The Best Travel Games for Kids – on Planes, Road Trips and in Hotels

The Best Travel Games for Kids – on Planes, Road Trips and in Hotels

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Kids like to go places but getting there can be taxing both for children and adults. Whether you are traveling by plane, car or train, it’s a very good idea to bring some travel games along. When your kids are entertained, your fellow passengers will certainly be impressed with their good behavior, and you too can have a little peace! Puzzle games, travel board games and mobile game apps are all a good investment for a calm trip. Here are some ideas for fun games to bring along…

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Smart games for smartphones

Everyone has one, and the smartphone is truly smart when you need some fun games on the go. It’s easy to find games that you can play for free and you can get new titles regularly, to keep their interest. A good puzzle game for smartphones is Toy Crush Blast. It’s very simple to pick up and play, but a warning is in place. This belongs in the category of highly addictive games! It can be hard to stop playing it, even for adults. If you only have one smartphone you may need to make a plan for how to take turns without any arguing!

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Games and car sickness

When traveling in a car, smartphone games can be a lot of fun. If you don’t have built in screens in the seats you can still get plenty of entertainment on a regular phone or a tablet. But games in the car can lead to car sickness. If your child experiences motion sickness it is better to put the games to one side for a while and encourage them to look out of the window. Try a good old fashioned game like counting cars of certain colors. Each kid gets one color and the first one to 10 wins.

Simple puzzles and board games

Traveling on a plane or train makes it possible to play simple board games like Ludo. If you have a tray or a table available to use, it is easy to set up a game for more than one player. This is great when you have more than one kid on the trip. Just remember to keep it simple. Too many things to keep track of can get annoying when you are in motion. A smaller game is also easier to bring along in a backpack or handbag.

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Magnetic games are practical

Regardless of how you are traveling, it might be smart to make use of magnets. Making magnets work for you, results in less mess and less lost game pieces. Choose magnetic chess games or similar to make the traveling experience a tad easier. There are many different types of magnet games so you can find activities that will suit the smallest toddler as well as your older children looking for something to do in the car, on the train or in the air.

Save something for the hotel

You will most likely have a busy vacation with lots of fun experiences. But remember that there will be some downtime in the hotel room too. This is when you should have some surprise games to pull out. You can always download a new app to your smartphone, or bring something new. Perhaps a quiz game that will stimulate the entire brood as you relax for a little nap…

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