Your 7 Worst Travel Problems Solved

Your 7 Worst Travel Problems Solved

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We’ve all been there.  Rushing in a cab hoping and praying the security line isn’t too long, causing us to miss our flight.  Booking a ticket and then finding out the next week the same exact flight dropped $75 bucks.  #arghhhh!  Travel is by far my favorite thing (cupcakes and Nutella aside), but in all honesty, sometimes the stresses of travel cause me to second guess my trips.

So when you find a site that solves all your problems, you show it off to your friends, right? Right.

Come along with me as I show you how to solve my seven most common problems that arise when I travel.  #travelproblemsolved (!!!)

My Seven Worst Travel Problems: SOLVED!

1) I love road tripping! But I have no car!

yosemite in one dayDefinitely need a car to get to this view in Yosemite.

Okay, okay.  You got me.  I do drive a car to work each and every day.  However, my husband and I share one car, and sometimes it tough to decide who gets to go out with friends and who’s left sitting on the couch.  Plus, I have a big hunch that he wouldn’t appreciate me stealing the car for a week-long girlfriend road trip, or my weekend road trip to Napa Valley.

For those of you that live in a big city, say San Francisco or New York City (my previous residence), owning a car can be more a hassle than a benefit.

KAYAK solves this problem by searching hundreds of travel sites at once to find you the best price.  Just put in your dates here, and voila, your chariot awaits! #travelproblemsolved!

2) I’m starving in a huge city! Where should I eat?

eat a donut at gordoughs austin texas

I’m a sucker for food and many of destinations revolve around what I put in my mouth.  See here, here, and here.  And if you want to know why I almost gained 10 pounds in a weekend, check that out here. 😛

Enter OpenTable (through KAYAK Trips).  Yum.  And keeping everything together just makes it that much easier. #travelproblemsolved!

3) I don’t know if I should book my flight NOW? Should I wait?

laguna beach pier

AHHHHHH (say that in a screaming voice, not a soothing spa-ish ahhhh).  My worst fear is that I’ll book a flight only to find the SAME exact flight drop in price the week later.  How annoying! The airlines are out to get us, I swear!

KAYAK gives you advice on whether or not you should book now, or at a later date.  The struggle is real, and KAYAK aims to help as much as possible.  They even let you know how confident they are that the set price will fall or rise.  It’s not just a smart guess, it’s based on a thorough analysis of historical price changes.

Although not a definite guarantee of future prices, I’d rather listen to a large, well known company than play games watching the prices unfortunately rise. Score! #travelproblemsolved!

4) I have no money! Budget trips are where it’s at!

foster city canals

If you’re flexible, you can really save quite a bundle. The site lets you look at flights within +/- three days of the date you input, as well as the cheapest fares to anywhere any time of year!  Kinda crazy if you ask me.

That excuse of not having enough money?  Wave it goodbye, and say hello to Austin, Seattle, or Hawaii! #travelproblemsolved!

5) I never have enough vacation time!

lands end hike san francisco

Say hello to your new best friend, the staycation! Why not spend a romantic/crazy/cosy/adventurous weekend in your home city?  I’m sure you’ll find more than enough to keep you busy.  Some of my best memories are from those times I stay in my home city.  Like my fancy retreat at the Intercontinental San Francisco, with a grand 4-course lunch, chocolate art, and champagne included.  It’s easier than you think to feel like you’re really away, when really you’re only an hour (or less!) away.

ritz carlton half moon bayHalf Moon Bay, only a 30 minute drive from my apartment in San Francisco

To make it feel like a real vacation, book a night away (and make sure to use KAYAK to find the best prices).  If you’re feeling frisky, splurge on a fancy expensive hotel nearby (like the Ritz Carlton HMB), since you’re saving on airfare and all. #travelproblemsolved!

6) I can only take off 1-2 days from work.

half moon bay guide

Today’s your lucky day, because not only can KAYAK find you the best price for your ticket, but by using the Explore feature, you can filter out your flights by flight time.

In order to increase the number the trips I can take yearly, I aim to take long weekend trips, by taking off a Friday and Monday, or two consecutive days surrounding the weekend.  For a short trip, I recommend narrowing your choices to flights 2-3 hours away, and 1 time zone away. #travelproblemsolved!

7) I’m always worried I’ll miss my flight!

air tahiti nui bora bora


Me too, like that I time I somehow missed my flight to North Carolina when I was sitting at the airport terminal… It happens to the best of us.  You’re not alone, trust me. Thankfully, KAYAK Trips sends flight status alerts for free. Phew.  They even send things like gate changes.  You’ll never miss a flight again (unless you fall asleep at the airport, not that I did that or anything…) #travelproblemsolved!

Disclaimer: I was compensated by KAYAK to write this post, but as always, all opinions remain my own.

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