of Nashville to eat hot chicken is the world famous Hattie B’s. Be prepared for a long line at Hattie B’s, but the wait will be totally worth it once you’ve had a piece of that hot chicken!

Visit The Replica Of The Parthenon

Nashville has been dubbed the “Athens of the South”, and in honor of that nickname, the city of Nashville built a real life replica of the Parthenon in Centennial Park near downtown Nashville. The replica was supposed to be torn down after Nashville’s Centennial Celebration, but the people of Nashville loved it so much that it was actually restored and now houses an art museum. It’s definitely worth a stop, even if you just want to marvel at the outside!

9 Super Awesome Things to do in Nashville, Tennessee >> a guaranteed good time! |

Enjoy A Meal And The View From Acme Feed & Seed

While you’re visiting Broadway there’s plenty of watering holes and live music joints to choose from, but there’s not many places to grab a bite to eat. At the very end of Broadway is the perfect place for you to put some food in your system before continuing your day or night having a good time on Broadway. Acme Feed & Seed is a two story restaurant with amazing food, and a bar balcony on the third level that’s the perfect spot to enjoy the view of Broadway and the Cumberland River!

9 Super Awesome Things to do in Nashville, Tennessee >> a guaranteed good time! |

Pay Your Respects At The Mother Church Of Country Music

When people think of Nashville, the first thing that typically comes to mind is country music. So after you’ve caught some amazing live music at the Bluebird, on Broadway, or at the Grand Ole Opry, the next thing you have to do is pay your respects to country music by visiting the Ryman, also known as The Mother Church of Country Music. The Ryman used to be the home of the Grand Ole Opry, and some of the greatest names in country music have also graced its stage. Not to mention that the history of how The Ryman was built is very interesting too!

9 Super Awesome Things to do in Nashville, Tennessee >> a guaranteed good time! |

Take A Step Back In Time At Belle Meade Plantation

If you’re getting sick of country music during your time in Nashville, you could venture out of the city and learn about a different kind of history. Belle Meade Plantation is a beautiful plantation that raised a crop that you wouldn’t typically think of, racehorses. Some of the greatest racehorses in the United States can trace their heritage right back to Belle Meade Plantation. The grounds are beautiful, and you learn a little bit about horse racing while you’re there!

9 Super Awesome Things to do in Nashville, Tennessee >> a guaranteed good time! |

I hope that you enjoyed your mini tour of Nashville as much as I enjoyed giving it! It really is such a fun city, and with so many things to do in Nashville, you’re practically guaranteed a good time no matter what you do!

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