J is for JUMPING Around the World

J is for JUMPING Around the World

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If you knew me (in real life), you’d know just how much I enjoy acting like a little kid.

I like to eat Sponge Bob Mac ‘n Cheese for dinner, I value time on a swing set, and I enjoy stickers just as much as the next kid.  Maybe my kindergarteners and first graders are rubbing off on me?  Who knows- I do spend an ample amount of time with them.  I’m basically a little kid with much better grammar, and I’m a tad bit taller.

And I take jumping pictures.  Every chance I get.  Sometimes they come out good, sometimes it takes 7 tries, and sometimes we spend 1/2 hour having fun.  All I know is that we end up with the most ridiculous photos I’ve ever seen. Half of them I look constipated, some of them my long hair covers my face entirely, and a small percentage of them are with my actual feet in the air.

It’s always a good time.  I can promise you that.

Here are some of my best jumping photos.  I decided to keep the embarrassing ones off the internet, for my sake and for my friends.  Maybe I’ll decide to post them one day… one day in the far future.

St. Thomas, USVI

Long Island, New York

Crete, Greece

Coney Island, NY

Atlantic City, New Jersey

Poconos, Pennsylvania

My parents backyard

The Kitchen

The Highline – New York City

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