Introducing: #wanderlustseries >> All the Places I’m Dreaming About
I consider myself a professional wanderluster.  You’ll find piles of travel magazines around my apartment, numerous photo books displayed throughout, and travel guides to places I’ve never been (yet) in piles on my coffee table. It’s true >> I’m a travel addict.  Better than having an alcoholic addiction, or even worse, a candy crush addiction (totally guilty) in my opinion.
I dream about the sun and white sandy beaches as I blast the heat in my face at work.  I wonder how snow-shoeing and snow-mobiling instead of trudging through the (disgusting) slush in NYC would be. Hiking national parks, snorkeling with whale sharks, and being immersed in different cultures?  All sound good absolutely perfect to me.
A girl can dream, right?

And that’s why I present to you today, my next big project: #wanderlustseries!

I participated in the A-Z Blog Challenge last year (check out my 2013 roundup and reflection post), and have decided to sign up again this year (!!!).  Basically, I will be blogging every. single. day. for the entire month of April.  With Sunday’s off, because I’ll most definitely need a little rest here and there (and those are challenge rules).  Care to join in on the fun?!  You can sign up too! Just scroll all the way to the bottom (it’s a long list).


Find me at #1163 >> A Passion and A Passport (TR). 
Yes, I signed up a wee bit later than others… :p 
Any comments throughout the challenge would be greatly appreciated!
Much needed/helpful for some extra motivation! Thanks!
I’ll even throw you a virtual cookie…



Each day (starting April 1), I’ll be writing about a dream destination I’ve been longing to go to for quite some time.  I’ll provide absolutely gorgeous photos, awesome and unexpected things to do, delicious (and maybe even disgusting) things to eat, and some articles/travel guides from fellow bloggers pertaining to the place of wanderlust.  It’ll sure give for some inspiration and hopefully cure your wanderlust for the day.

Can’t wait until April?  Find inspiration in my travel wish list, my USA Bucket List, and 14 Places to Go in 2014.

What destination would be included on your wanderlust series?

Side note: Some of my friends have signed up as well.  Be sure to follow their A-Z journey too (and I’m sure they’d absolutely love some comments as well) >>
Enjoy, I’ll be couch-potatoing it for a few days 
before so I can get a head start! (shh…)
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