How to Have The Best Road Trip EVER

How to Have The Best Road Trip EVER

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We’ve all thought about going on a road trip at one point or another. Some of us might have even done it before: saddled up the troops or just one really great mate and piled into the car for an awesome adventure into the wilderness. Just you, the setting sun and a CD blaring on the stereo for company. The reality is that sometimes it’s not as awesome as all that, and the reality also is that it can be hot, cramped and a bit tiring at times. Thankfully there are ways around this kind of burnout, and it’s best if you mitigate the things that could possibly go wrong before things get too heated. We’ve created a list of some of the ways you can ensure that your road trip is the best road trip ever!

Antelope Island State Park >> a UTAH // Salt Lake City must! |

Whatever you do, take a lot of pictures and make sure you’re ready for anything with spare fuel and spare tyres – all that sort of thing. Have fun!

1. Bring wine.

A slab if possible. To avoid confrontation, you should drink it.

We’re not supporting any unlawful actions or deeds, however the restful and placating qualities of beer should not be avoided at any cost. In fact, avoid at your peril. If the driver isn’t drinking there’s not really a problem – and if things are getting a bit stressful you can always crack a tinnie to sup on to cool your jets. You never know when a lovely sunset or particularly beautiful campsite will make you want to crack out a beer or some wine, so it’s best to be prepared.

2. Work on making new friends along the way, not just the ones you’re with.

You can mind your own business at home and lock yourself in your room playing Doom and Wolfenstein, however a road trip situation is not the best time to be a shrinking violet. Hit up the store clerk you’re buying some food off for a local’s recommendation for something to do in town on a Friday night. Approach the motel staff for a suggestion on where to shop. Be daring, get out there and join a Frisbee game that’s flying around in the park you’ve stopped at for lunch. Locals are the best people for resources and information, so make sure you tap the fonts of their knowledge!

3. Make sure you have an e-tag or something affixed to your car for all of those pesky tolls

Tolls can appear in the most peculiar of places and you need to be ready for them when you suddenly find yourself hurtling along the freeway with a scary-looking toll gate looming above you. Avoid the horrible feeling of knowing you’ve got some interstate tolls lurking in the background and make sure you’re on top of things.

4. Let your mom or someone responsible know where you’re going to be

If something happens and you wind up tripping around on a full moon party in the Whitsundays for a whole week that’s fine, but at least if you get stranded in the middle of the outback you’ll know that someone knows where you’re supposed to be and when.

5. Make up road trip games

Get rid of the ‘are we there yet?’ component of the journey and play some fun games instead of the usual hum-drum boredom that can accompany even the most exciting of road trips. Hunker down with Cards Against Humanity if you’re not driving, and get the laughs cranking.  If all else fails, you can play Candy Crush on your phone.  I promise that will keep you entertained for hours on end.  Addict right here… :p

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