My Travel Bucket List: USA Edition

My Travel Bucket List: USA Edition

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Since July 4th is right around the corner, (since when was it almost July?!) I figured it would be appropriate to give some lovin’ to the good ol’ US of A.  More so than not, I’m researching and planning trips to far away destinations (think Iceland, Costa Rica, and Bora Bora). I tend to forget about the country I was born in, live in, work in, and which gives me overall independence on an everyday basis (USA for any of you new readers out there). In 2012 alone, 66,969,365 people visited the US (figure taken from The Office of Travel and Tourism Industries), so there is obvious reason as to why I should be exploring my own country.

I forget to stop and smell the roses, those in the USA of course.  The United States has some fascinating history and more glorious national parks (59 to be exact) than I had ever thought of.  Guess it’s time for me to stop putting my own country to shame and see it with my own eyes.  This list is a step in the right direction!  Yay, go me!  –> (I actually just booked a trip to Chicago for later in the summer, so I’ll be crossing one of these off my list sooner than later!)

A size of 3.794 million sq miles (9.827 million km²), with Nevada about the same size as Ecuador, New Jersey about the same as Fiji, and Arizona comparable to Italy, its no wonder the US has such diverse landscapes.  I was pleasantly surprised after I “pinterested” ‘USA bucket list’ for about an hour or so…

So in no particular order whatsoever, I present to you my:


(above photo is: Arches National Park and Bryce Canyon, Utah)

Crater Lake, Oregon >>

Crater Lake National Park Oregon                Photo by: Odalaigh 


Crested Butte, Colorado >>

3571904966_3065e7861b_z                Photo by: Wboland


Chicago, Illinois >>


3422597802_48b994ae6b_z                Photo by: Katie Rayy 

Vermont, in the fall >>

1553458972_7c692bf852_z                                      Photo by: Web Dude VT


Valley of Fire, Nevada >>

9069821121_55501e2144_z                Photo by: Sun Buggy Las Vegas


Glacier National Park, Montana >>

4941954322_2af7f8ef96_z                Photo by: Rysloan


Hot Air Balloon Festival, New Mexico >>

White Sands Balloon Festival New Mexico                Photo by: 87927548@N07


Yellowstone National Park >>

4194370383_c4335a54a2_z                Photo by: NewCombe


Nisqually Vista, Mt. Rainer, Washington >>

8496286244_85813a221a_z                Photo by: Karls Johnson


Lake Tahoe, California >>

Lake Tahoe California                                      Photo by Steve London


Interested to come to the US? Getting a visa is not easy, especially if you are based in some parts of Europe.  Thankfully, there are good options to get a ‘ESTA’ online.
Do you forget about your own country when planning trips? 
Did I miss any places in the US?
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    New Hampshire's White Mountain area, such as Kangamangus Highway provides beautiful areas for foliage in the fall!

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