10 (More) Inspiring Part-Time Travelers

10 (More) Inspiring Part-Time Travelers

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You’ve probably heard so many people say that in order to see the world, quitting your job is a necessity.  Not true at all!  Instead of giving up on that career you’ve been working so hard to achieve and master, why not get the best of both worlds? Plus, you’ll probably have more funds in your bank account for even more epic trips.

Take it from these guys >> travel is more than possible with a full-time job.  You just have to be creative about it!

1. Ben | HugeParty Travel

Ben works for a global headhunting firm and like many part-time travelers he makes the most out of limited vacation. When he’s not discovering Chicago, he’s exploring beaches and cities across the world.

His taste in travel is different than most, as he avoids most historical and tourist sites, instead looking for the next “HugeParty”. He believes the best way to enjoy local tradition and culture is inside a bar, sipping the local poison. He currently blogs at HugeParty Travel.

Travel Tip #1: Commit to meeting people. Having a global network is a great asset.

Travel Tip #2: Don’t be too native. If you can’t speak the language, don’t be insulting by trying. In fact, many locals enjoy the chance to practice their English.

 2. Christina | My View from the Middle Seat

In addition to writing my blog, My View from the Middle Seat, I work full time as a Vice President at a Public Relations firm in Washington, DC and get about two and a half weeks of a year, as well as major federal holidays. This means that I use every three-day weekend as a chance to jet off somewhere new! I like to spread my vacation time across several shorter trips, rather than one big trip, so I always have something to look forward to. In 2014, I traveled (just for leisure – I do a healthy dose of business travel too) to Vermont; on a cruise to the Caribbean; the Finger Lakes region in upstate NY; Alberta, Canada; Amelia Island, Florida; and to New York City (several times – it’s my home away from home). This year, our first big trip of the year will be in May, when we’re going to Ireland for a week.

3. Heather Cole | Conversant Traveller

Heather Cole is based in the beautiful English Lake District and works full time in outdoor education, but with 35 days of annual leave, plus some flexible working, she still manages several trips each year with long suffering photographer hubbie, Peter. In 2014 she went hot air ballooning over the lunar landscapes in Turkey’s Cappadocia, learned how to plough rice paddy fields with water buffalo in Laos, climbed temples in Thailand, tracked rhino on foot in Swaziland, tasted rum in Mauritius and saw her first ever leopards in South Africa. However Morocco remains her true love and this year she’s looking forward to going back for the 6th time.  She blogs at Conversant Traveller.
Travel Tip #1 – Planing ahead is the key to maximising your time away from work and getting the best deals. We’re also told that this is the reason we so often get accommodation upgrades, which seems to happen to us a lot!
Travel Tip #2 – Don’t fixate on the price of the flight. If you’re going for more than a week think about the cost of living at your destination. Often we find it cheaper to have a couple of weeks in South East Asia or Africa than one week in Europe, despite the flight cost.

4. Monica and Jon | We Travel Together

We’re a travel blogging couple at We Travel Together who love to travel and explore the world. In Norway you usually gets 5 weeks off, and we try to distribute the days so that we can use holidays to get long weekends and extended vacation. In addition, we try to have a main holiday every year where we are gone for 2-3 weeks.

In 2014 we took a spontaneous weekend to London and Berlin. Our Easter vacation was spent in the Middle East; Jordan, Israel and Palestine, and a couple days in Istanbul on our way home. In May and June we had three long weekends where we went to Rome, New York and Malta. We also took a day off to get a weekend to explore some castles around Sweden. In October it was time for our big vacation; three weeks in Mexico.

We think 2014 was a really good traveling year for us, and this year we will go on more adventures. We have decided one destination (or several in one trip), but don’t want to reveal more about this trip yet. But we know it’s going to be awesome.

5. Tamara Gruber | We3Travel

I’m a marketing consultant by day and a family travel blogger by night (and a mom all the time.) While I having my own business provides flexibility, I’m limited by my husband’s two weeks of vacation time and my daughter’s school calendar. We usually plan one “big” trip each year, take off on some long weekends, visit family in Florida, and do some local exploring. Now that my daughter is 10, we have also been enjoying some mother-daughter trips. In 2014 we had a mother-daughter trip to PA and MD, another in the summer to Oregon, and a family trip to Italy, capped off by a trip to Philadelphia and Hershey PA in December. For 2015 we are spending a week in Northern California, taking a mother-daughter roadtrip through Virginia, and we are still trying to figure out our “big” trip but we are thinking about Iceland.  She blogs at we3travel.

6. Mary | Along Comes Mary

Mary Lansing has been the mastermind behind Along Comes Mary since 2012; making her travel writing dreams come true in baby steps ever since. When she’s not doing her 9-5 grind in Sales, she is exploring all that LA has to offer and managing to fit in trips to CA destinations like Carmel, San Diego, San Jose and Sacramento. She thinks the key to making travel blogging possible is to space out the trips so you never burn out and being open to making it up as you go along on the trips.

Mary feels extremely lucky that her boyfriend Michael is supportive of her dreams, and nothing makes it more worthwhile than when he tells her he is proud of her!

7. Jake and Valerie | Dailey Adventurers


We are Jake and Valerie Dailey of Dailey Adventurers! We live 45 minutes north of Portland, Oregon in Washington State. We love exploring the Pacific Northwest and only in the last 2 years have started traveling more extensively after a trip to Africa sparked Valerie’s wanderlust. Jake is a Realtor and works on commission so he doesn’t get vacation days or PTO, but it does allow him to create his own schedule. Valerie is a Registered Nurse and gets about 5 weeks of PTO a year. By working 12 hour shifts though I can arrange my schedule so I have 8 days off every other week.  In 2014 we traveled to Chicago, Wisconsin, Idaho, Nevada, Canada and Puerto Rico using little to no PTO. In March we are taking our first overseas trip together! We will have 18 days to explore Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

8. Emma | Paper Planes and Caramel Waffles

My name’s Emma Hart and I’m a Content and Marketing Executive from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire in the UK.  In 2014, I was lucky enough to visit New York, the Outer Banks in North Carolina and Miami.  It was well worth taking 13 days off work for!

This year, I get 23 days annual leave plus the option to buy 3 extra days of holiday.  I haven’t got anything set in stone but I would love to go to Iceland towards the end of the year to see the Northern Lights and it would be great to take a couple of weeks out to go to Australia to visit my friend – if money allows!

Long weekends will be used visiting various places in the UK or maybe even a cheeky trip or two to a European city.  It would be great to go back to Barcelona in the summer or maybe even visit somewhere new like Venice or Budapest!

9. Lies | Non Stop Destination


I’m a travel blogger at Non Stop Destination from Belgium, but have been living in the UK for the past 6 years. I’ve been fortunate to have travelled all around Europe as a child and I’m now in the process of discovering the rest of the world.
I have a full time job as a Visual Effects artist in the film Industry. This means, depending on the project, very long and irregular hours, and lots of weekend work to get the movie finished before release. Luckily, I can choose whether to get paid for the weekend work, or get the days back in lieu. I usually save them as holidays, so on top of the 20 standard holidays, I can work weekends to get it up to 40 or more. Together with the 8 bank holidays in the UK, I can rack up quite a nice amount of holidays. When there is a dry spell, the company I work for is very happy to let you take long holidays, 2 months or more. If you run out of paid leave, taking unpaid days is acceptable and encouraged (to bridge the gap between two projects, so your contract is not broken). I once worked for 48 consecutive days. It was very hard and tiring, but I was able to take 2 months off afterwards to travel around.  In 2014, I travelled to Belgium, Netherlands, France, Portugal, Singapore and a two month long trip to South Africa.
Travel tip #1: Make use of weekends to make a quick trip. If you’d like to be away for longer, take Friday and Monday off. 4 Days away, but you only give up 2 precious holidays.
Travel tip #2: Working long hours and weekends might give you some extra days. If you’re planning on taking a long trip, this could be one way to collect some days.
Travel tip #3: Europe is well connected, and it’s fairly easy to get a cheap flight/train trip. Book Eurostar tickets 3 months in advance to get a very cheap deal.

10. Amanda | Unresting Sea


Amanda works Monday-Friday, 8:30-5 with an average 1.5 hour daily commute to work. She ‘accrues’ 10 vacation days & 3 personal days per year & tries to travel as much as possible in between. Typically Amanda aims for one big trip each year with smaller long weekend or local excursions in between. In 2014 Amanda spent 2 weeks in Australia and long weekends in Kentucky, Indianapolis, and northern Michigan. In 2015, Amanda is planning a ‘big trip’ to Iceland, long weekend in Cabo, and other backyard adventures in Michigan.  She blogs at Unresting Sea.


Travel Tip 1: Have a conversation. Talk to your company about flex hours. If you’re working on a big project, ask your boss to “incentivize” the task by rewarding an extra vacation day once you successfully complete the project. Prove that you’re a smart worker and negotiate your paid (or unpaid!) time off.


Travel Tip 2:  Win free travel. I’ve been entering in travel contests for quite some time & sharing them on my Facebook page for others to do the same. Your boss CAN’T say no when you win a trip to Australia & promise you’ll bring her back a boomerang. 😉


Are you a part-time traveler?

What are you travel plans this year?!

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