How to Eat Yourself Full in Milwaukee

I initially struggled with the above title since the post does mention a few non-foodie activities.  But since it’s over loaded with cheese, sausage, and you guessed it, even more cheese, I’ve come to terms with it’s lack of perfect-ness.  Just like my ability to find correct adjectives this late at night…

I have yet to visit all 50 states (yes, it’s on the to-do list that will be completed eventually…), so I asked my friend Hannah over at Getting Stamped to fill me in on the largest city in Wisconsin, that being Milwaukee.

She really outdoes herself by pleasing all the cheese lovers out there. Wisconsin is particularly known for its cheeses after all, so it’s natural to consume an ungodly amount while there (as I’m told).

I have to admit, my lack of US geography knowledge had me guessing as to where Milwaukee really is (I’m horrible, I know). After looking at a map, I instantly realized just how close the city is to Chicago, where I spent a few long weekends this past summer and early fall. If I had asked Hannah for this post earlier, I may have crossed the states’ border to stuff my face with cheese/eat some sausages take a walk on Lake Michigan.

Being located right on the coast (which I discovered after looking at that map), the city provides gorgeous views of the lake and boasts some pretty cool architecture.
Get ready, hold your tongue, and let the drooling begin…

1. Go to Milwaukee Brewers game and tail gate! Make sure to give yourself a few hours to hangout in the parking lot, cookup some brats and have a few beers. If it’s a cold day don’t worry, Miller Park has a retractable roof, so it will be nice and warm inside!

2. Take a stroll around the Milwaukee Public Market. Sit down and grab a glass of wine, get some Cheese from West Allis Cheese, pick up a few groceries or items to bring back to your hometown.

3. Take a cruise down the Milwaukee River stopping at all the Micro-breweries along the way.

4. Cool off on a hot summer day with some custard at Kopp’s. With 2 flavors of the day, and numerous sundae’s there’s something for everyone.

5. You can’t come to Wisconsin without eating CHEESECURDS! You can get fresh ones at the Milwaukee Public Market, and deep-fried ones at the breweries.

6. Visit Usinger’s sausage on Old Wolrd 3rd street, here you can stock up on several varieties of their famous sausages. If you want to have some cooked up just cross the street and several restaurants serve them on their menu.

7. Visit Sobelman’s for a tasty Cheeseburger with real Wisconsin cheese! My favorite is the Loser Burger, as seen on Food Wars.

8. Head on over to Sprecher Brewery tour, the kids & adults will love this one. Milwaukee oldest & most popular micro-brewery almost brews up some tasty soda’s. My favorite is the Root Beer, but they also have a Cream Soda, and other tasty gourmet sodas.

And if you’re done over-eating, check out these other fun activities in Milwaukee:

9. Take a walk along Lake Michigan and check out the iconic Milwaukee Art Museum.

10. Make it to a concert or two during Summerfest the World’s largest outdoor music festival, which lasts 10 days starting the last Thursday in June.

I’ll see you tomorrow- heading to the fridge as we speak 😉
What would you rather indulge in- 
cheese, sausage, burgers, custard, or cheesecurds?
And no, ALL OF THE ABOVE is NOT an acceptable answer!

Looking for more information on Milwaukee, Wisconsin?  Contact Hannah over at her blog Getting Stamped, on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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  • Rika says:

    I would definitely, definitely go for those fried cheese curds. (And then custard!)

  • Basically, cheese is my favourite thing in the world. Basically, I need to get myself to Milwaukee.

    And I've never had cheescurds before. Waaaaaaaah.
    My recent post Helau! Experiencing Karneval in Dusseldorf

  • therealhorrorscopes says:

    Melted cheese and beer? I can deal with that.

  • Katrina says:

    Huge cheese fan! And the fried cheese curds look fantastic!

    I am now hungry myself. Thank you for sharing this great blog post!

    My recent post 3 Reasons Why Nobody Cares about Your Blog

  • Gran Canaria Local says:

    We're veggie. So, it'll be the cheese. Cheese curds look great.

  • Nick says:

    Looks good, but not that healthy.
    My recent post 12/03/2013 – Kate Tempest-In the Old Days (2014)

  • Jessica @ APAAP says:

    I know, doesn't all the food just look so good?! I want some cheese curds right now!

  • Jessica @ APAAP says:

    Cheese curds do sound amazing, don't they?! I love cheese too- just not the stinky kinds!

  • Jessica @ APAAP says:

    I'm with you! I could eat cheese all day! Put I have a feeling my jeans won't be too happy!

  • Jessica @ APAAP says:

    Totally. So can I! Great combination if you ask me!

  • Jessica @ APAAP says:

    Sometimes the best things aren't necessarily the best for us!

  • Jessica @ APAAP says:

    I'd take some cheese any day! Cheese please!

  • Jessica @ APAAP says:

    Ahh the Polar Vortex! I'm choosing to erase those freezing cold days from my mind! Seems like you enjoyed yourself despite the cold. I have a feeling the city is gorgeous in the summer, and would love to go for a walk lakeside!

  • atravelingb says:

    This is a great list! I just went to Milwaukee for the first time in January for a work trip so there was not too much time for exploring, but I did try the infamous cheese curds. Milwaukee was such a pretty city with beautiful views of the lake. I would love to return in the summer when the weather is nicer (I was visiting during the Polar Vortex!).
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