Finding Unique Lodging in California

Finding Unique Lodging in California


A trip to California is on a lot of bucket lists.

The state boasts an unbelievable variety of attractions, from mountain winter paradises to some of the world’s most famous beaches, from scorching Death Valley desert desolation to lush farmland. It’s no wonder that people from all walks of life can find something to love in California.

With such a variety of people aspiring to visit such a variety of places in the Golden State, it’s no surprise that it offers an amazing variety of choices in lodging. It is unnecessary and almost wasteful to stay in familiar chain motels while in California, so before you go, explore some of its unique offerings in lodging.

Go Glam In LA

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Los Angeles is all about glitter, glitz, and big stars. In keeping with that theme, check out the hotels in West Hollywood. This section of L.A. captures that quintessential Hollywood feel, and the hotels reflect that. And its emergence as its own unique area, nicknamed WeHo by locals, is creating an identity for the area that really reflects an energy and youth that are still powered by the film and television industry.

Many of the lodging options in this area are steeped in Tinseltown history. Older establishments can boast of the famous guests who once frequented their locations, and the newer locations often stay on paparazzi watch lists for today’s A-list stars. You may spend your whole visit among strangers, or you may bump right into your favorite actor on any street corner.

Think Home At The Bay

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A few distinctive things probably come to mind for anyone thinking about San Francisco. There’s the Golden Gate Bridge, of course, and then there are the streetcars. But almost as uniquely San Francisco as those elements are the streets and streets of beautiful row homes, situated along winding hillside streets.

In a city so well known for its residential areas, where else would you want to stay than a bed and breakfast? Scattered throughout the city are dozens of offerings, from the Fisherman’s Wharf deeper inland to Corona Heights and everywhere in between. Whatever your tastes in amenities and design, you’ll find something in San Francisco that fits the bill.

Sacramento Boutique Lodging

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The state capital is anything but a drab government town. Sacramento is dotted with all kinds of amazing places to stay while you visit countless historic sites, shopping areas, and restaurants. The city’s long history offers some very old architectural features, in both homes and residences. Many of these have been converted into hotels, steeped in history and bursting with unique beauty.

Sacramento’s boutique hotels are a unique feature of the city that achieves just what you want to achieve when you seek lodging off the beaten path. They are beautiful, unique, and incredibly enjoyable for your stay. You will be steering well clear of the scurrying government workers hard at work and having an amazing experience in the city.

California is a fascinating cross-section of America, with a mix of historic and new alongside a culture representing nations all over the world. It’s an economy driven with a mix of tech and farming, entertainment and tourism. A visit to California would not be all it can be without staying someplace as unique as the state itself.

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