HONDURAS: Best Things to See and Do
The 7th destination on the #wanderlustseries is:

Ever since I first stepped foot onto Central America in Belize, I just knew I would be back soon. Having already discussed Costa Rica (as my “C” destination for the challenge), it was appropriate that I follow through with my new love for Central America and choose Honduras for “H”! Honduras boasts clear turquoise waters, lush jungles, fascinating ancient ruins, and pristine beaches, making it a very vibrant country! And the people are said to be extra friendly as well >> The warmth of Honduran hospitality is something you’ll never forget once you visit!

So where is Honduras located?!


Honduras is located in Central America, nestled between Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Guatemala. Honduras has an area of 43,278 sq miles – 112,492 km2, making it a bit larger than the state of Virginia.

Roatan Butterfly Garden

Go Diving

Cayos Cochinos

Tegucigalpa (capital)

Pico Bonito National Park



Copan Ruins

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