Planning My European Summer with TripCreator

Planning My European Summer with TripCreator

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Logistics are hard, yo.  Like really, really hard.  Not only do you have to buy flights, but figure out transportation, hotels, activities, and my favorite of all, food.  This is why I always get super overwhelmed when it comes to planning for a trip – no matter if it’s a week or a weekend, or even worse, an entire month (gasp)!

snorkeling cruise bora boraIt’s all worth it though when you arrive to destinations like this.

Most of you know by now that I have a full-time job (shout out to all the SLPs out there!, and bonus points if you even know what a SLP is ;)).  In super short and simple terms, I work in a public school supporting students with their speech and language skills.  (Have any questions about the work that a SLP does?  Ask away! It’s a fantastic profession, with lots of time off! 😉 )

And do you know what that means?  SUMMER’S OFF, baby!  Yes, I thankfully have the entire summer to play with, so of course I’m jamming in lots (and lots) of travel.

Part 1: Summer Beginnings

The summer wouldn’t be complete without a visit to New York to see my family for a bit.  After moving to San Francisco last year, I just miss them oh so much and need to get in some family time.  Lucky for me, my family has an obsession with cruising, so we’ll be drifting around the Caribbean for a week.  Lots of beach time, bonding sessions, and dance parties await. 🙂  Definitely looking forward to witnessing my dad compete in the hairy chest contest this year. Yes, he’s done it before, and yes, it was absolutely hysterical.

27placesstkittsFamily Fun in St. Kitts

Part 2: My #EuropeanSummer

Hashtags are in these days, right? The rest of the summer will be spent country-hopping around Europe.  From England and Amsterdam to (all over) Croatia and Greece, with so much in between, I really cannot wait.  It’s been quite some time since my last visit to the continent (our honeymoon to the Greek Islands – swoon!), so I’m extremely eager to explore more what this vast area has to offer.  Cannoli, chocolate covered churros, and gelato? Please and thank you!  🙂

oia santorini

On paper, it sounds fantastic. Really, really fantastic.  But, the logistics. UGH! Possibly the worst part of trip planning.

And this is where TripCreator comes into play.  

What I love most about TripCreator is that it helps you build a trip that’s as unique as you are.  After you input a few details and answer a few simple questions, you get a personalized plan, which you can then easily customize.  Booking all the components of your customized package is super easy – just one click!  Easy peasy (lemon squeezy) – it’s the “teacher” in me!

My European Summer will start in London, and thankfully TripCreator makes it SO easy for me to plan every aspect.


From work day to play day (traveling on business): top tips to turn your business trip into a mini vacation |

I already have my flights to Europe booked using Air Miles (thanks to my handy dandy Delta AMEX), but it looks like you can purchase flights from TripCreator as well via their partner, Dohop.  Talk about a one-stop shop! They even found some pretty competitive rates.  *Note to self: use this website before booking any flight anywhere (even destinations they don’t feature just yet).


Antelope Island State Park >> a UTAH // Salt Lake City must! | www.apassionandapassport.comI love a good road trip!

Yes, the site found me an awesome rate for a car rental.  At first, the car they preselected for me, although gorgeous, was a bit higher than I want to pay.  I very easily changed my preferences, and voila, the rate came down.  I still need to decide whether or not I want to rent a car, or brave the London tube (my first time!)  It seems that if I want to venture outside of the city center a car’s the best way to go, and I do love myself a good road trip!


Hotel Kawilal guatemalaOkay, I admit – when a hotel looks like this, I stay more than a few minutes.

I’m notorious for spending (way) too much time researching hotels, when all I truly care about is location, cleanliness, and safety.  Plus, I never seem to spend much time in the hotel anyways since I’m always out and about.  TripCreator found me numerous hotels within my tiny budget that I can see myself resting my head in, which are in excellent locations and have high ratings.  All the details are clearly shown so there’s no need to go to a third party site or app.


What is usually the most difficult part of planning for me is totally taken care of on the site.  When I was doing my own trip research, I was extremely overwhelmed with all the options I had for my long weekend in London.

27placeslondonLondon a very long time ago, circa 2007(ish).

Thankfully, the site completely broke it down for me (by day, AND time) so I now have a complete itinerary to follow.  The itinerary is packed with all the necessary sights (Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, London Eye, etc) and some I’ve never heard of before either.  Off to start Googling! (Actually scratch that, I just realized the site has complete descriptions of all their possible activities, what a time saver!) I wasn’t thrilled with all the choices (how’s the site supposed to know I’m not interested in spending 2 hours in a train museum), so I was able to swap them out with more desired activities.  I found the CUTEST area in London I never knew existed until using the “Add Activity” feature thanks to the fact that there are pictures of each activity.


biscuit bitch seattleWhen food looks (and smells) this good, it’s hard to pass up!

My one gripe?  The site doesn’t give you restaurant recommendations or must-eat foods in the area!  While I don’t necessarily consider myself a foodie, I like to try out the local specialties!

TripCreator doesn’t feature all the destinations I’m traveling to this summer, but they have many more in the works (aka coming soon).  They’ll also have a bunch of destinations in the USA and Canada soon – which I cannot wait to try out for trips closer to home.

Where are you off to this summer? Share your plans below!  

Happy travels!

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