R is for RUM CAKE: The Key to A Happy Crowd

R is for RUM CAKE: The Key to A Happy Crowd

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Just like Mamajuana is a must have in the Dominican, and a Hurricane is absolutely necessary in New Orleans, you cannot go to Barbados without bringing home some Rum Cake.  Although you may devour the whole thing before you’re able to give this speciality cake to it’s recipient.


Mostly seen around Christmas time, this decadent dessert is sure to bring a smile to anyones face any time of year.

And the main reason why it just tastes so good?

The rum of course.  Rum Cake (baked by Calypso) uses 10-year old aged Golden Rum, which is made and completely processed in Barbados.  Other islands even buy this exact rum to use in their own recipes.

The rum makes this cake have a high moisture quality to it, which just makes it even that much better.  Melt in your mouth, high-quality goodness.


Once baked, rum cake can be stored for as long as 2 months (if kept in a cool place).

Calypso Rum Cakes are the best out there.  They even have different flavors: chocolate, vanilla, lemon-ginger, and coffee.  So take your pick, and bring home a cake, or two, or three.  You’ll sure have a very happy crowd at the end of the night 😉

Happy baking (or buying)!

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