Making Packing a Priority with Origami Unicorn

Making Packing a Priority with Origami Unicorn

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Packing… ugh.  Raise your hand if you’re one of those people who despise the act.

Raises hand.

Packing has got to be the absolute worst part of traveling.  Sure, it’s fun to pick out some fresh, new outfits and invest in a new lens or two (thanks hubby for the new prime F1.8 lens!)  But other than that, the sheer thought of stuffing all my necessities into a small carry-on drives me insane.  I vowed to solely rely on a carry-on bag for my travels this summer (to the Caribbean and Europe!!!), and I’m sticking to it!  Because of this, I was having an extremely difficult time deciding where to ultimately shove all my small items (aka undies, bras, bathing suits, etc, etc, etc).  I’m sure at least a few of you do the same as me – shove eeeeverything extra anywhere there’s space.  Am I right?

tuo origami unicorn review

Well, say hello to the brand spankin’ new TUO by Origami Unicorn.

The ultimate organized travelers dream.

The “Travel Undergarment Organizer” by Origami Unicorn really saves the day, as cliché as it may sound.  Within this foldable contraption, there are three main mesh compartments with three internal elastic pockets in each section.

The TUO is like a portable dresser; the snaps and adjustable handle let you hang it wherever you may please.  I’m definitely not a fan of leaving my panties on the floor when I shower!

I can already see multiple uses for it, besides its original intention (to pack your undies).  Anything that you’ll need small compartments to better organize your items for will be just perfect –  I hope my husband doesn’t steal it for the gym!

tuo origami unicorn review

And even better, it actually looks good.

Say what?!  I know, I know.  Does it actually matter if the organizer that holds your underwear looks good?  Well, let’s face it.  We’re all drawn to items that have a clean, polished look and before we even know if they get the job done or not.  How sweet is this white hibiscus one?

tuo origami unicorn review

You can look at their full range of bags on Origami Unicorn’s site.

Does it work?!

I did a packing dry run the other day, (yes, I am trying to be super organized for my up-coming summer trip), and everything fit.  Everything fit!  I honestly could not believe it.  Thanks to my packing cubes and new underwear organizer (haha – love it), my items fit (snuggly at best) into my carry-on suitcase.  I’m so looking forward to that morning when I’m pressed for time and need to grab a pair of undies – I’ll know exactly where to find them!  Doesn’t seem like a big deal, but when you’ve woken up late and your tour bus is leaving in 8 minutes, you need every second you’ve got. Take it from me. 😉

tuo origami unicorn review

I was easily able to pack a whole week’s worth of undergarments, as well as a few bathing suits, small bathroom products (think toothpaste, eye makeup remover, deodorant, etc), 3 pairs of socks, and just other small odds and ends.

Some specifics:

  • Water resistant fabric
  • Adjustable handle to hang it anywhere and everywhere
  • Three main mesh compartments
  • 6 internal elastic pockets
  • Laundry bag to house dirty clothes

A better trip starts with well-organized luggage.

Convinced yet?

Disclaimer: I received this product in order to write an honest review.  

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