Coolest Macau and Las Vegas Casinos You Must Visit

Coolest Macau and Las Vegas Casinos You Must Visit

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Majority of people visit Las Vegas for gambling as well as plenty of fun. Anyone into gambling can find ample time-killing opportunities everywhere in Las Vegas! On the other hand, Macau has also evolved as a major and lucrative casino destination over the years. A certain section of people like Las Vegas over Macau because visitors to the former are often offered on-the- house drinks. Let’s go over some of the coolest casinos you can play in both Macau and Las Vegas.

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Las Vegas’ most extravagant casinos

The Venetian Hotel and Casino – This Las Vegas casino will transport you to the beautiful city of Venice in Italy! It’s been built with waterways and canals, providing the perfect Venice feel! You can even take gondola rides up and down these canals.

The Bellagio – This is the same Las Vegas casino where the popular Hollywood film Oceans 11, starring Brad Pitt and George Clooney, was shot. It is a must visit for any gambling enthusiast. Don’t forget to pause and admire Bellagio’s famed water show before you enter!

The Paris – Featuring a half-size replica of the actual Eiffel Tower, this casino is all French! You also get to pass through an indoor Parisian street, and witness all kinds of live entertainment. Just like Venetian transports you to Venice, this one will take you straight into the heart of the romantic city of Paris!

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People living in the western hemisphere of the world consider Las Vegas as the ultimate gambling destination. However, if you’re from any of the Eastern countries, and can’t travel that far, you have something closer home – Macau!

Macau has almost become synonymous with the term gambling over the years. Often referred to as the East’s Las Vegas, Macau has eventually gone far ahead of its American counterpart in terms of its size and revenue. It attracts people from all over Asia, including Chinese mainlanders, wealthy Hong Kong residents and anyone and everyone having money to gamble. Featuring the biggest names in the casino circles including MGM, Wynn and Venetian, it’s no wonder Macau is the ultimate gambling destination for a large number of people. Here’s all the latest news on Macau for you.

Following are the coolest Macau casino you must definitely visit:

Top Macau casinos

The Venetian – This has the exactly same grace and style as its Las Vegas counterpart, but is comparatively bigger in size. It’s actually the biggest casino in the world!

The Grand Lisboa – It’s very hard to miss The Grand Lisboa owing to its peculiar construction. It’s also the tallest building in all of Macau, standing 261 meters tall!

Sands Macau – This one is another grand gambling destination that offers an all-suite casino hotel too. If you do stay here, make sure that you ask for a room offering amazing views of the Fisherman’s wharf!

Wynn Macau – Another major attraction Macau, this casino is well known for its shooting fire, performance lake and water and light show, themed around popular Chinese melodies.