Foods You Can’t Miss When Visiting Marrakech

Foods You Can’t Miss When Visiting Marrakech

Preparing for a trip to Morocco? In that case, make sure to thoroughly check out one of the four imperial cities – Marrakech. Not only is the city the economic centre of the country nowadays, it’s also the busiest, with so many tourists roaming around. Don’t be fooled by the modern crowd though; the cultural heritage and traditional spirit of the nation can be spotted everywhere, especially in the tasty food you’ll get a chance to try.
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Medina deals

As someone who is always looking for a budget-friendly destination, I found Marrakech perfectly suitable for my holiday. In that respect, I can wholeheartedly recommend staying in Sensimar. The experience and livelihood of the Riad is perfect for any friendly soul and another must on any list; it gives you the opportunity to explore Medina with ease, while the famous Djemaa el-Fna is nearby as well. Medina is also known for its food stalls. So, if you get hungry, definitely check out stalls 32 and 14. Lamb sausage and harira soup at stall 32 left my taste buds tingling with satisfaction while stall 14 was perfect for some fruity snacks and most delicious cocktails.

Glitzy Gueliz

There’s nothing I enjoy more than discovering the wonders of a particular place on foot. In Marrakech, I found that pleasure by walking around the streets of Gueliz. And let me tell you, there’s no way that words can express the diversity you’ll witness in this part of Marrakech. With Carre Eden Mall and shopping Plazas, fashionistas won’t have a reason to complain.
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But my absolutely favorite part of Gueliz is the post-colonial area with three old movie theaters, small coffee shops and bookstores and lovely little bars such as the Le Petit Café.
Another great place to eat traditional dishes at in Gueliz is the La Nouvelle Sirene. Believe you me, the mix of Moroccan and French cuisine incorporated into a meat and prune tagine is the best meal you’ll have during this bit of your travels.
For really reasonably priced food and friendly service, definitely make a stop to Sandwich Toubkal, also located in the flashy Gueliz.
My honest advice is to give your best to get a feel of the people and fast paced lifestyle of Marrakech by taking it upon yourself to look around and explore. By all means, visit the souks, which are basically the biggest marketplaces you’ll ever see. The smell of spices that envelop you is amazing, and will have you searching for ways to incorporate some of them into your daily meals. Also, take a stroll to Majorelle Gardens. These allowed me some much needed solitude, relaxation and inspiration that’s generally a bit lacking in this buzzing city.
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