The Best of the Bronx Zoo: Part 1

The Best of the Bronx Zoo: Part 1

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Recently, I have become pretty fascinated with animals.  Over the last year or so, I’ve ridden a camel, gone scuba diving in Santorini, fallen off a donkey in the middle of the desert, secretly photographed some puppies, searched for alligators, went snorkeling in the Aegean Sea, investigated some weird and exotic zoo’s, and even watched some butterflies mate.

I’ve been dreaming of riding an ostrich in South Africa (say what?!) and playing with sloths in Costa Rica.  Swimming with whale sharks and cuddling a koala are pretty high up there too.

Since none of the above will be happening relatively soon, (although I will be swimming with sea turtles in Hawaii this summer- fingers crossed xx), a trip to the local zoo was in high order.

The Bronx Zoo, one of the world’s largest metropolitan zoos, with over 4,000 animals (about 650 species) is where we spent our Memorial Day.  Forget beer-b-ques and the pool, I needed my fix of animals.  And while we didn’t get to see all 4,000, we ended the exhausting day smelling like them.

Some of my favorites from the day:

I just want to hug and squeeze that last one- a tree kangaroo if you’re wondering what it is.  I had to look at the sign…
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