Amazing Things To Do in India: Top Tourist Places in India

Amazing Things To Do in India: Top Tourist Places in India

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There are things you can do when in India and the best part is that you’ll never be short of options. Wherever you go, you will have unlimited options to enjoy your time and make the most of your stay in India. With this being said, if you have worked hard to get Visum indien, we would like to guide you with some of the amazing things you can do during your stay in India.

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1.    Sightseeing

It is one of the most common things on the mind of every tourist visiting India, and it will help you serve multiple purposes, as you aim to move around with the intention of exploring the country. While sightseeing, you’ll get an opportunity to learn about different cultures, customs, and traditions. Along with it, you’ll have an opportunity to learn more than one Indian language. There are at least 22 recognized languages, and if any of them interests you, you can take courses to learn the language. Hindi, being the most popularly spoken language, will be the best option for you, if you wish to spend quality time in the Northern States of India.

Talking about sightseeing, you’ll be able to look around and explore something new every time you make a move.

2.    Explore the temples

India is a country that has a temple everywhere, but some temples are loved and respected by the masses in general. For example, you can visit the holy Golden Temple in Amritsar that is one of the most visited temples in India. Golden Temple is often visited by locals and is considered to be one of the holiest places in India. Likewise, Lord Jagannath Temple in Orissa is widely respected and loved by people of different sects.

3.    Himalaya trek

The Indian Himalaya talks about various ancient pilgrimages and sacred sites. If you love trekking, this is a spot that will help you enjoy the activity and, at the same time, be happy about the sceneries you witness on the way.

Many foreigners are opting for a Himalayan trek every year. If this is on your mind, consider it on the list and accordingly prepare yourself for it. A Himalayan trek can be challenging and if you do not want to have any regrets about it, look for the safety measures and adhere to them before you start trekking.

4.    Get on the trains

The rail network in India is massive, and it connects different places with ease. Fortunately, it is also the cheapest mode of transportation, and it shouldn’t be difficult for you to hop onto the trains, even though most of them are noisy and chaotic but, at the same time, vibrant and welcoming.

For unique rail experiences, you can look for a ride on the luxurious trains in India. For instance, Maharaja Express will help you enjoy a royal ride to some of the most exotic locations in India. Royal Rajasthan on Wheels will make your experience memorable too.

Apart from the royal rides, you can enjoy a ride on the ‘Toy Train’ too! Toy Train moves around from Kolkata to Darjeeling and offers spectacular views of the Himalayas.

5.    Be a part of the maddening festivals in India

India is a country where almost every festival of the world is celebrated. While you’ll enjoy some of your local festivals here, you should be a part of the maddening festivals that are celebrated mostly in India. For example, Holi, the festival of colors, is celebrated with pride in India. People from across the country take the day off to be a part of the festival. It is one of the special and unique festivals celebrated in the country.

You’ll never find the enthusiasm dipping when the Indians have decided that they want to celebrate the festival.

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