5 Reasons to Take an Ocean Cruise

5 Reasons to Take an Ocean Cruise


The open ocean has a charm all of its own. Imagine waking every morning to a seemingly endless canvas of azure Caribbean waters, or the sight of southeast Asian waves lapsing against your vessel. In between such views, you’ll experience life in beautiful ports. All fantasies aside, here’s five reasons you should make your next getaway an ocean cruise.

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1. Escape the Beaten Track

Picture the sun setting on India’s Malabar Coast, or the serenity of Burma’s verdant shores. Taking an ocean cruise strips away basic holiday conventions, and replaces them with picturesque strips of sea to die for. Two thirds of the earth is covered by water, so you can bet your bottom dollar there’s countless views just waiting to be discovered. Park up on top deck with a glass of wine, and let the oceanic lust wash over you.

2. See Loads – Unpack Once

Once you’ve unpacked, you’re left to embark on numerous destinations without needing to fumble your clothes into a suitcase every other day. Travel the world’s oceans and see the best of any number of countries. Planning such a trip would usually take months, but with a cruise holiday it’s all done for you – all you need to do is pinpoint an area to explore.

3. Enjoy on-Board Facilities

These days, cruise boats are packed with fanciful bars, cinemas, and restaurants for you to unwind in. Enjoy the sea’s nomadic charms, by all means. After doing so, however, it’s always good to fit in a little holiday indulgence. Dress in your finest before dining delicious cuisine and watching the ocean fold out before your eyes. Cruise ships are also very social, with dances, shows, and a whole host of other after-dinner entertainment to keep you amused throughout the voyage. All types of people take cruise holidays, so you might even make friendships which’ll last long after the boat docks.

4. The Fresh Ocean Breeze

It’s only when you actually set sail that you realise how fresh sea air is. Most of us spend a lot of time cooked up in cities rife with car fumes and industry, and easily forget nature’s many benefits. Simply sitting on deck, taking deep breaths and listening to the waves is enough for most, but scientists have previously proven that sea breezes are also incredibly good for your health. The salt is said to benefit the respiratory system, so you can return home with squeaky-clean lungs AND a newfound love for the ocean.

5. Sunshine

It’s possible to book onto cruises at all times, visiting parts of the world which might not be prone to sunshine. But after all, most people expect a certain amount of vitamin D when they travel, and an ocean cruise can be a sure-fire way to get some. The Caribbean Sea, Indian Ocean, and the Pacific usually all have both sun and warm temperatures, so grab a lounger and spend an afternoon catching some rays!

Ocean cruises incorporate the best parts of travel – sun, gorgeous views and a sense of freedom you’ll never forget.

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