Local Foods to Eat in The Netherlands

Local Foods to Eat in The Netherlands

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There is this thing about local foods.  When you don’t know them you probably won’t eat them as they will look weird and you’ve never heard about them before. At least, normally that is how I think – but then again I’m born a little bit paranoid. The Netherlands have a dozen of local foods, and I don’t have the space nor the time to tell you all about them but that is probably all right, as you won’t see most of them while traveling anyway. So in this article I’m going to focus on the local foods you will definitely see when you walk through Amsterdam OR when you sit down at a restaurant!

Enjoy! Grab a bite from the fridge if you need before you continue reading!

1. Stroopwafels

stroopwafelsPhoto via Joy

Stroopwafels are the Dutch version of waffles, as you might know them. You can basically see them as these big round cookies, filled with karamel sirup in between. Where ever you are in The Netherlands you will find these cookies: giftstores, supermarkets, candy stores and street stands who sell them fresh. They are definitely not hard to find, as you can smell this delicious cookie from a mile away.  Fill them with ice cream, and you can’t go wrong.

2. Bitterballen

bitterballenPhoto via David Kosmos Smith

How to explain a bitterbal? You will only find these in the Dutch Antilles, The Netherlands and just over the Dutch border in Belgium and German. So when you get the chance to visit The Netherlands you should not miss the chance to eat these bitterballen. They basically are fried snacks with beef you can order in restaurants or at snackbars.

3. Poffertjes

poffertjesPhoto via Vanessa Pike-Russell

Poffertjes are basically small Dutch pancakes (not to confuse with the American version of pancakes ofcourse). When you order poffertjes at a restaurant or at a stand you’ll get a plate with around 24 poffertjes covered with powdered sugar and with a pat of butter. Not something you should eat every day, but so damn delicious!

4. Haring

haring amsterdamPhoto via Or Hiltch

While I’m personally not a fan (definitely not a fan) a lot of Dutch people are. And that is why it isn’t something that will disappear anytime soon and that is why you should try it when you’re in Holland, just because you have too. Haring is a fish, found in the North Sea. The Dutch eat this type of fish raw with small pieces of onion and pickles on a bun – seems a bit tastier that way!

5. Dutch Apple pie

dutch apple pie amsterdamPhoto via Suzette – www.suzette.nu

Now I don’t know about you, but whenever I travel I sit down in a restaurant one day or another to eat a piece of pie ‘just because I’m on holiday’. For those who do the same: remember the Dutch Apple pie. One of Holland’s specialties, and soo, soo good!

6. Oliebollen

olliebollenPhoto via Roel Wijnants

You can only try oliebollen a couple of times a year: during December (around the holiday period and with New Years Eve) and during a fair. Only then the Dutch Oliebollen are being sold from special Oliebollen-stands. Oliebollen are basically deep fried balls of dough, topped with powdered sugar. If you found a good one.. you can’t put them away, for sure!

7. Pepernoten

Photo via Franklin Heijnen

Another festive snack! During November Dutch Children get a visit from Sinterklaas (similar to Santa Claus). He gives every child pepernoten, and supermarkets are filled with them. Pepernoten taste really good, and after November I’ve always gained a couple of pounds;-). You can basically see them as small spiced cookies.

This was a guest post written by Yvonne from The Tourist of Life.

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