The Indian Touch to the Lhasa Cuisine

The Indian Touch to the Lhasa Cuisine


India and Tibet share more than a common border and the majestic mountains. They also share the local cuisines and traditions. A lot of their cuisines and tastes are inspired by each other, making it easy for Indians to survive their and vice versa when travelling to Tibet.  The main difference one can identify is that while Tibetan food mainly revolves around barley or wheat, most parts of India consider their major diet as rice.

While Tibetans use the flour to make food like kotay, which is a pot sticker and thupka which is a noodle soup, Indians use the rice accompanied with curries and wheat is used to make wheat bread which is known as roti or naan. The most famous dish one needs to taste when at Lhasa, is tsampa which is roasted barley flour which is mixed in a bowl with yak butter tea and is eaten directly.

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India and Tibet have a lot more in common than we can imagine. This can be attributed to the tons of people having migrated from one country to another; there has also been a transfer of culture and traditions which can clearly be seen in their local food and cuisine.

Though Indian food mainly revolves around the spices and heat of the food, one can find minute similarities amongst the cooking styles one can see in both countries. This article has been curated to help fulfil your Indian craving when at Lhasa. Though it is suggested that one eat the local food when here, as what better way to understand a place, than through its cuisine? Some of the best Indian restaurants at Lhasa are:

1.    New Mandala Restaurant

It is located on the famous Barkhor Street of Lhasa. This place is a heaven for everyone looking for some good Indian food with a touch of Tibet. It offers a wide array of Indian dishes both serving the vegetarian and nonvegetarian soul. Here, one can taste Tibetan dishes make with a touch of Indian taste, which are quite literally to die for. Though the Indian dishes may seem bland for the Indian palate, it is a decent place to dine when a craving for Indian food has set.  The rooftop restaurant is an ideal place to grab some good food and make wonderful memories with your loved ones.

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2.       Snowland Restaurant

Located on the Zangyiyuan Road, this place is a warm and cosy place to grab lunch or dinner after a tough day. It is located near the beautiful Barkhor Square which is also known as the shopping market cum holy ground and the Jokhang Temple. The menu reads food from the following cuisines: Continental, European, Nepali, and Tibetan cum Indian food.

The place is known for its excellent food and incredible service. Open from 7.30 in the morning to 10.30 at night, making it readily available for anyone with the hunger strike. It is a simple place, with good food, making it home away from home for many.

3.       Hotel Lhasa

This hotel has been around since 1982, and it is known for its luxury and food. It is located in the main square, Mcleodganj. This location offers the best view and Indian and Tibetan food. The hotel is also known for its superb hospitality making it the ideal place to be at, when at Lhasa.

4.       Lhasa Namaste Restaurant

This hotel is a small place with the best of dining experiences waiting for you. One can see the beautiful Jokhang temple and the square, making it an ideal location to hang out after a long day. The restaurant can be seen on the first floor of the building and serves the best of food available. This is a beautiful place to find the best fusion of Indian and Tibetan food. This is one place you will keep getting back to for the food and the local yet comforting ambience. They serve the best of Indian and Tibetan food, along with vegetarian and non-vegetarian food making it a place having something for everyone.

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5.       Anand Restaurant

This is an ideal location to find authentic Indian and Nepali food. The main meals that are served here are pork, beef and chicken. They also serve pretty decent vegetarian dishes. The curries are derived from authentic Indian recipes making it the best place to be. The prices are also reasonable making it affordable with good quantity and quality.

The most recommended dishes to try here is the curry chicken, which is to die for.  The best thing about this place is, one can order based on their appetite, making it excellent as it avoids any amount of wastage. This is a good place with a comfortable and pleasing backdrop.

Food plays an important part in the whole travelling experience for an individual. Knowing in advance about good places to hang out, helps one save time and helps maximise the entire travel experience. There are many more places to visit, but keeping an average budget in mind, these places are a must visit when at Lhasa.

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