Royal Holiday Vacations Top Travel Destinations in Paris

Royal Holiday Vacations Top Travel Destinations in Paris

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Is there anything more romantic than a vacation in the heart of Paris? Perhaps there is: A vacation that doesn’t feel like a momentary getaway, but an immersive journey into Europe’s historic cultural capital that will leave you feeling enriched, engaged, and full of inspiration.

With its deluxe properties placed squarely in the hub of the Parisian capital, Royal Holiday promises guests a unique experience of the City of Light. Here are a few ways you can see all that Paris has to offer, and get the most out of your trip.


Citadines Les Halles

Royal Holiday’s Citadines Les Halles property is located right in the middle of the action: As a busy shopping center with access to several metro stops close by, Les Halles is bound to overwhelm and intoxicate guests with its constant hustle and bustle. But it isn’t the only exciting event nearby. The following destinations are within walking distance or a short metro ride from your apartment-style suite at Citadines Les Halles. Be certain to enjoy them all before you depart.

The Louvre

As one of the most famous and magnificent museums in the world holding some of the most celebrated works of art throughout history, The Louvre needs no introduction. Once serving as a palace to Parisian royalty, the Louvre’s entrance is now situated beneath a clear glass pyramid, giving visitors a feeling of going underground into a fantastical cave of wonders. You’ll be able to wait in line to see La Joconde of course (also known as the Mona Lisa) or you can spend your time just wandering through the seemingly endless rooms and hallways of the awe-inspiring structure. Each work of art is presented to you in breathtaking close-up, giving you a chance to experience fabled artworks in a way that can’t compare to endlessly flipping through art books or reproductions.

Notre Dame

Another mighty Parisian landmark, the Cathedral of Notre Dame is one of the most iconic tourist attractions in the city. The medieval Catholic Church has served as the inspiration and main set piece for numerous works of art, and the architectural beauty of the cathedral is known for drawing both the religious and non-practicing tourists alike to gather beneath its giant stone arches.

Le Centre Pompidou

Next to the Louvre, the Centre Pompidou houses some of the most iconic artworks in Paris, including Marcel Duchamp’s postmodern masterpiece Fountain, Rothko’s abstract works, and pieces from Jackson Pollock and Otto Dix. If your taste runs less classical and more experimental, you won’t want to miss out on the Pompidou’s stunning collection.

Pont Des Arts

The Citadines Les Halles has the added benefit of being close to the famous River Seine, over which the historic Ponts Des Arts bridge has crossed since the early 19th century. The amount of detail in each part of the bridge’s structure is overwhelming, making each walk across the Seine like an impromptu trip to the museum.

Le Marais

What started as the “aristocratic” district of Paris is now a bustling hub of shops, cobblestone streets, and delicious Middle Eastern cuisine. The Marais has become a sort of artists’ district in recent years, having taken on the charm and bohemian style of the Latin Quarter of the 19th century.

Citadines Bastille Gare De Lyon

Royal Holiday’s stylish 12th Arrondissement property, Citadines Bastille Gare De Lyon, is well placed in the middle of the action, close by to many points of historical interest and entertainment options. If you’re looking for a culture-rich Parisian experience that doesn’t rely too heavily on museums and churches, you’ll find everything you want here.

Bastille Opera House

The beautiful Opéra Bastille is worth a visit, even if you have no intention of sitting through an entire opera. The striking modern design both outside the opera house and within makes it feel more like a museum than a theater and is an outstanding experience compared to visiting the beach with Royal Holiday in Mexico.

Disneyland Paris

Staying at the Citadines Bastille Gare De Lyon means you’re only a 30-minute metro ride away from Disneyland Paris, a more low key, tuned-down version of the US mainstay. Featuring many beautiful walk-through exhibitions—including the haunting and elegant Le Passage Enchanté d’Aladdin—Disneyland Paris is sure to instill the same sense of wonder, perhaps without the overstimulation of the stateside version.

The Underground

Paris has always been famous for its ornate, incredibly complex underground sewer system. It’s no wonder one of the most enduring Parisian attractions involves taking a guided tour through the sewers themselves while learning about their multi-faceted uses and history. If you’re looking to spend some time underground and sewers aren’t exactly your thing, you might want to stop by the Catacombs instead. The great ossuaries of Paris run beneath the city, and visitors to the catacombs are invited to walk through the great underground chamber and learn about the history of Paris’s hidden caverns.

Cinematheque Francaise

If France is famous for anything (besides food) it’s their incredible contribution to cinema. Film began in France, and Paris has no lack of wonderful art-house movie theaters to show for it. The Cinematheque Francaise has a history dating back to the 30s, when French filmmakers needed a place to store and view older films. It was enriched by the involvement of the New Wave directors in the 60s, and today—after the original structure was razed by a fire in the ‘50s—a stunning postmodern building in the 12th arrondissement houses screenings of new and classic films all year round.

Place de la Nation

If you’re looking for something bloody, the Place de la Nation will offer you a piece of history with a dash of unpleasantness. Known as the site holding the most guillotines during the French Revolution, the Place de la Nation now exists as a monument to that revolution and what it accomplished, featuring patriotic statues and tributes to those who fell in battle long ago.