How to Visit Jiuzhaigou if You Are Visiting for the First Time

How to Visit Jiuzhaigou if You Are Visiting for the First Time


There must be a space for Jiuzhaigou on your bucket list. The beauty of Jiuzhaigou differs from different seasons and weather so that you can choose whenever you like to go. If you are visiting Jiuzhaigou for the first time, it is highly suggested that you stick to the plans below to explore it all and well.



1. The Most Common Route to Visit Jiuzhaigou

You need at least 3 Days. The 1st day would be spent on the bus from Chengdu to Jiuzhaigou. If you fly to Huanglong airport, then you may save one day. And the 3rd day is also on the road back to Chengdu, so the time you fully in Jiuzhaigou is only one day.

How can you spend 1 day visiting all the charming views in Jiuzhaigou?

First of all, because of the length of Jiuzhaigou, you have to go to Jiuzhaigou early in a day, and the tour bus will take you to every view without wasting your energy. Here are some essential views that you should not miss: Colorful Lake, Arrow Bamboo Lake, Mirror Lake, Pearl Beach waterfall and five-color Lake.

Secondly, you can go to a Tibetan agritainment inn for dinner or just for fun. The mood is so high that everyone can join in. The Tibetan people sing and dance with you, which is a good way to feel the culture and meet new friends.

Thirdly, along the way from Jiuzhaigou to Jiulong Bridge, there are lots of delicious food and restaurant like Sichuan cuisine, Tibetan cuisine and Islamic restaurant. The average price of these restaurants is high, when there is a food court at Jiulong Bridge offering more alternative choices. In Jiuzhaigou, you may encounter a big surprise of yak hot pot, barbeque highland-potato and craft yogurt. When you are exhausted after an 8-hour ride from Chengdu, you should try to drink some cold sweet chang which brings you back to life within one bite. However, if you are not comfortable with the high altitude, please don’t drink.

2. Hiking Route in Jiuzhaigou

In the low season, it is allowed that you buy a ticket and go into Jiuzhaigou twice. You just need pay 20 RMB to go into Jiuzhaigou on next day. To ensure tourists visiting all the views within one day, the park prepares tour-buses connecting every single view. Meanwhile, there are many wooden trestles for people who want to trek in Jiuzhaigou slowly and embrace the poetic sceneries, during which time you can take photos as many as you want.

There are some scenic spots that strongly suitable for Jiuzhaigou Hiking.

Hiking in Zezhawa Valley

Zezhawa Valley is a ravine to the highest spot of Jiuzhaigou with least people and most beautiful views. Along the way to Long Lake, you would pass some seasonal lakes whose water level would change according to different seasons. You wouldn’t have enough time to feel it when you just sit on the tour-bus and pass by.

If you start from Nuorilang center at 10 am after 5-hour trekking, you would arrive at Long Lake. Then you can go to the tour-bus station near Five-color Lake and supply your energy, then taking bus back to Nuorilang Center.

This is the highest and hardest trekking route in Jiuzhaigu, and the altitude change is huge, so that it is suggested that bringing enough warm clothes and oxygen bottle. If you are not feeling well, just stop.

Hiking in Rize Valley

As the classic famous scenery spot of Sichuang, Rize Valley is the place including Pearl Beach Waterfall that the shoot spot of Journey to the West, Colorful Lake and Mirror Lake. Photographer would never miss this route.

It is recommended that taking the first tour-bus to Arrow Bamboo Lake, and then trekking 3-4 hours to Nuorilang Center. Because of the time, you may need to bring some food with you. But if it’s too tired for you, there are some vendor selling instant rice and other food near Panda Lake. This route has the most majestic view and easier road.

Hiking in Shuzheng Valley

You can start from Shuzheng Village and arrived at Nuorilang Center by 3-hour trekking. This the easiest route among these 3 routes, arranging it in the last day so you won’t feel too exhausted.


  1. To protect the natural environment, there are no selling point other than Nuorilang, Shuzheng Village and five-colored Lake.
  2. Toilets are easy to find within every 2-3 km.
  3. Take away the garbage you made.
  4. The temperature difference is huge in Jiuzhaigou within one day.

Jiuzhaigou Accommodation

There are all kinds of accommodations in Jiuzhaigou for visitors to choose from high-end hotel to local family house. In Jiuzhaigou, you can choose to feel the local culture in every hotel from 1000 RMB per night to 100 RMB per night. Ask more and don’t easily trust strange people who come to you.

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