Dream, Plan, and Organize your Next Trip with KAYAK

Dream, Plan, and Organize your Next Trip with KAYAK

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Planning and I have a love-hate relationship.  I could spends hours on Pinterest looking at pretty photos of my next destination, but I particularly despise searching for flights, organizing my pre-trip info, and figuring out all the logistics that go into planning a multi-city extravaganza.

crescent bay point parkDefinitely would not have found this view without scouring the internet for hours!

And then in comes KAYAK.  Why have I not utilized this site before?  A booking site that lets you filter out destinations by temperature?! Now that’s my kind of thing!  Because who wants to go to Seattle in the dead of winter, even if the flight is only $183? Not I, that’s for sure. [If anyone’s wondering, Seattle was particularly beautiful in late Spring, when I took a seaplane flight and went snowshoeing on Mount Rainier.]

mt rainier day tripSometimes cold weather trips are alright 😉

After diving into all the nooks and crannies that this site has to offer, I’m killing myself for not using it on my past trips.  Definitely would have made life just that much easier.  There’s always the future, right?  And I do pride myself for taking multiple vacations each and every year. 🙂  It’s part of my life mantra, and I still have a lot to tick off my bucket list.  Doesn’t help that I’m adding new destinations more than I’m crossing them off.  Although, Hawaii, Bora Bora, and Greece did indeed happen. 🙂


If you’re a hopeless romantic when it comes to travel planning (for new destinations, not men, geez!), Kayak may prove to be your new best friend.


There’s a whole world out there to discover, and without looking at a map, it can be pretty impossible to realize all the destinations you’ve never even thought about.  Dreaming is undoubtedly the best part of the whole travel planning process, and what I usually spend the most time doing.  I can’t help it if I want to go everywhere!

long weekend cabo

Let the dreaming begin!

That’s where Kayak’s Explore feature comes in handy.  Choose to filter destinations based on temperature, price, flight time (with non stop options a click away), and continent.  You can even filter out based upon desired activity, including beach, gambling, golf, and ski.  Sure, I’d love to get away during the frigid New York winters.  A beach vacation over 75 degrees sounds perfectly marvelous!

antigua guatemala

Don’t know what your options are within a specific budget?  Choose Kayak.  Just set your own price, and Kayak will bring up everything within your range.  It’s really that easy and a major #travelproblemsolved.  There’s no point of spending hours (or days, if you’re like me) researching if a particular destination is not within the financial budget at the time.  Kayak lets you know right away.


i love you so much mural austin texasOh, I love you so much Austin.

Set on a  specific area?  Say Athens or Santorini? The site gives you a roundup of important information you’ll need before, during, and after your stay.  Plus top rated hotels and flight prices.  All in one place.

Want even more inspiration? Checking out the Packages suggested on Kayak will also give you some great destination ideas.  Click on the destinations box and the site will bring up the top yearly vacation destinations and  numerous city trips.  I have my eye on a trip to Savannah this coming fall!

kayak travel problem solved

long weekend in caboBecause who wouldn’t love a travel package to Cabo San Lucas?


Now that the dreaming is over and you have (hopefully) decided upon a destination, it’s time to get planning!

What used to be one of the most dreaded parts of the travel planning process has just become one of the easiest.

mount bonnell austin texas

As noted above, Kayak offers vacation packages, which search for the lowest fares and top rated hotels in a particular destination.

Don’t fret- when you search for a vacation package, Kayak automatically pulls up fares found on numerous other booking sites, guaranteeing you the best possible rate. No need to check multiple sites or use an incognito browser.  Just honest, straight-forward rates.  Another #travelproblemsolved. Yippy! :p

breakfast in bed cabo

By filtering out by season, the site shows the cheapest travel options for a particular area, or the whole world, if you like.  Just specify the lowest temperature you’d like, and voila, there are numerous options to choose from.

KAYAK looks at flights from a large array of companies (way over 100 to be exact), even including those low-cost carriers not normally found on large booking sites (including easyJet, Ryanair, and Frontier – trust me, I checked).  The site just found me a flight to Arizona for $58.  Roundtrip.  All by clicking a few boxes.  Better yet, the fares include all taxes and fees.  Hidden fees, good bye!

hiking pacaya volcano guatemalaHead to Guatemala with Kayak, and you can save enough money to hike Pacaya Volcano.

Have your heart set on a multi city vacation?  Don’t fret.  I used to flinch at the idea and would spend hours on the phone, before I discovered the multi flight option on Kayak.

BONUS TIP: If you’re flexible, and don’t have to follow a teacher’s calendar like I do, Kayak’s Explore feature (mentioned above) may be just what you’re looking for.  The site looks for the cheapest fare anywhere and during any month.  Budget trip, anyone?!

DSC_0017_2Bora Bora? Yes puh-lease (!!!)


Kayak makes the Booking process rather easy, and within a few clicks, you can have your entire trip booked.

lands end hike san franciscoYour trip to San Francisco is only a few clicks away!

Whenever you search with KAYAK, the site automatically shows you rates from nearby airports, possibly saving you hundreds of dollars in the process.

One of my favorite features altogether?! It tells you whether or not you should book today or wait – something I struggle with the most!  Thanks, KAYAK! And yes, yet another #travelproblemsolved. (See that green squiggle in the top left corner? Yea, it’s telling you to buy NOW!) Check out this video to learn a bit more.

kayak travel problem solved

So go ahead, start planning your next trip.

But don’t blame me if you book a few too many.

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Disclaimer: I was compensated by KAYAK to write this post, but as always, all opinions remain my own.

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