I is for ICELAND: On My Travel Wish List

I is for ICELAND: On My Travel Wish List

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Ever since I remember, I’ve wanted to go to Iceland.  I admit, this is probably because I thought “it sounded cool”, and back in pre-blogging days, had never heard of it being a destination so easily traveled to.  I didn’t know too much anything about the country at all.  We’ve all been there, right?  Only me?  Damn.

ICELAND! So many awesome things to see and do in Iceland!

And then I started reading travel blogs.  And finally saw (thanks to all of you) just how gorgeous and pristine Iceland is (…and that it’s not all made of ice as the name suggests). That’s when I realized I actually, truly wanted to pack my bag and head to Iceland.

A few things I hope will do when I get there soon someday

Ride Icelandic Horses around the countryside

ICELAND! So many awesome things to see and do in Iceland!

Go Snow Mobiling

ICELAND! So many awesome things to see and do in Iceland!

Go dog-sledding

ICELAND! So many awesome things to see and do in Iceland!

Hike up a glacier

ICELAND! So many awesome things to see and do in Iceland!

Take a dip in the Blue Lagoon

ICELAND! So many awesome things to see and do in Iceland!

Snorkel in Silfa’s freezing waters

ICELAND! So many awesome things to see and do in Iceland!

See the Puffins!!!

ICELAND! So many awesome things to see and do in Iceland!

and of course, explore Reykjavik

ICELAND! So many awesome things to see and do in Iceland!

arctic adventures has a bunch of these, which I will surely be checking out in more detail when the time arrives!

Thinking of going?  Now’s the time!  IcelandAir gives it’s passengers free stopovers on their way to Europe.  Can’t beat a deal like that!  Too bad we’ve been racking up Delta SkyMiles for quite some time.

Have you been to Iceland?
Any other recommendations of things to do/see?
Is it worth it to skip most of these activities and go in the winter 
to see the northern lights?
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  • Emily Ray says:

    Fab post! I'm off to Reykjavik in June for 5 nights. We thought we'd skip seeing the Northern Lights for now in order to make the most of the activities on offer. We definitely want to go whale watching and do the Golden Circle tour, as well as snorkelling in Lake Silfra! :)Hope you manage to get there very soon :Dx

    • Jessica says:

      That is exactly how I feel too! (Notice how I didn't include the Northern Lights on my list?!?!) After doing some research, I learned that the lights are not "guaranteed" anyways during the winter months, so there is no sense in changing all your travel plans for something that is not 100%. I'm with you girl! Have the best time ever!!! Do you have a blog? Would love to follow you so I can check out some of your posts on Iceland!

  • I hope you get there soon! As you saw from my post, Iceland is truly spectacular! You have some great ideas and you will have a blast 🙂

    • Jessica says:

      Me too! Loved your post! Whenever I see photos or read about someone's experiences, it makes me want to go really soon! Maybe next year?! 🙂

  • I've always wanted to go there. I hear it's absolutely beautiful!!Happy A to Z posting. pensuasion.blogspot.com

  • Rosie Amber says:

    Great stuff! I have featured your blog on my own AtoZ challenge post for today, you are amongst friends!http://wp.me/p2Eu3u-h6

  • I wrote about Iceland today, too! But I'm still in the "I know nothing about the place, other than that I want to go!" phase of my planning. Gorgeous! Thanks for the suggested itinerary! :)-Katie at AdventuringAtHome

  • Faye North says:

    I love the photos. The puffins are so cute! I've been thinking of adding the Blue Lagoon to my Bucket List so thank you for the reminder! Great post!Faye at Destination: Fiction

  • Marvelous photos. Thanks for sharing.Ever since 'experiencing' Iceland via a film shoot of Beowulf and Grendal, I have longed to go. Before that I knew the Northern Lights were on my bucket list. That free stop over on the way to Europe just might be the pebble to tilt me toward Iceland.In most of my novels I travel or have traveled to the settings. In the case of Iceland (Soul In his Eyes)the research was all online. But then Diana Gabaldon did all her Scotland research through books in her million seller, Outlander so it can be done. BUT–where's the fun in that? lol.Thanks for the gorgeous post.Regards,Christine LondonA-Z Challenge "I" is for Ice Cream (http://christinelondon.com/i-is-for-ice-cream )Christine's Amazon Author Central Page: <a href="http://tinyurl.com/ccq2or8http://tinyurl.com/ccq2or8<br />Tweet sweet with her: <a href="https://twitter.com/ChristineLondonhttps://twitter.com/ChristineLondon<br />Fan a FB Page of Christine-isms: http://tinyurl.com/bunvanf

    • Jessica says:

      Thanks for stopping by! That is so interesting how you haven't traveled to Iceland for your book, you should really consider going! Than you can cross the Northern Lights off your bucket list!

  • Jessica says:

    Thanks so much! I really appreciate it! Glad you liked the post!

  • Great post! I was in the same situation as you, always wanted to go to Iceland. My first attempt was in December 2011 and I had to cancel my ticket 2 days before departure. This year I finally went but again, I had to cut my trip short due to work commitments. I chose to go in winter, to try to spot the northern lights. I didn't see them, unfortunately, but I did enjoy Reykjavik and went on a tour of the geysers. The Blue Lagoon is amazing and I could have stayed there for hours: the weather was freezing cold, which made swimming in the lagoon an unforgettable experience! Also, there are many public pools in Reykjavik, which is a great way to see how locals enjoy themselves. The downside is that everything is absolutely expensive… :'-(

    • Jessica says:

      So sorry that you had to cancel your ticket just 2 days before! But so happy you were able to go, even if for a short time, this year! I've heard that seeing the Northern Lights is very unpredictable, which is why I would opt to go in the summer time. I am so excited to go, hopefully soon! I have a cousin who is moving to iceland soon, so just another reason to go and visit!

  • Eileen says:

    Iceland is beautiful! I would like to visit, myself. :)I recommend in visiting Taiwan. It's such an underrated Asian country. It's too bad.

  • Jessica says:

    Thanks so much for the recommendation!!! 🙂 Always looking for new destinations to add to my list!

  • Traveling Ashley says:

    I am glad I am not the only one who really wants to go to Iceland! Thanks for the tip about the free stop over, I will have to check that out. Great article. 🙂

  • Melissa says:

    I spent 6 weeks in Iceland after I graduated high school (1987). I was on a missions trip. It's truly a beautiful place. I only wish that I would have cherished the experience more. So I guess the only thing to do is go back one day.

  • Pam Stucky says:

    Hello! Just saw your post featured on Twitter today. Did you make it to Iceland yet? I went this summer, and wrote a book on it – Pam on the Map: Iceland. 🙂 You can see my full itinerary there, but some things I highly recommend: Snaefellsnes peninsula, the south, Dyrholaey (I should look that up but I think that's how it's spelled!), Reynisfjara. The drive across the south is spectacular, with ever-changing varieties of barrenness. (ALWAYS fill up your gas tank when you have the chance, as well as get water/food, and go to the bathroom at every chance!) I drove around the east coast rather quickly … I didn't feel like I missed a lot but I could be wrong. I didn't get to the Westfjords but wish I did! The northwest was gorgeous, would love to spend more time there. The Blue Lagoon … overrated, honestly, for the price. The north is lovely, but do be aware of driving and road conditions – there's only one good road to Dettifoss, and it's northbound from the Ring Road. What else … oh, Husavik charmed me much more than I expected! Skagastrond was spectacular; there's a museum of prophecy there but it's closed on Mondays (which of course is when I was there, so I didn't get my fortune told!). If you drive, be aware that road conditions are just not what they could be, and the roads are very narrow with almost no shoulder. Driving the Ring Road counterclockwise with a diversion into Snaefellsnes meant I ended up driving nearly 80 km (or was it 80 miles?) of gravel road to get out to Snaefellsness. On many maps, gravel roads are brown. If only I'd figured that out before getting on the road! The waterfalls will take your breath away, especially the ones you come upon unexpectedly in the middle of nowhere, with no one else around, like they were put there just for you.In my book I don't just talk about what I did but also what I'd do differently next time, if you're interested. It's a spectacular country, and I can't wait to go back! And I agree, go in summer.

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