48 Hours in Ubud, Bali (One of Indo’s Premier Cities)

48 Hours in Ubud, Bali (One of Indo’s Premier Cities)

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A cultural hub surrounded by verdant rice paddies and lush rain forest, the city of Ubud is a must for any visitor to Bali. With great food, authentic Balinese culture, arts museums and performances, Ubud romances its visitors, making them fall head-over-heels in love with its charm.
While there is quite a bit to discover, 48 hours in Ubud will provide a snapshot of the city and its people while still leaving time for a bit of self-indulgence. Our only warning? Don’t be surprised if two days leaves you wanting more.
Let’s get started.
8:00: Theres nothing like a morning yoga class to get you energized for the day. Head to The Yoga Barn and grab a smoothie and organic granola ball for breakfast while you wait for your class to begin. The tranquil studio grounds are completely immersed in nature, the perfect place to let your stresses melt away.  It’s then time to awaken your spiritual-self with a few downward dogs and sun salutations. Classes range in difficulty and style; newbies are welcomed with open arms.
11:00: Around the corner from the Yoga Barn is the famed Monkey Forest. Take a stroll through the primate-ridden grounds and snap a few pictures of the adorable creatures sprawled about. Although locals will be selling bananas, resist the urge to buy a few. The moment you have something edible on your person is the moment a monkey attacks you from behind. After youve had all the cheeky monkeys you can handle, go for a stroll up and down Jl. Monkey Forest (street). Numerous souvenir shops line the way, along with cheap clothing stalls and a handful of art galleries. Remember you’re in the tourist district-haggling on prices is allowed.
12:30: By now your snacks at the Yoga Barn seem like a distant memory. Grab some lunch at the Fair Warung Bale. Delicious Balinese cuisine, seafood, and a few Western recipes constitute the menu; all provide a scrumptious experience made from local ingredients. Even better, the restaurant doubles as a foundation that funds medical care for local people in need. There’s nothing like enjoying a budget-friendly, delicious meal and knowing you’re helping a good cause.
2:00: After lunch, hire a driver to take you to the Holy Spring Water Temple. A Hindu temple situated in a picturesque location, the temple consists primarily of a large spring. Balinese believe the water to be holy, able to purify and cure both physical and spiritual ailments. Walk around the temple and observe how locals practice their spirituality by praying, bathing, and sipping the holy water.
3:30: Continue your spiritual journey with a stop at Goa Gajah, the Elephant Cave. Here you’ll fine a 9th century Hindu sanctuary with ancient baths, relics, and of course an intriguing cave. Most visitors come to photograph the cave’s elaborately carved entrance; however, don’t miss a stroll around the quaint surrounding gardens as well.
5:30: The aforementioned sites can take as little or as long as you desire. When you have finally had your fill of history and temples, take a seat at Bebek Bengil for a Dirty Duck dinner. This famous establishment specializes in serving duck that is first steamed and then deep-fried. The end result is mouth-watering, tender meat on the inside and crispy perfection on the outside. The restaurant grounds are especially relaxing, complimented by serene lily ponds and fountains.
7:00: It’s show time! The Royal Palace offers nightly dance shows (for a small fee) that are truly incredible performances. Skilled dancers use their wrists and faces to convey meaning; live musicians provide musical accompaniment on their gongs and bells. We highly recommend timing your visit with a Legong or Barong dance, although we haven’t experienced the other performances first-hand. Be sure to arrive thirty minutes early as seating is on a first-come, first-serve basis.
After the show feel free to go for an evening stroll, but don’t stay out too late-you have an early wake-up call in the morning.
Day Two
7:00 Rise and shine and meet your fascinating hosts, Made and Rinin, for an authentic Balinese cooking class. Youll begin with a trip to a small market to barter for the freshest produce and fish available, and then continue on with a private cooking class at the home of your instructors. Learn the ins and outs of Balinese cuisine as you relax in the serenity of the surrounding rice paddies. Youll finish the morning with a feastnot to mention gained insight into Balinese food and culture. 
1:00: Ubud is renowned for its spas. While you’ll more than likely pick up hundreds of fliers while walking around the city, quality is quite variable-most often you get what you pay for. Avoid the tourist traps and instead make a reservation at Bali Botanica, where you’re guaranteed a quality spa. We recommend the four-hour package that includes a 2.5-hour Ayurveda Chakra Dahra massage (dripping of warm oil), body exfoliation and flower bath. True rejuvenation in a stunning setting, with only the views of the jungle to distract you
7:00: Continue to nourish your body-and soul-with dinner at Bridges. Make a reservation for a table by the tropical foliage and gentle river for the ultimate in romance. Bridges serves up top-quality food and offers an array of wines to complement any choice on the menu. While you’re there, take a gander at whatever art exhibition happens to be on display.
9:00: End your Ubud trip with an evening at the Laughing Buddha Bar, where talented local bands serenade the customers, their beats pouring out unto the streets. Genres range from folk to salsa to everything in between. Food and drinks can be pricy here, but the beer is a fair price for the value. The Laughing Buddha Bar is also conveniently located, surrounded by other bars, should you feel like continuing your festivities into the wee hours of the morning. 
As previously warned, 48 hours is just enough time in Ubud to get a sampling of all the city has to offer. And we haven’t even scraped the surface of possibilities in terms of art museums, shopping, temples, or food! If you need additional tips on how to spend your time in Ubud, don’t hesitate to drop us a line on our blog or head over to Facebook or twitter to get in touch!


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If you need additional tips on how to spend your time in Ubud, don’t hesitate to drop them a line on their blog or head over to Facebook or twitter to get in touch!

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