January Updates and Best Reads of the Month

January Updates and Best Reads of the Month

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Happy New Year Everyone! Wow where did this month go?!  From celebrating New Years Eve Stamford-style (waffle grilled cheese included – follow me on Instagram for a delicious photo), to 2014’s first major snowstorm of the Northeast (hello snowday!), unsuccessful Northern Lights sightings (will hopefully have better luck in Iceland), birthday celebrations, and even more snow, it sure has been busy.  Getting back into the swing of things at work has been difficult though… especially since it’s so damn cold out! I’ve convinced myself that I have SAD (seasonal affect disorder), which I totally diagnosed myself (despite my smile below…)

Thankfully all of my mosquito bites from last month’s trip to Belize (72 in total) have disappeared and I am now “chicken-pox free”.  You should have seen the back of my legs – total ridiculousness! Speaking of Belize, my most recent post, 23 Reasons Why I Love San Pedro, Belize, quickly became a favorite, among both locals and expats in Belize and tourists alike.  Would absolutely love to go back one day and spend more time on/in the water. No major travel this month, but it was nice to relax at home on the couch watching movies snuggled up in blankets – considering it was below freezing for more days than not!  My mom gave me a few travel guidebooks (she works at the library and has first dibs on out-of-date books), so I spent a good amount of time perusing the Florida Fodors.  I’m thinking a trip to the Keys in the near future is necessary?! :p I was, however, nominated for Wanderlust Travel Magazine Travel Blog of the Week!  I happily shared my story of snorkeling with sea turtles in Hawaii’s Turtle Town.

Also- finally watched the movie Frozen, and now I can’t get the Norwegian Fjords out of my mind!!!  The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is next on the list for movie night! (Iceland, anyone?!)  I seem to have an affinity for movies with exotic settings 😉 January was an epic month in social media for A Passion and A Passport.  We reached over 5,000 twitter followers, 700+ “likes” on Facebook, and achieved an all-time high of 20k+ page views.  This little baby of mine is growing!  And I’m pretty sure I have a feeling this is only the beginning!

From 100 followers to 5,000: two very different achievements!

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Some of my favorite travel reads this month

Selfies From Around the World – what a FUN post!  We all take selfies, right?! Myself included –> check out the selfie I took while snorkeling in Belize! A Rainforest Expedition: What We Saw – so much nature (and gorgeous photos!) packed into one post.  Totally inspired me to move the Amazon closer to the top of my bucket list! Inspiring Travelers – Justin from True Nomads put together a great list of those who inspire others to get out there in the world and travel.  And guess what?! He included me! 🙂 How I Afford to Travel: Saving Money on Clothes – Anna has a new series which I am more than ecstatic about!  I always wonder how people travel long-term (in regards to $$$), and the first post goes to show that every little thing you do definitely helps!

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  • eemusings says:

    I thought Frozen was super cute and Walter Mitty surprisingly charming!

    I live in Auckland which has stupidly mild weather and no real winter to speak of, but I absolutely get a bit down when it's grey and rainy for days on end.

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