Part-Time Traveler Talk with Aaron Cruz

Part-Time Traveler Talk with Aaron Cruz

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It’s been a little slow on the blog front (have some exciting news that I’ll be sharing a bit later), but first I would like to introduce you to Aaron Cruz, yet another part-time traveler making the most of his vacation time!

Aaron and I often muse over caffeine, something that every traveler turned blogger needs a lot of!  You can find Aaron over at his blog, on twitter, facebook, google +, and instagram, as well as drinking coffee day in and day out.

1) Tell us a little about your non-traveling/non-blogging self. What are you up to when you aren’t jetting around the world? 

When not roaming the earth, I’m a web developer doing both a full-time gig and freelance around Ann Arbor and Detroit, Michigan. You’ll find me hanging out at random coffee shops around the homestead. At home I like to cook and watch college sports. In the coming months I will be marrying the love of my life whose name is also Erin.

2) Is long-term travel something you’ve ever dreamed of? Would you give up your current life to travel the world indefinitely?

Sure I think about it from time-to-time, but a lot less than when I was younger. I’m down with going on longer multi-week adventures near and far but at the same time like having that home base, being around friends and family, building websites and soon to be starting a life with my love.


3) Approximately how many days out of the year are you on the road? Is this enough running around for you?

I’m on the road approximately six weeks a year including work trips. There can never be enough travel. I try to squeeze travel in every minute I can >> sometimes taking quick drives in the early morning and evenings. When on a work trip, I’ll get up early and/or stay up late to explore whatever city or place I’m at.

4) Where was your last trip? When and where is your next trip? For how long?

I took a day trip to Cleveland, Ohio a couple of weeks ago working remotely. I bounced from coffee shop to coffee shop and neighborhood to neighborhood taking pictures along the way. Will be taking another day trip to Grand Rapids and Lake Michigan in the weeks ahead, Erin and I will be going on a short trip following the wedding, with a longer honeymoon planned for the summer. Right now we are thinking Niagara Falls, then island hopping in the Caribbean.

5) Have you changed your life to travel more? If so, then how?

I’m spending less on day-to-day things, limiting my eating out and not buying anything that isn’t necessary so there will be more money available to spend on travel and the other things I care about.

6) What is one tip you can give others with a full-time life/job hoping to travel more?

Use a good portion of your vacation days one or two at a time alongside a weekend so you can have lots of multi-day adventures each year. You’ll keep feeding that travel bug. Taking one long vacation and then going months or a year without travel will kill the true wanderer inside.


7) Tell us about your current vacation time from work and how you make the most of it to travel. 

I get 3-4 weeks off a year, using it to go to Atlanta and other places where family resides. Will also take a day off here-and-there to take longer day road trips. Longer and random trips with the other Erin also have there place.
I also have a job where I don’t really need to be physically in the office, so I’ll take random day trips for work like the aforementioned one to Cleveland. Working and traveling at the same time –> score!

8) Describe your perfect work-life-travel balance.

It’s a delicate but even balance, making sure I’m getting my work done, feeding my travel thirst, being there and spending time with those whom I care about and taking care of the day-to-day. In the end it leads to a very busy but fulfilling life. Being realistic about how much travel I can do helps as well.


9) Are there any destinations you’ve been longing to go to? Why?

I have two schools of thought on this. One: anywhere that has a thriving coffee scene. New York City, New Orleans and Portland are at the top of the list. Also hopping around the green Ireland countryside experiencing one Irish coffee after another is always on my mind. Secondly, any place tropical I heard about I want to get to. Outside of Mexico I haven’t been to the Caribbean, but it looks like I’ll be crossing off a lot of tropical spots during the upcoming honeymoon.

10) What is the best advice you’ve ever received regarding your dreams and traveling?

Go with your heart and do what makes you happy. Also don’t say you’ll travel or do something and keep putting it off for one reason or another. You’ll get into a never ending cycle and might be thinking “what if” later on in life.

Are you a part-time traveler?  
How do you make the most of your vacation days?!

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